Micro Learning

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June 18, 2018

Microlearning: Unlock The Knowledge In Your Business

If we prize knowledge so much, why do we make it so inaccessible? We lock it away in training courses, on SharePoint sites, in document collections, or in the heads of a few people where it disappears once they move on. Is microlearning the answer to setting the knowledge free?
by Paul Healy
April 29, 2018

6 Prerequisites For Engrossed Online Learners

I have observed a disparity in how consumers of everyday information and consumers of training and development see, access, and consume information. To facilitate this intervention, I’ve identified 6 reality checks, or consumer sentiments, that need to be acknowledged and applied to training and development.
by Treion Muller
April 4, 2018

5 Ways To Create Microlearning Online Training Content

Microlearning is easy to consume and assimilate, which makes it the perfect fit for online training. Especially in fast-paced work environments that involve complex tasks and compliance protocols. In this article, I'll highlight 5 ways to create microlearning online training content for your organization.
by Nipun Sharma
March 27, 2018

4 eLearning Trends To Treat With Caution

Jumping onboard to a new industry trend with insufficient planning can result in your initiative failing to achieve its objective and, in the worst case, even hinder the learning process. So which hot topics should you treat with care?
by Steve Penfold
January 18, 2018

Can L&D Be Transformative? About Microlearning

So, perhaps workplace Learning and Development has some way to go before we can call it ‘digitally transformed’. But we do know that things are on the move. And the very concept of learning—how, why, when, and what we learn—is changing. Let’s discuss microlearning.
by Steve Lowenthal
December 23, 2017

10 Characteristics Of A Top Online Training Center

An online training center serves to train and educate a company’s most valuable assets — their employees, channel partners, and customers. As anyone who has developed a training center will tell you, the number one goal of this effort is to get people utilizing training materials.
by Nick Santaniello