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Asma has over 15 years of experience in Digital Marketing. She is currently working for CommLab India, a global e-learning company that has been providing custom learning solutions to more than 300 organizations in 30+ countries.
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November 5, 2016

3 Ways To Make Sure Your Employees Care For Self-Paced Learning

When developing courses for experienced learners, it is important to keep in mind what motivates them to invest their time in learning. So, if you want a positive response to your online courses, it pays to design and promote courses keeping in mind adult learning principles. This is how to get the employees of your organization to care for self-paced learning.
October 31, 2016

8 Key Players In eLearning Development

The eLearning industry has seen a steady growth over the last few years. A lot about how it will continue to expand and transform learning forever; but very little is talked about the heroes behind the development of eLearning. Who are the key players in eLearning development what do they do?
September 26, 2016

5 Barriers To eLearning Adoption

Despite its many benefits, eLearning is not always received as expected by organizations. It is viewed as enforced and received with much reluctance and skepticism. What are the barriers to eLearning adoption and how can you change this perception?