The History Of Distance Learning - Infographic

The History Of Distance Learning - Infographic
Summary: In 1728, the first recorded instance of distance learning occurred in Boston, USA, when a "Caleb Phillips" advertises private correspondence courses in short hand in the Boston Gazette.  Would you be interested to know the rest of The History of Distance Learning?

Infographic About The History Of Distance Learning

The History Of Distance Learning

In 1840s, Sir Isaac Pitman runs correspondence courses teaching his revolutionary short hand system. Pitamn shorthand is still widely used today.

In 1858, the University of London becomes the first university to offer distance learning degres.

In 1892, the term "distance education" is first used in a pamphlet by the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the USA.The Distance Learning: A History of Flexibility infographic tracks distance learning growth from pre-revolutionary America to 21st Century Britain, where almost 400,000 students are currently engaged in distance learning courses. From lectures sent via phonograph and radio broadcast, to degrees delivered in the digital age, its evolution – and its reach – is staggering. Full-time professionals, housewives and husbands, teenagers, pensioners… members of all of these groups have felt the benefit of a distance learning course.

The History of Distance Learning - Infographic


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