The Best eLearning Authoring Tools To Deliver Top-Notch Training Content (2022 Update)

The Best eLearning Authoring Tools To Deliver Top-Notch Training Content (2022)
Summary: The best eLearning authoring tools help you create meaningful and engaging content for online learners. But it all hinges on the right platform for your team. Is it intuitive? Does it feature built-in assets that benefit your bottom line? Can it streamline the development process and alleviate the burden on your L&D department? Before deploying a top-notch online training program, you need robust authoring software to build a solid framework.

Explore And Compare The Top eLearning Authoring Tools

You might think that it’s relatively easy to pick the best eLearning authoring tools. After all, there are so many options to choose from. However, the abundance of choice makes it even more challenging to create a shortlist. There’s simply not enough time to vet all the vendors one-by-one or take test drives to see how they perform in the real world. Fortunately, our Top eLearning Authoring Tools List takes the stress out of software buying. All the vendors have earned their spot with stellar CX and standout features.

In fact, our list can help you determine which providers are RFP-worthy based on your evaluation criteria, such as which companies deliver all your must-have features and support services. This way, you can spend less time searching and more time implementing your new authoring tool solutions, as you should be. Below are just a few benefits our list can bring to your organization.

Check out eLearning Industry's Top List to:

  • Compile a shortlist of authoring tool vendors for your use case
  • Evaluate authoring software selling points
  • Analyze user reviews and ratings to establish social proof
  • Compare top authoring tool solutions to get top value for money
  • Check out pricing options to find the best software in your price range
  • Qualify vendors that specialize in your customer type

In the following list, we’ve gathered the top software for your needs. If you want to compare authoring tools side by side, go straight to our directory!

Top List: The Best eLearning Authoring Tools

The Best eLearning Authoring Tools To Deliver Top-Notch Training Content (2022)

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Here Are The Top Authoring Software For eLearning

Adobe is a global leader in digital media, digital marketing, and eLearning solutions. Their tools and services allow their customers to create groundbreaking digital content, deploy it across media and devices, measure and optimize it and achieve greater business success. Adobe Captivate is a rapid authoring tool that enables eLearning content developers to create mobile-ready, engaging, interactive courses in minutes.  

Ready to give it a spin? Click here for a free 30-day trial.

Curious to see why it is one of the best eLearning authoring tools?

Visit our directory to read Adobe Captivate Reviews.


  • Jumpstart compliance and soft skills course creation with ready-to-go slides
  • Create future-ready eLearning courses using Virtual Reality and responsive design
  • Out-of-the-box assets, interactions, and quizzing

They empower their users to create, publish, and manage their eLearning content with their industry-leading, award-winning digital learning solutions, for trainers, Instructional Designers, educators, and business professionals.


  • Jumpstart compliance and soft skills course creation with ready-to-go slides
    In Adobe Captivate, the ready-to-go slides allow eLearning content developers to simply plug and play their own content (text, images, videos, etc.) and rapidly create beautiful eLearning courses. Additionally, the Quick Start Projects enable them to increase their productivity by authoring just once for all devices.
  • Create future-ready eLearning courses using Virtual Reality and responsive design
    Virtual tours, crisis management, safety drills, first responder situations—you name it! Adobe Captivate helps authors create and deliver numerous kinds of immersive learning experiences. Additionally, the mobile-ready slides in the asset store and the customizable fluid boxes allow them to author just once and publish to all devices.
  • Out-of-the-box assets, interactions, and quizzing
    Adobe Captivate does the heavy lifting for the eLearning authors as it provides free access to 75000+ assets. Additionally, it enables them to create interactive courses without programming. From text to speech, quiz slides, and a host of plug-and-play interactions, such as drag-and-drop and click-and-reveal, it has everything one needs to create a stunning and engaging eLearning course.

Achievements/Case Studies

  • American Airlines
    “The ability to use Captivate has allowed our team to stretch and grow as well as increase requests from our business partners.” Shanté King, Instructional Designer
    Results achieved:
    • Easy deployment
    • High engagement
    • Responsive learning
    • Increased potential
  • ACCC Insurance Company
    “Adobe Captivate has allowed us to deliver eLearning courses with highly interactive content that cater to a multitude of learning styles.” Darren Jones, Learning and Development Project Manager, ACCC.
    Top benefits of using Adobe Captivate:
    • High engagement
    • Diversified content
    • High retention
    • Interactive content

Plans And Pricing

Adobe Captivate has flexible buying programs for individuals, small and large teams:

  • Individual Subscription: US $33.99/month
  • Perpetual License Price: US $1299
  • Student Teacher Edition: US $399
  • Upgrade Price: US $499

Team subscription

The Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP) is a subscription licensing program with simple and secure management capabilities, flexible terms, and discount levels.

Enterprise licenses

An Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA) is ideal for larger deployments across centralized organizations. Get cloud and desktop offerings and budget predictability over a 3-year term, with one annual payment due on the same date each year.

iSpring Solutions is an international software company founded in 2001. They focus on providing solutions for eLearning content authoring and training management to both corporate and educational clients worldwide. The company is recognized by over 59,000 clients for its easy-to-use yet swift and reliable products, and exceptional technical support. The superior quality of iSpring products is recognized by authoritative industry awards and ratings.

Learn more about iSpring Suite’s capabilities.

You can also check out iSpring Suite reviews in our directory. 


iSpring Suite Max is a fast and easy-to-use toolkit for creating eLearning content for any learning objective.

  • Quick creation of eLearning courses, quizzes, video lessons, and role-plays
  • Enjoyable online workspace that enhances teamwork
  • Easy content delivery (LMS, YouTube, HTML5 conversion)

Their headquarters are in Alexandria, VA. They offer desktop and web-based solutions for corporate training, eLearning, and content creation. iSpring is committed to developing high-quality solutions.


iSpring Suite Max is an ultrafast toolkit for creating content for any learning objective.

