The 5 Ws In The E-Learning Adoption For Enterprises

The 5 Ws In The E-Learning Adoption For Enterprises
Summary: Success of Large organizations depends on their ability to keep information flowing across their departments so that it can reach the appropriate people at the right time. People have the ability to learn at every moment. The firm’s ability to assess, improve, motivate, and maintain their employee’s knowledge, actively affects the ability of the organization to succeed.

The 5 Ws In The E-Learning Adoption For Enterprises

The latest Docebo Whitepaper focuses on the 5 Ws to be carefully considered when a Large Enteprise is about to adopt a Learning Management System to setup its own Online Training project. Find an excerpt below, and use the link to download for free the entire Whitepaper.

What - Do I need for my E-Learning project?

We need to provide learners with appropriate tools and information, so they can face their day-to-day challenges with ease. The more growth within a company, the increased need to convey univocal content to their dispersed workforce. Learning management has the twofold aim of spreading new and innovative knowledge across the organization while, at the same time, bringing together a company legacy, and unique knowledge base. The combination of these two streams is clearly challenging, but it is a great opportunity to boost human resources in a creative manner.

Why - Do i need to Train my Staff?

Offering a unique learning experience is crucial, and new technologies significantly help in making this shift happen smoothly. Nowadays, technology offers the opportunity of stepping towards a total learning experience, affecting the synergies among the three classical learning methods: formal, non-formal, and informal. Each of these learning practices is a pedagogical challenge; each of them requires attention to be managed, and each of them may require appropriate investments. By activating all the three processes simultaneously, the company has an opportunity to establish an effective Life-Long Learning program.

Who - Should be involved in the Training process?

Ensuring an appropriate level of knowledge and information exchange within an enterprise means taking care of the learning, and developmental needs of all of its members. Whether they are directors, managers, employees, or contractors, those divisions, such as the sales network or customer support channels, may need a particular amount of attention since historically they are affected by a high turnover of resources. Providing extended training opportunities to clients, and partners, is also considered. Leveraging client’s presence in the market will allow them to proactively spread product information, awareness, and best practices, to their own direct network.

When - Should I start my E-Learning programme?

Supporting your team through their corporate life is important to ensure that they can grow at the same speed as the whole organization. This means launching training initiatives for your staff as early as possible. This should take place immediately after, if not during, the actual recruitment process. Providing an appropriate level of support during the on-boarding phase allows you to immediately communicate enterprise values, and policies to the new staff. This will help them build their trust in the organization. Encouraging a constantly updated learning plan ensures that your team grows constantly, and makes an effective use of their skills, and views. Letting your team browse through learning materials gives you an opportunity to meet their needs and expectations. Supporting the learning needs of your workforce means impacting their attitudes, and building trust.

Where - Am I supposed to deliver Online Training?

It’s difficult for large organizations to maintain a consistency in their team member’s training. A worldwide presence makes it challenging to assess the training needs of everyone, and respond with the appropriate tools, and initiatives. Supporting a distributed learning organization means ensuring that your training content reflects the specific local requirements of each business unit, or department. Adapting the needs to each region will allow your custom learning content to be relevant in each division.

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