Tips To Find The Right PPC Bidding Amount For Your Authoring Tool Software Listing

Tips To Find The Right PPC Bidding Amount For Your Authoring Tool Software Listing
Summary: PPC marketing is one of the most effective ways to optimize your authoring tool software listing. How much should you spend for clicks and conversions?

How To Set The Right Authoring Tool Software Listing PPC Bid Amount

A common marketing hurdle is not knowing where and when to invest. For example, an authoring tool software listing can get immediate results. But adding PPC multiplies the perks and drives even more traffic to your landing page. Is now the right time to launch your top authoring tools list with PPC? If so, how do you determine the right bidding amount? Well, there’s no time like the present to generate qualified leads and boost online sales. As for the follow-up question, here are 7 tips to set the best PPC bid amount for eLearning software listings.

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eLearning PPC: Crafting The Perfect Authoring Tool Product Listing Strategy
You have the opportunity to maximize results with a PPC listing, which drives even more traffic to your landing page and improves conversions!

1. Re-Evaluate Your eLearning Authoring Tools Marketing Budget

First things first, you need to determine how much you can allocate to PPC marketing, as this determines your ultimate spending cap. It’s usually a good idea to break it down by month. For example, you can spend $500 on your eLearning authoring tools PPC campaign this month but you want to bring it up to $1500 next month because you’re running a special promo. This is also a good time to set some measurable goals, like how many new customers you need to make a profit.

2. Set A Deadline

I’m not suggesting that you should set an end date for your PPC campaign. In fact, many organizations leave it running long-term and simply adjust their budget along the way. However, you should divide your PPC plan into different phases. As an example, this quarter you need to acquire 15 new customers or increase free trial signups by 20%. If not, you can re-evaluate your bid amount, SEO keywords, and directory listing copy to optimize results.

3. Look At Current Keyword Bids

Popular keywords are usually more expensive than those with low competition stats. For instance, broad keywords like “authoring tool” cost more than “cloud-based authoring tool,” as buyers usually search for general keywords. It’s wise to look at current bids before you determine your marketing budget. Are those high competition keywords worth the investment even if it means fewer clicks or should you stick with long-tail keywords that attract niche buyers?

4. See What The Competition Is Doing

Check out your competitors’ PPC ads to see what they’re doing and how well their keywords are performing. For instance, do they rank high in the search engines? Are they using popular keywords or targeting specific markets? You can also join marketing social media groups for insider tips. Granted, direct competitors probably won’t share their PPC data, but other vendors might give you insights into PPC bids so that you can adjust your budget.

5. Forecast eLearning Authoring Tools Sales

Your authoring tool software listing needs to bring in enough revenue to pay for itself and then some. You don’t want to just break even. As such, you need to forecast sales to determine how much you can spend versus expected revenue. For instance, this month’s PPC budget is $750. Let’s say that $3 get you 250 clicks. Of course, bid amounts fluctuate based on Quality Score, competition, etc. So, 250 is the minimum. How many click-throughs and conversions do you need to recoup that $750 and make a profit?

6. Tap Into PPC Marketing Advisor Expertise

Many top authoring tools get lost in the shuffle, even if they have standout features and specs. As such, you may need a little help to choose the best bid amount and streamline your SEO strategy. Fortunately, authoring tool listings with PPC include a personal PPC marketing advisor. They can optimize your PPC campaign and work with you to achieve the best results. You also get free landing page consulting and your very own personal account manager.

7. Analyze CPC And Conversion Metrics During The Campaign

PPC listings for eLearning authoring tools feature detailed reports, which have all the essential metrics you need to measure ROI, from cost per click to conversion stats. This gives you the opportunity to assess your PPC strategy at any time during the campaign. You can see how many visitors click on the link and what percentage of them turn into paying customers. Then you adjust your bid amount to attract more leads and zero in on certain regions or buyer groups. For instance, most of your conversions come from a particular country or industry.

Basic Or PPC: Which Is Best For Your Business?

The eLearning Industry Directory has two marketing levels. The first is basic, which includes a free listing. Then there’s PPC, which gets you premium placement, consulting, and a CTA button. Listings with PPC start at just five cents per click and you have total control of your spending thanks to transparent geo-bidding. Plus, data-rich reports can help you monitor KPIs and daily performance.


Every eLearning software provider has unique business goals and spending limits. But these easily adaptable tips can help every organization find the right bid amount for their PPC listing. The key is to clarify expectations beforehand. Go into it with measurable marketing aims that you can use to adjust the PPC strategy for top authoring tools. For example, you might be more interested in building your marketing list or increasing signups. Thus, these metrics are your primary focus when it comes to evaluating PPC success.

The exclusive authoring tools directory features the top platforms for every industry, use case, and price range. Hundreds of vendors have already created their listings. If you’re still on the fence, visit the directory to see why it’s so popular among software buyers.

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