The Learning Management Systems’ Quality Evaluation Survey

Quality Evaluation Survey of Learning Management Systems

(updated April 28, 2016): To access the result of the survey please visit: Quality Management of Learning Management Systems: A User Experience Perspective.

Learning Management Systems (LMSs) are well-known platforms for the management, delivery and tracking of the learning process in an on-line learning environment. According to Kurilovas (2009), LMSs are considered as specific information systems, which provide the possibility to create and use different learning scenarios and methods [1].

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A New Evaluation Framework for Learning Management Systems’ Evaluation and Selection

Since there is a plethora of Learning Management Systems in the eLearning market and each LMS is a complex system that incorporates a vast array of features, the Learning Management System evaluation and selection is a complex task, which requires a lot of time and effort [2].The past few months we have researched several frameworks that focused on the LMS evaluation and selection complex decision-making problem (at the near future we will publish a brief article so stay tuned). It was evident that all the well-known frameworks take a more traditional approach and investigate LMSs through the lens of management activities. At the same time, it was obvious that these frameworks required some enhancement so as to cater the rapidly changing eLearning Industry. For example, new LMSs’ trends are introduced such as personalized learning paths, gamification, social learning, micro-learning, and mobile learning. In addition, new eLearning technologies such Tin Can API and Cloud-Based LMSs were also introduced.To this end, it is of high importance and priority for a shift in a new LMS quality evaluation framework. To do so, we need to examine the quality of the Learning Management Systems from the scope of User Experience either these are:

  1. Learners,
  2. Instructors/Facilitators, or
  3. Administrators.

It is evident that there is an increasing demand for better user experience and more personalized learning approach. At the same time, the job of instructors, instructional designers, and e-learning designers is rapidly changing since it is not enough anymore to just create simple courses and schedule learning and training events as usual.With the hope that the LMSs’ Quality Evaluation Survey will help us develop a New Evaluation Framework for LMSs, we have set a target of more than 500 survey participants. So, feel free to invite your colleagues too.This will be the largest global LMS survey ever been made! To thank everyone for your participation, you will receive the executive summary of the survey results. The results of the survey will be published on All the individual information gathered will be held in total confidentially and only the aggregated data will appear in publications and presentations.If you have not done so yet, we highly encourage you to take 10 minutes to complete The Learning Management Systems’ Quality Evaluation Survey - ( The survey will be open until May 10th, 2014.Thank you in advance for helping us shed some light on the Quality Evaluation of Learning Management Systems. Your input is truly invaluable!


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eBook Release: VIVAHR
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