5 Tips To Create Suitable Online Training For Manufacturing Workforce

5 Tips To Create Suitable Online Training For Manufacturing Workforce
Summary: It is essential for you to understand why eLearning is the right choice to train employees of manufacturing companies. Here are some ways to achieve it.

How To Create Online Training For Manufacturing Workforce

The manufacturing sector is one of the key components of the American economy. According to a study conducted by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the sector accounted for 11.7% of the United States economy in 2016.

Human resources of high-quality go a long way in enhancing the efficiency of companies in this vital sector, and it is essential that manufacturing companies impart proper training to their workforce to stay ahead in today’s fiercely competitive and highly dynamic business world. But, how can manufacturing firms train their staff in an efficient and a cost-effective manner? Well, the online training medium offers perfect solutions to the training needs of these companies. Let us see how.

1. Deliver High Quality Training On Industrial Safety

It is common knowledge that the manufacturing industry employs hundreds of thousands of workers who work with a variety of machines and substances. Companies are mandated by law to train these people on safety aspects, and failing to do so could lead to serious consequences. eLearning can be used to deliver good safety training to the personnel of manufacturing companies, in an interesting manner, at low cost. For instance, a game-based online course can be utilized to educate workers on Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or in short OSHA, regulations pertaining to the use of forklifts, in a fun-filled manner.

2. Educate Workforce On Good Manufacturing Practices

It is very important for manufacturing companies to follow GMPs as failure to comply with  these practices could result in the production of defective products. This can have serious implications, such as product recall, damage to brand image, and so on. Organizations can ensure adherence to GMPs by equipping their staff with the needed knowledge about these practices, and the web-based learning format can be used for this purpose. One of our clients in the laboratory equipment space has used online microlearning lessons, each having a span of 3-7 minutes, with a high degree of efficacy to train its staff on GMPs.

3. Impart Excellent Training On Supply Chain Management

Effective Supply Chain Management, alos known as SCM, plays a vital role in the smooth functioning of the manufacturing industry. By following well-defined SCM practices, manufacturers can make sure that there are no breakdowns in production. As an increasing number of manufacturing companies look for raw materials and components from different parts of the world, in order to meet their growing needs, it is essential that the staff members of their supply chain departments receive good training on SCM principles and procedures.

You can use the online learning format to impart SCM training of high quality, in an engaging manner. Flow diagrams and animations can be used to explain the steps involved in the supply chain. In one of our courses on supply chain, we used an avatar of an ant to explain the concepts of SCM. It introduces the learner to SCM and takes him through the course.

Today, many manufacturing organizations use various software applications to ensure good SCM. Employees of the organizations can be trained effectively on these computer-based tools using Watch-Try-Do simulations.

4. Train Employees On Manufacturing Processes And Quality Standards

Manufacturing companies follow a variety of processes, and it is essential that good training be provided on these processes to improve productivity. Similarly, firms must train staff members on quality standards to manufacture defect-free products. The web-based learning format can be used for this purpose. For instance, online courses on Lean manufacturing can be used to deliver comprehensive knowledge about the process. You can use learning scenarios to train manufacturing workforce to identify the causes for wastage of time, resources and raw materials.  Organizations can impart training on quality standards such as six-sigma using animated characters, transformational visuals and case-studies.

5. Provide Knowledge And Skills Needed To Operate Complex Machinery

The manufacturing industry uses various sophisticated machinery. It is very important that the staff, using these pieces of equipment, is trained to operate the equipment efficiently.

The online learning format can be blended with the classroom training methodology to train employees on these complex machines. Instructor-led sessions could be used to train the employees on underlying concepts and handling of the equipment. Then, web-based learning modules containing videos and simulations could be used by the learners to practice the steps in handling the machinery and microlearning modules can be used to provide ready references to the concepts learnt.

Proper training to the workforce of the manufacturing industry goes a long way in enhancing efficiency and improving productivity levels. Unleash the power of eLearning to impart excellent training to the personnel of companies in this key sector of the economy.

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