  • Quick creation of eLearning courses, quizzes, video lessons, and role-plays
    To build a course with iSpring Suite Max, users don't have to be content development experts. They can quickly turn PowerPoint materials into interactive courses. They can enhance them by adding branching role-plays, interactive quizzes, and video content. Users can benefit from drag-and-drop activities, interactive modules, video tutorials, screencasts, and micro-courses. Authors can also use ready-to-go templates and other assets. For example, locations, characters, and icons created by professional designers that suit the learning scenario.
  • Enjoyable online workspace that enhances teamwork
    iSpring Space, the online workspace of iSpring Suite Max, enables users to collaborate on courses. You and your colleagues can finalize projects faster. Teammates can help by making adjustments to design, texts, or by building a quiz for the course. With iSpring Space, users can also store all projects online and share a link with colleagues or stakeholders for review.
  • Easy content delivery (LMS, YouTube, HTML5 conversion)
    Courses created with iSpring Suite Max can be delivered to learners via any modern LMS. They can also be converted to the HTML5 format or uploaded directly to YouTube easily.

Plans And Pricing

iSpring Suite Max costs $970 per author/year.

This package includes:

  • The iSpring Suite authoring tool
  • A content library with 68,000+ templates and characters
  • iSpring Space for teamwork and collaboration
  • 24/7 technical support

It is an ideal solution for corporate training because it allows the creation of content for any eLearning scenario, from onboarding to company-wide assessment.

3. Lectora
4.4/5 (17 reviews)

ELB Learning is a leading company in learning technology solutions. They enable organizations to conquer performance and development challenges. Their team offers a one-stop shop for learning development and delivery, ranging from strategic consulting to authoring tools. ELB Learning is helping everyone create and deliver eLearning that rocks!  

Sign up for a free trial of Lectora and each Authoring Suite tool by visiting the ELB Learning website. 

Care to see why users think it is one of the best eLearning authoring tools?

Explore Lectora reviews in our niche directory.


  • Modular development tools (to boost productivity)
  • The accessibility leader
  • Adaptive learning with assessment and tracking

Its suite of integrated training solutions includes Lectora for authoring interactive learning content, CenarioVR for building immersive VR eLearning experiences, ELB Learning’s Asset Library to enhance content, and The Training Arcade eLearning games. These learning experiences can be integrated into The Rockstar Learning Platform as reusable modules into learning pathways, courses, or curricula.

As the industry’s first, and now most powerful authoring tool, Lectora makes it easy to create professional, polished content that achieves extraordinary results. As the choice tool among US government agencies and large enterprises, Lectora offers more productivity shortcuts than any other authoring tool.


  • Modular development tools (to boost productivity)
    Build it once, blast it across your enterprise. Lectora’s design frameworks, mobile-ready themes, style packs, and interactive wireframe templates (templatized interactions) cut development time in half.
  • The accessibility leader
    Lectora’s built-in guide makes it easy to create WCAG-friendly, 508-compliant content.
  • Adaptive learning with assessment and tracking
    Lectora can personalize interactive learning based on learner behavior and measure results with xAPI tracking. 

Sold as part of the ELB Learning Authoring Suites, Lectora comes with ReviewLink for easy course review and collaboration, the ELB Learning AssetLibrary, and CenarioVR for VR authoring (Platinum only), as one integrated package. Other directly integrated tools include BranchTrack for branching scenarios and a user-friendly built-in screen recorder with a full multimedia editing suite. 


Lectora and CenarioVR by ELB Learning continue to be recognized by the industry as leading course authoring solutions.

Recent honors include:

  • A 2020 Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence in Technology Bronze Award for Best Advance in Content Authoring Technology for The ELB Learning Authoring Suite Featuring Lectora for Authoring & CenarioVR for VR Authoring
  • A 2020 Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence in Learning Silver Award for “How Interactive Advantage used Lectora to Automate and Personalize WesPay’s ACH Compliance Training” for Best Advance in Compliance Training
  • EdTech Breakthrough Award Course Authoring Tool of the Year for Lectora (listed as the former company, Trivantis) for both 2019 and 2020
  • 2020 Learning Technologies Awards short-list for “Best Use of Simulations of Virtual Environments” for a Vanderbilt University Case Study featuring CenarioVR for VR authoring and immersive learning
  • A 2020 Learn-X Award for “Best VR Hard Skills Training Project” featuring CenarioVR
  • 2020 Horizon Interactive Awards Gold for the eLBX Online Virtual Expo Hall for the Interactive - Kiosk/Public Exhibit/Museum/VR category for CenarioVR

Business case studies can also be found on the ELB Learning's website.

Plans and Pricing

The ELB Learning Authoring Suites are specifically designed to meet every authoring need and cost up to 82% less than purchasing each tool separately:

Silver Suite 

  • Features Lectora Online, ReviewLink, and in-app access to the ELB Learning AssetLibrary for only $899/year (a $4,000 value)

Gold Suite

  • Features Lectora Online, Lectora Desktop, ReviewLink, and full access to the ELB Learning AssetLibrary for only $1,299/year (a $7,000 value)

Platinum Suite

  • Features Lectora Online, Lectora Desktop, ReviewLink, full access to the ELB Learning AssetLibrary, and CenarioVR for only $1,599/year (a $9,000 value)

Absorb Create is an online course builder and authoring tool. This tool comes with all the power and functionality of legacy desktop solutions but without any limitations. Its users can create training fast by utilizing its drag-and-drop functionality and a robust library of customizable templates and themes. The Absorb LMS integration is so intuitive that you can easily craft and publish interactive eLearning courses to the LMS, or to SCORM, xAPI, and HTML5 formats.

Want to learn more about why this is one of the best eLearning authoring tools?

Try Absorb Create free for 21 days.

Read user reviews for Absorb Create in our directory.


