4 Benefits Of Online Training For The Retail Workforce

4 Benefits Of Online Training For The Retail Workforce
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Summary: Companies in the retail sector need to enhance organizational efficiencies to survive in a fiercely competitive market. Training retail workforce online yields good results. Read this article to know how eLearning can deliver effective, timely training to retail staff.

The Advantages Of Online Training For The Retail Workforce

The retail sector is one of the most important segments of the American economy. It is estimated that about 66% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country is derived from retail consumption. Over the last few years, this vital sector is facing serious difficulties. Several big names in the retail industry such as Dots, Alco Stores, Radio Shack, Deb Shops, and Wet Seal filed for bankruptcy protection. The growing popularity of ‘e-tail’ organizations and changing buyer attitudes have eaten into the revenues of companies in the retail sector considerably.

Many experts believe that companies in this sector need to enhance organizational efficiencies to survive in a fiercely competitive world of business. How can retail firms meet this critical need? Among the various aspects they need to consider, delivery of proper training to their workforce is crucial. The retail industry is primarily “people-driven”, and good training goes a long way in improving employee productivity, thereby improving the bottom line.

It is a good idea to train retail workforce online. eLearning is cost-effective compared to the traditional classroom training format and highly flexible. In this article, we will see how this learning format helps meet the training challenges of retail companies.

1. Reduces Training Costs Associated With High Employee Turnover

Employee turnover is one of the biggest problems in the retail industry. Retail organizations invest a lot in hiring new employees and providing them different types of training to be successful in their jobs. But if an employee leaves the organization within a short period of time, the whole investment goes waste.

Retail companies can reduce the amount spent on training new workforce considerably, using the online learning format. This is because eLearning eliminates the need to hire instructors repeatedly, whenever new employees join. The web-based learning medium is instructor-independent, and self-paced technology-enabled learning materials, once developed, can be used as many times as you want with minimal expenditure.

2. Imparts Good Training On New Products

We know retail is the process of selling products. Several new products with different features arrive into the market each day. To sell those products, salespersons need to know the features of the products and how they help meet the needs of the customers. This calls for imparting effective product training to the sales staff of retail outlets.

You can use microlearning videos to provide periodic updates about new products, as products and promotions change frequently in the retail industry. Learners can access these video-based updates on their mobile devices. The technology-enabled learning medium also ensures every employee receives consistent and high-quality training on product features and benefits.

3. Delivers Effective Training On Supply Chain And Inventory Management Processes

Proper handling of supply chains and inventories is critical for enhancing the efficiency of retail organizations. The workforce needs to be trained on various processes pertaining to the purchase of goods and their storage, movement of goods from warehouses to retail outlets, and so on.

You can use eLearning to impart training on retail supply chain and inventory management processes, in a highly efficacious and engaging manner. You can use online courses containing avatars (animated characters) to take learners through the steps involved in implementing the processes. For instance, one of our clients uses an avatar of an ant, in a course, which takes learners through the steps of its supply chain process, and the initiative was a huge success. The client also provides its learners mobile-compatible job-aids which can be accessed at the point of need.

4. Enhances Customer-Handling Skills

It is a well-known fact that good customer service is the lynchpin of success in the retail industry (or any industry, for that matter). Proper training on handling customers and communicating the value of products effectively goes a long way in ensuring customer service of high quality.

You can use video-based online learning modules to teach your sales reps how to interact with customers in an effective manner. Scenarios also help learners gain firsthand experience of dealing with customers. One of our clients has recorded the interactions between senior sales reps and customers and uses them to train salespeople on various aspects of successful customer communication such as modulating the voice, getting the body language right and so on, and there is no reason other companies cannot do the same.

Good training plays a key role in enhancing the efficiency levels of retail companies, by improving the productivity of their employees. eLearning courses can also be translated into multiple languages, seamlessly, ensuring your workforce in local areas also receive high quality, consistent training. Unleash the power of eLearning to impart excellent training to your retail workforce.

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