  • Branching scenarios with the built-in visual editor
  • Assessments, quizzes, and questions 
  • Interactive video maker 


Getting started is as simple as choosing a template, adding a page, and choosing your interaction type—hotspots, tooltips, text boxes, buttons, questions, and more. 

Make courses even more engaging with: 

  • Branching scenarios with the built-in visual editor
    eLearning is not always a straight-through presentation. Create learning that branches based on user choices and scenarios. 
  • Assessments, quizzes, and questions
    Provide question and game elements to engage the learner and perform an assessment of skills.
  • Interactive video maker
    Add elements to video with overlays, pop-ups, and other interactivity. Absorb Create also has team authoring with workflow and shared libraries so building eLearning can be a collaborative process with reviews, comments, and tasks.

Plans and Pricing

Absorb Create is available integrated with Absorb LMS or as a stand-alone product that can be used with any LMS. Stand-alone personal authoring starts as little as $79/month. There are packages for Teams and for multiple authors and reviews with LMS integration that are tailored to your needs.

Easygenerator is a fast-growing and award-winning company that helps Subject Matter Experts to create learning and performance content. Having Subject Matter Experts create this content is faster and cheaper than when a central (learning) department produces it. But more importantly, it is the only way to keep this content up to date. They call this approach "employee-generated learning."

Learn how you can use Easygenerator to create engaging eLearning courses easily.

Visit our niche directory for Easygenerator user reviews.

It will help you understand why it is one of the best eLearning authoring tools.


  • Ease of use
  • Their unprecedented support
  • Free hosting and result tracking

Their SaaS authoring tool, Easygenerator, makes this approach possible and it is the single focus of our company. Easygenerator has around 1000 customers in 50 countries. The headquarters are in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and the subsidiary offices are in Zhytomyr (Ukraine), Dubai (UAE), and Colombo (Sri Lanka).


  • Ease of use
    Their users are Subject Matter Experts who have no experience with authoring tools. That means this tool needs to keep things simple. Anyone should be able to work with Easygenerator without any training. Being a SaaS authoring tool, it allows users to get an easy start already (no software to install, no IT hassle). They can focus on creating an intuitive interface and simple functions.
  • Their unprecedented support
    This tool's customer success and customer support teams are awesome. With 19 hours of live support a day, they help their users with onboarding and using the platform the best way. But they go beyond that and will also help users create effective content. Their tool also has built-in "didactical" support. For example, the LO-maker will help an author create a proper learning objective in 4 simple steps.
  • Free hosting and result tracking
    Although they are an authoring tool provider, they offer course hosting, result tracking, and a simple learner dashboard (for Team plans and up). They only charge for the authoring licenses; the rest comes completely free of charge! That makes Easygenerator the go-to solution for companies that are starting with eLearning.

Achievements/Case Studies

Easygenerator has won many awards. The CLO award, Brandon Hall awards, and more. But their customer stories prove their added value the most.

  • T-Mobile
    T-Mobile was able to increase the amount of learning content 5 times with only a quarter of the resources they used before they had Easygenerator!
  • BHP
    BHP created flexible microlearning modules with Easygenerator and saved AU$ 250.000 by doing so.
  • AstraZeneca
    Using Easygenerator with the employee-generated learning approach saved AstraZeneca $200.000.

Plans And Pricing

  • A single Pro license is €990 per year or €99 per month
  • A Team plan with 5 authoring seats is €4.950

And their Enterprise plan has an interesting unlimited option; it allows companies to have hundreds or even thousands of users for a fixed amount per year.

With more than 20 years in the business, dominKnow continues to push the boundaries for what modern eLearning authoring tools can do. Their learner-centric approach to authoring and content development is key. They offer an integrated authoring system that empowers Instructional Designers, developers, and teams to create better learning experiences efficiently thus, giving authors the flexibility to create almost anything they want for any formal course, performance support, or microlearning need. Interested to see what makes it one of the best eLearning authoring tools?

Start your free trial.

Explore user reviews for dominKnow in our directory.


dominKnow | ONE helps teams create better content, together.

  • Authoring
  • Collaboration
  • Content management


dominKnow | ONE helps teams create better content, together.

  • Authoring
    Users can create traditional eLearning in Claro, true responsive eLearning in Flow, and software simulations in Capture, all in one place. Teams can create more than just eLearning courses, to meet more types of learning needs, from infographics and microlearning content to searchable knowledge bases to Instructor-Led Training content. All content can be published as SCORM, AICC, xAPI, or even as standalone websites. Plus, it is Section 508 and WCAG 2.1 compliant.
  • Collaboration
    Authors can work together in real time in projects without sending files back and forth. Reviewers can be assigned to any project at any time. There's no need to publish the project to another location. What's more, the review process tracks all comments and builds a trackable to-do list for authors.
  • Content management
    dominKnow | ONE is a fully featured Learning Content Management System (LCMS). It, thus, makes it easy to share content and media assets across projects. It helps keep them synchronized for updates as well as provides single-source content for use in multiple modalities. Permission controls ensure that content is only accessed by those who should have access. Reports help teams track content and administrators can track key project details.

Achievements/Case Studies

  • HMRC modernizes learning content authoring and delivery

The L&D Team of HMRC were looking for ways to modernize the delivery of their learning programs. They also needed to combine the wide range of authoring tools they used for learning content development. The objective of the whole project was to provide an improved UX. One that would help delivery across multiple devices. Including tablets and smartphones. They were also in need of more intelligent tracking and reporting.

The HMRC already had an LMS system. So, it was crucial that any content developed could be deployed initially through the existing LMS. Using xAPI to track and report was also important. As a UK Government Department, it was also key to be able to host the chosen solution within the UK. Furthermore, security should be held high, and the content had to meet the highest accessibility standards.

dominKnow | ONE was an ideal solution for HMRC due to its powerful responsive design and rapid authoring features. Using this tool, the HMRC team’s 100+ authors could quickly build eLearning content for their learning community. That is, content for more than 160,000 learners to access from any device.

  • Society of Actuaries cuts content review time by 50%, development by 25%

With roots dating back to 1889, the Society of Actuaries (SOA) is one of the world’s largest actuarial organizations. With more than 27,000 members, it expands in more than 75 countries around the world. SOA develops and maintains an enormous amount of content.

This includes several different subject areas. As you can understand, creating, reviewing, updating, and approving that content was a complex and tedious process. Mainly because it required an inordinate amount of time. Thankfully, SOA partnered up with dominKnow Learning Solutions to overcome these challenges.

Today SOA manages more than 400 pre-qualification and continuing education courses. SOA's meeting/session recordings and over 10,000 pages of content rely on dominKnow’s content authoring and publishing platform. Now they have a centralized and secure platform that makes it possible to leverage their valuable intellectual property. Thus, making it easy to reuse and repurpose content.

  • dominKnow’s centralized platform and integrated workflow tools maximize resources and save time and money for UL EHS Sustainability

UL EHS Sustainability has been delivering safety training options and employee health management solutions since 1999. For many years they used a Flash-based solution to develop and manage their eLearning content. They engaged with dominKnow to convert and manage almost 200 Flash-based courses. The goal was to have fully accessible and reusable learning content.

The impact of moving to dominKnow | ONE was felt immediately. The development team of dominKnow created an XML export workflow. The above helped convert the existing Flash-based training material for use in the dominKnow platform. The UL EHS Sustainability development team was able to simply edit and tweak content after the conversion.

As a result, the 200 courses and all of their content are now available in a fully HTML5-compliant format. The content is accessible anywhere, on any device.

Plans And Pricing

  • Solo
    $997/year per author. Powerful, single-user authoring with unlimited projects and unlimited reviewers.
  • Team
    $1497/year per author. Authoring for teams of 2 to 4. Collaborate in real time, share, and reuse resources.
  • Business
    $2497/year per author. For teams of 5 or more. Advanced user rights and team management tools with your own private cloud.

Trusted by 98,000+ organizations worldwide, Articulate software, services, community, and content make it easy to create compelling courses for every device. Articulate 360 has everything eLearning professionals need for course development. The annual subscription includes the award-winning authoring apps Storyline 360 and Rise 360 with 6+ million course assets. Also, you get an easy-to-use project review app and live and on-demand online training with industry experts such as Tom Kuhlmann. It’s continuously updated with new features and assets.

To learn more, sign up for a free 60-day trial of Articulate 360.

Looking for more reasons to see what makes it one of the best eLearning authoring tools?

Read Articulate 360 user reviews.


  • Multidevice eLearning, automatically
  • Ever-expanding asset library
  • Live and on-demand training with industry experts


eLearning developers are asked to build many different types of learning projects. Articulate 360 gives them all the apps and resources they need for any project with the assurance that their courses will look and work perfectly on any device.

  • Multidevice eLearning, automatically
    No matter what Articulate 360 authoring app a developer chooses, their projects will work automatically on any mobile device. It solves the mobile device problem so developers don’t have to.
  • Ever-expanding asset library
    Many eLearning professionals build courses without the help of graphic designers or other design resources. With Content Library 360, they get access to more than 6+ million assets, including templates, characters, and stock images, illustrations, icons, and video. By leveraging all these assets, they can create beautiful courses quickly. Users can access these royalty-free assets right from within Storyline 360 and Rise 360. As a result, they don’t have to interrupt their workflow to hunt online for images!
  • Live and on-demand training with industry experts
    Developing engaging and impactful training takes more than great authoring apps. eLearning professionals know they must continuously grow their skills to do their best work. Articulate 360 subscribers get exclusive access to live and on-demand training webinars with industry-leading eLearning experts that help them quickly get started with Articulate 360 apps to expand their eLearning expertise.

Achievements/Case Studies

  • iHerb: IT trainer April Lokar

The IT trainer at iHerb, April Lokar, uses Articulate 360 to quickly create internal eLearning courses for different departments across her company. April is the first training professional iHerb has employed in its more than 20-year history.

After so many years with no training team, iHerb had a glaring gap in its business. There was a near-complete lack of training on how to use the key apps and technology that iHerb relies on day to day. As a team of one tackling a large backlog, April needed an eLearning solution that would speed course development, without a tough learning curve.

April carefully researched a handful of eLearning apps. She quickly settled on it, because other solutions "couldn’t compete with the level of user-friendly design in Articulate 360."

She saw how simple it was going to be to get it up and running. April knew this tool would immediately help remedy iHerb’s long list of needed training. Storyline 360 and Rise 360 made it easy to apply her Instructional Design skills. With the authoring apps in Articulate 360, she managed to create great-looking responsive courses. She could deliver material that learners could reference from any device.

Key points

After a year of experience using Storyline 360 and Rise 360 for course authoring, April now praises Rise 360 as a “game-changer.” And she uses Storyline 360 to add custom interactivity to the fully responsive training courses she builds in Rise 360. April also records pro-quality screencasts quickly with Peek and fine-tunes videos. She uses them for platform walkthroughs and manager training with Replay 360. She then adds the training videos to her courses. A process she calls “very efficient” for one professional to do on their own.

Articulate 360 has saved April and iHerb countless hours developing eLearning courses. April explains that her last company had a “team of five that was lucky to complete one eLearning course each month using other tools. At iHerb, April has created 31 eLearning courses in 12 months—all on her own.

Plans And Pricing

This tool makes every aspect of eLearning course development simpler, faster, and less expensive. An annual subscription of Articulate 360 gives course developers everything they need to complete eLearning projects, from start to finish.

  • Articulate 360 is available on the Articulate website and through Articulate authorized resellers.
  • The Articulate 360 Teams plan is available for $1,299 per user, per year.
  • Personal subscriptions are perfect for freelancers and are available for $999 per user, per year (all prices USD).

Eligible educational customers receive a 50% discount on list prices.

4.6/5 (21 reviews)

With the award-winning authoring platform Elucidat, you enable anyone to create sustainable, scalable training 4x faster. The platform is ideal for ambitious large organizations looking to create high-quality training for complex global audiences and achieve business impacts quicker.

With Elucidat, anyone can produce great digital learning, whether you’re an experienced author or brand new to eLearning. Their people-centered approach is ideal for large companies looking to work smarter, not harder at scale. Do you want to see why this is one of the best eLearning authoring tools?

Watch Elucidat’s overview video.

Read submitted reviews for Elucidat


  • Easy for anyone to produce great eLearning
  • Enables teamwork on a global scale
  • Helps keep pace with change and regional needs

It gives L&D teams ultimate flexibility and control, from crowdsourcing eLearning from SMEs while maintaining quality to managing localization and content updates. Alongside their award-winning platform, the Elucidat team offers unparalleled consultancy and support, helping customers produce people-centered learning at scale.


  • Easy for anyone to produce great eLearning
    You can build eLearning projects from scratch or start from an expert-designed template, speeding up production by 4 times. The clever brand import tool keeps eLearning brand-compliant, and the user-friendly authoring interface makes editing and updating content a breeze.
  • Enables teamwork on a global scale
    Elucidat’s Advanced User Management feature will enable your L&D team to recreate real-life workflows with roles that reflect your organization. This makes it ideal for teams looking to collaborate and scale production, without any risk to quality.  
  • Helps keep pace with change and regional needs
    Elucidat helps you react quickly to deliver relevant, up-to-date training faster. Whether it’s localizing a course, translating into multiple languages, or updating courses in line with the latest regulations.

Achievements/Case Studies

  • Brandon Hall Gold Award
    Elucidat won a Brandon Hall Gold Award two years in a row. In 2019 and in 2020, they took home the Best Advance in Course Authoring Award.
  • Kingfisher Group
    With the help of Elucidat, the global retail brand Kingfisher Group has increased its eLearning production and learner engagement all while reducing its training costs by a whopping 90%!

    Kingfisher plc is home to 5 home improvement retail brands all over Europe. Their learning and development team was struggling to create training that is relevant, captivating, and adaptable. With an ambitious goal of making five million hours of quality training by 2025, Kingfisher's team had to ensure the learning could be translated across their banner brands, roles, and locations.

    The text-heavy and—in the words of some learners—"boring and dull" learning was just not going to cut it. Their global digital learning and development partner, Jason Edwards, explained that the old training was linear and time-consuming. Plus, he noted that the feedback was poor and engagement levels were low.

    Elucidat, a flexible authoring tool, allowed multiple areas of the organization to work smarter not harder. The banners were given the ability to control their eLearning while collaborating with the central L&D team to ensure best practices and standards are followed at all times.

    After the experience with Elucidat, Jason noted that the ease of authoring, interactions, and functionality made working at the scale they needed much easier and quicker. Additionally, Elucidat's business ethos and values shone. That's how Elucidat succeeds: by being human. They don't just bring a partnership but a relationship to the table. They won't just set you up and then vanish.

    With the help of Elucidat, Jason and the team are well on their way to hitting their goal to produce five million hours of effective learning. The improved course design, which was supported by the Elucidat team, is already getting far better learner reviews. Their initial course achieved an average rating of 7.9.

    It's not just the learners that are benefitting from this partnership. The business and the team are seeing a lasting impact as well. Previously, when the team wanted to produce a course, each one would cost them tens of thousands of pounds. Elucidat has saved the business over 90% in training costs. Today, training teams at Kingfisher Group are working within an innovative production model that's based on collaboration, trust, and best practices. Previously, there used to be a "wall" between L&D and the business units at Kingfisher, but that they're now seeing the individual brands working much better together as well as independently.

Plans And Pricing

Elucidat product plans are designed for big employers who want to drive down their training costs. All plans include access to the award-winning authoring platform and essential tools for producing eLearning easily and fast.

If you are looking to deliver exceptional training, Learning Pool's pioneering technology and creative content can help you accomplish your goals. Their authoring tool, Adapt Builder, has helped 7,000+ users to create their own custom content. It's a tool that helps brands completely customize the look of their content, even if they are repurposing a module from an existing catalog.

To find out more about the authoring tool Adapt Builder, follow this link.

Explore user reviews for Adapt Builder.


  • Adapt Builder for flexible, creative, responsive authoring
  • SCORM and xAPI compliant
  • Top-notch features


  • Adapt Builder for flexible, creative, responsive authoring
    Learning Pool’s authoring tool, Adapt Builder, makes creating fantastic eLearning easy. Use scenario-based storytelling and gamification features with deep scrolling design. Plus, you get branching and interactive components to quickly build courses.
  • SCORM and xAPI compliant
    Their authoring tool is SCORM and xAPI compatible to run on any learning platform.
  • Top-notch features
    Its main features include:
    • Built for modern devices
      Over 25 learning interactions, 30 extensions, 10 menus, and 4 themes allow learning designers to concentrate on beautiful design without restriction. Replace traditional page-turning content with exploratory, deep scrolling design built once, for any modern device.
    • Open source
      Collaborate with multiple stakeholders on the same module and gather direct feedback with online comment and review workflows. Get up to speed in minutes with hints and tips from Learning Pool Academy. Or simply ask questions through their support desk. It is built on open source technology and it is cloud-hosted with no software to install or manage. Plus, it's fully supported by Learning Pool's expert team.
    • Diversity
      Engage and support your learners in the language of their choice with full multi-language capability. Help learners gain knowledge by offering assisted revision and guide them to the information they need.

Achievements/Case Studies

  • Royal Bank of Canada

The Royal Bank Of Canada is a Canadian multinational financial services company. Incorporating Adapt into their Learning and Development program was a game-changer. Royal Bank of Canada now boasts a 95% user satisfaction rate. In addition, they saw a 38% saving in production time.

The bank serves over 16 million clients and has 86,000 employees worldwide. Like all businesses, RBC needed to provide relevant, timely learning to its widespread employee base. At the same time, they needed to keep it as engaging and accessible as possible.

Firstly, the team had to create training that was accessible on multiple devices. Secondly, they needed it to support multiple languages. Thirdly, it should enable employees with various disabilities and learning needs.

Fortunately, they began their trial of Adapt in March 2016. The team at Royal Bank of Canada is really happy with the progress they’ve made. The design and development team of six has built over 100 pieces of content using Adapt. What's more, they’ve reduced the development lifespan by 35% across six end-to-end projects.

  • Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Healthcare (RCPCH)

The RCPCH wished to create an online resource on information sharing in the early years of a child’s life. They used Adapt's responsive HTML5 framework to create a highly visual piece of content. One that could be accessed by learners across PCs, smartphones, and tablets with just one version.

With Adapt, they also replaced the book-based, page-turner traditional eLearning module. They created a Learner Experience far more in sync with how we all now use the Web. An experience that truly enhances knowledge and skills.

Adapt Learning adopts a scrolling layout. It's interesting how it harnesses the latest thinking in web design to the world of eLearning. By doing so, it delivers a host of learner benefits. Feedback on the program shows that it has been extremely effective. Specifically in training frontline staff with the necessary skills to refer for neuromuscular disorders as early as possible.

The healthcare professionals who have completed the training were surveyed:

    • 100% would recommend the eLearning to a colleague
    • 100% felt the stated objectives/aims of the course were met
    • Learners scored the training 4.6 out of 5 for how valuable the eLearning was to them
  • The Entertainer

For 20+ years, The Entertainer provided a modular training system known as Modules. That system focused on retail sales assistants and supervisors in their store estate. It offered content covering a variety of topics, for example, company policy, service, processes, and soft skills.

In 2016, The Entertainer realized that there needed to be a more efficient and effective learning approach across the business. Essentially because they wanted to continue to grow both the company and their colleagues’ careers.

Following a full market review, they selected Learning Pool. A track record in providing blended learning solutions that would meet their current needs lead to this decision. This move also offered plenty of scopes to expand into additional learning opportunities in the future.

Learning Pool’s Adapt Builder tool allows the L&D department to simply and cost-effectively build their own learning content from scratch, making it easy to enhance the standard catalog titles as needed.


The resulting engagement levels are impressive with around 30,000 mandatory and 70,000 discretionary course completions. The above was recorded in the first 18 months of platform availability. The Entertainer has further used the new solution to create and distribute step-by-step process guides for core business processes.

For example, using the Narrative component in Adapt Builder was very efficient. They trained out the stages of cashing up at each store at the end of the day. The Entertainer is now finally able to ensure that all staff follows the same process. Plus, employees can now be retrained on demand on any process changes quickly and consistently.

Plans And Pricing

By using leading-edge, open source technology, Adapt Builder gives you complete control. You can create, edit, and brand great content in minutes. All content created in Adapt is fully responsive. Thus, allowing users to complete their learning on the computer, tablet, or smartphone. They will never notice a reduction in quality, but they will appreciate the flexibility that you've given them.

As a course creator, Adapt allows you to build content in collaboration with your colleagues. Plus, it comes with a built-in comment and review tool. Streamlining your workflow to ensure key stakeholders can provide feedback throughout the process.

10. Raptivity
4.2/5 (5 reviews)

Raptivity by Harbinger Knowledge Products is a leading rapid interactivity builder. This tool allows higher ed educators to create SCORM compliant learning interactions without any programming. It also helps corporate trainers create effective workplace learning experiences.

Want to give it a try? Start your Raptivity Free Trial!

Care to see what actual users have to say about why this is one of the best eLearning interactions building tools?

Read Raptivity user reviews.


  • Visually stunning and responsive interactions
  • Rapid customization
  • Engaging microlearning experiences
  • xAPI or SCORM compliant content

Raptivity offers 2 different variants to create online learning:

  • Raptivity for virtual classrooms
    It is designed for instructors, teachers, and professors using online video platforms to make virtual classes interactive.
  • Raptivity 2020
    It is designed for instructional designers, authors, subject matter experts, and teachers who produce eLearning courses. This version supports SCORM and xAPI tracking.


  • Visually stunning and responsive interactions
    Both Raptivity variants are home to modern-day, vibrant, and sleek interaction templates. They offer a mix of fun games, quick quizzes, and cool displays that are sure to hook learners. All interactions are truly responsive and work on a wide variety of devices.
  • Rapid customization
    Raptivity’s intuitive and user-friendly interface does not require any kind of programming or triggers. You just need to customize interactions with your content, and you are good to go.
  • Engaging microlearning experiences
    Raptivity allows users to build highly interactive microlearning experiences. You can now transcend away from cognitive overload in learning. And, you'll be able to align your training with trends in information processing.
  • xAPI or SCORM compliant content
    With Raptivity 2020, you can publish xAPI or SCORM compliant content at the click of a button to track learner performance and completion rates. It is totally apt to build engaging and trackable microlearning experiences. Use these experiences as you like—independently or with multiple third-party tools.

Plans And Pricing

Raptivity for Virtual Classroom is priced at $99/year and $30/quarter. It is currently available for a limited-time monthly subscription for $15/month.

Want to give it a try? Start your Raptivity Free Trial!

11. Adeptly
4.5/5 (2 reviews)

Adeptly is an online authoring tool for rapidly building serious learning games. Thus, it is ideal for recording, assessing, and influencing learner behavior. It is one of the first to ever combine multiple styles of learning into a user-friendly and engaging interface. Users can leverage Adeptly’s innovative tool to map any learning topic, skill, or process from start to finish.

Learn how you can evolve your training.

Read Adeptly user reviews in our directory.


  • Choose your own learning adventure
  • Add your own content
  • Measure behavior trends


  • Choose your own learning adventure
    Featuring customizable themes to suit your business, Adeptly's platform can be tailored to suit practically any scenario. You can use it to create what you need to teach. Featuring a rich engaging interface, your learners will get to grips with the platform instantly, no matter what the subject might be.
  • Add your own content
    Their easy-to-use editor offers an intuitive and simple system that anyone can pick up. You can add chapters, pages, set desired outcomes, and decisions. Then, you can refer back to them to edit along the way. You can edit your decision tree and create complex systems and simple ones, easily. You can do all this from a browser; no software is required to install, just log in and go.
  • Measure behavior trends
    Want to see proficiency change in real time? With Adeptly, you can. You can assess each learner's ability, gauge their confidence in any and all questions or sections, even validate your training as a whole through the platform. Adeptly offers one of the most powerful measurement and analytics tools when it comes to human learning. It's all presented in easy-to-understand analytics that can be customizable at the click of a button.

Plans And Pricing

Adeptly offers a monthly subscription pricing model. Accounts can vary from completely free to £195 per month for the lowest tier.

Gomo is an easy-to-use eLearning authoring tool. Yet, it still offers all the advanced features that your learning designers love. This cloud-based eLearning software encourages collaborative working. At the same time, it allows content to be quickly updated and instantly distributed. 

Start your Gomo free trial.

Don't forget to take a look at Gomo Learning reviews in our directory.


  • Easy to use but powerful 
  • Cloud-based 
  • Create a single course that works for different audiences

Gomo empowers you to create courses that are tailored to your brand. In this way, your teams can work effortlessly on any device. After all, its responsive eLearning comes as standard. They also offer strong multi-language and localized content options. Thus, making this tool a perfect fit for global networks of learners. Gomo takes the hard work out of creating visually stunning courses that your learners can access anytime, on any device.


  • Easy to use but powerful
    Intuitive to use, Gomo features a drag-and-drop interface that is full of powerful interactive features. Learning designers love its advanced features such as branching scenarios and question banks. 
  • Cloud-based
    This authoring tool can be accessed anywhere, anytime through any modern web browser, enabling global L&D teams to overcome traditional challenges of software downloads, working remotely, and across different timezones. 
  • Create a single course that works for different audiences
    Gomo allows you to build content efficiently. Supporting over 260 different languages and with options to localize content, your message remains relevant—wherever your learners are located.

Plans And Pricing

Gomo offers a range of annual subscription options that cater to all sizes, from smaller agencies to global enterprise organizations with 100,000+ learners. It offers content authoring-only packages, as well as a combined package with the authoring tool plus flexible delivery options. That includes their unique LMS Wrapper, which allows instant updates to your content across multiple LMSs. Authoring licenses start from $1,035. All packages feature onboarding support via Gomo Academy, which is full of microlearning videos to get you moving quickly. Enterprise customers receive an enhanced support package with a dedicated customer success manager.

contentCloud is the evolution of the authoring tool previously known as learningMaker. It has been used since 2007 by more than 100 customers globally, including, among others, plenty of first-class companies. For example BT, Santillana Global, Telefonica, Inditex, Banco Santander, Repsol, Cambridge Press University, and more recently Amazon.

Visit their website for more info or read user reviews for Netex contentCloud in our directory.


  • Simplifies content management
  • Enhances cloud collaboration
  • Responsive and accessible content

Netex Learning has been involved in content authoring for global corporate and EdTech clients since 1997.  Their HQ is in Spain, but they also have commercial offices in Madrid, London, and Mexico City. Their training solution capabilities are built around two key tools:

  • learningCloud
    Their SaaS next-generation learning platform.
  • contentCloud
    Their SaaS content management and authoring platform.


  • Simplifies content management
    Manage your content created with contentCloud or any other authoring tool on a shared space. Simplify the management of multiple sources of content. Integrate all your production in contentCloud with advanced tagging, data of costs, authoring tools, and providers. Review all this information on simple and intuitive dashboards that provide relevant information about your content production.
  • Enhances cloud collaboration
    Enhance cloud collaboration among project managers, authors, reviewers, and external providers. Create shared spaces, managing accesses at global and granular levels. contentCloud includes a flow manager with automated tagging and a centralized publications history for better visibility and controllership. Simplify and reduce costs and time of content translation by extracting all the text to XLIFF standard format.
  • Responsive and accessible content
    Create beautiful and responsive content for any device, based on reusable product and/or customized templates. The above helps your organization standardize content production by boosting productivity. All the templates are HTML5-responsive, available in multiple languages, and support common industry languages such as SCORM and xAPI.

Achievements/Case Studies

  • Grupo Santillana
    Grupo Santillana is the major Spanish editorial group established in 1960 and active in 22 countries, including Spain, Portugal, and the UK. It has also been present in Latin America since 1964. Their presence in Brazil dates back to 2001 when they acquired the editorials Moderna and Salamandra.

The challenge

Editora Moderna wanted to provide an innovative proposal for the educational market in Brazil for the academic year of 2014. In order to do this, they decided to digitize all their book collections for all subjects at the pre-university level. They wanted to go beyond simply turning paper content into screen content by enriching the material and offering additional material on paper.

The solution

Custom design templates: Initially, 3 basic templates were considered for generating HTML5 content, one for each study grade. However, the diversity of the collections and the actual needs required in the different subjects led to the combination of 26 templates.

The production plan

The digitization began in August 2013. The first step was to create solid and well-defined style guides, agreed with the client. The next step was to implement a parsing system of the original contents in InDesign in order to access the plain text with a reference to pagination. Then, they began the process of pedagogical organization and adaptation of the didactic content to the screen mainly by applying the elements and styles they considered necessary for correct visualization.

Finally, they included resources such as images, videos, audios, interactive activities, etc. In the specific case of the language’s collections Log In, Esencial, and Ventanita, they also carried out scripting activities and Instructional Design for the interactive activities. Netex also created a system to continuously check content. Their team did so to validate and correct the contents they generated efficiently and quickly.

After six months of intense work, a total of 204 books were delivered. More than 105,000 pages were digitized. Plus, more than 4,000 resources were added, including audios, videos, and interactive activities. Editorial Moderna continues to produce thousands of pages each year. This success story has been the key to expanding the use of contentCloud in Grupo Santillana books production, mainly to other Latin American countries such as Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Chile, and Argentina.

Plans And Pricing

contentCloud offers a flexible pricing model with reduced costs for non-author users (e.g., project managers) and also attractive discounts per volume. They also provide flexible extra storage plans for those organizations that may have additional needs.

Plugins such as Word import, math formula editor, or anti-plagiarism checker are available separately to fit each customer's needs.

14. HowToo
4.3/5 (7 reviews)

HowToo is an award-winning, AI-enabled upskilling platform, allowing teams to create professional-quality training courses in record time. HowToo's cloud-based platform empowers everyone—no matter their prior experience—to create and share beautiful digital learning experiences that affect real change in your workforce. 

Start your free trial now.

Visit our directory to see HowToo reviews.


  • Create professional-quality courses in minutes
  • Share learning anywhere, anytime
  • Ensure your learning is accessible with their industry-first accessibility checker

Do you want to put the power to create into the hands of your team's subject matter experts? With this tool, you can bring back the joy of training with flexible and engaging training solutions. Integrate with your LMS or tap into HowToo's powerful all-in-one platform to create, share, and track your learning.


  • Create professional-quality courses in minutes
    With hundreds of templates and ready-to-go courses, HowToo makes it simpler to create high-quality digital learning in minutes. No learning or design experience is required. Simply add your content into their huge library of templates and launch in minutes.
  • Share learning anywhere, anytime
    HowToo offers full flexibility in how you share your learning. With three distribution methods: their all-in-one Growth platform, simple one-click weblink, or export to an LMS via SCORM or xAPI. This flexibility allows teams to learn on any device anytime, anywhere.
  • Ensure your learning is accessible with their industry-first accessibility checker
    HowToo is one of the most accessible authoring tools on the market, leading the way with their in-built accessibility checker that ensures your content can cater to all learner needs. HowToo also meets the global WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility standard.

Plans And Pricing

  • Starter Plan
    Free forever! Ideal for getting started.
  • Growth Plan
    US $5/month per user with a 7-day free trial. Ideal for small-to-medium businesses looking for an easy-to-use, all-in-one system to create, share, and track eLearning courses.
  • Creator Plan
    US $95/month per user. Ideal for medium-to-large businesses with an LMS or a large number of learners.

Coassemble is a powerful, all-in-one authoring tool and Learning Management System. This combination allows you to simply share knowledge with your team anytime, anyplace. As a powerful LMS with seamless User Experience, Coassemble gives you all the tools you need, making it easy to manage your entire training program from a single platform. Giving you the opportunity to focus on your end learner. After all, that's what really matters! Care to see why it is one of the best eLearning authoring tools?

Click here to find out more or visit our directory to read user reviews for Coassemble - Authoring


  • Lesson templates
  • Powerful features
  • Award-winning User Experience and support

An intuitive authoring tool like this helps you create mobile-responsive bespoke training content in minutes. Easily done, by using drag-and-drop templates. You can also leverage enrollment links which offer the ability to share courses for self-enrollment. Coassemble provides award-winning support from real humans who are always happy to help.


  • Lesson templates
    Choose from over 40 interactive drag-and-drop templates to engage your learners, from presentation, checkpoint, and interactive templates to powerful branching scenarios. Create bite-sized content in minutes. No design training is needed.
  • Powerful features
    Coassemble has a powerful WYSIWYG editor full of features you are going to love—including emojis 😍!
    • Advanced image editing, captions, and effects
    • Upload video, audio, and images
    • Embed media and iframe content
    • Instructor tooltips
    • Live edit and update
    • Fully mobile-responsive and cloud-based
  • Award-winning User Experience and support
    Award-winning User Experience means that your team can create amazing content with ease. Their support team is on hand to help with course creation tips and best practices.

Plans And Pricing

Coassemble is ideal for corporate training as it is an authoring and LMS all-in-one solution. The Unlimited Plan starts at just $99 per month for unlimited users.

Find The Best eLearning Authoring Tool
Take a deep dive into eLearning Industry's niche directory to explore and choose the best platform for custom eLearning content development.

What Were The Criteria That Determined Which Vendors Made The List?

Globally recognized LMS experts, including C. Pappas, and our editorial team did a thorough review of each vendor's eligibility and relevant published content (articles, eBooks, webinars). Our committee ranked the best authoring tool software based on the following 9 criteria:

  • Customer support
  • Customer Experience
  • Software features
  • Software innovation
  • Customer reviews
  • Economic growth potential
  • Company’s customer retention
  • Employee turnover
  • Company’s social responsibility

After exploring this top list, make sure to read our tips on what you need to consider when opting for an authoring tool to create your training content.

eBook Release: eLearning Authoring Tools Comparison Guide
eBook Release
eLearning Authoring Tools Comparison Guide
Explore and discover how you can choose the best platform for custom eLearning content development.

What Is An eLearning Authoring Tool?

An eLearning authoring tool wears many tech hats in your organization. First and foremost, it allows you to develop content from the ground up. Or even use built-in assets to save time and resources. However, you can also use feature-rich authoring tool software to repurpose existing content and convert legacy resources.

For example, transform outdated Flash files into fresh HTML5 training tools. In some cases, LMSs have integrated authoring tools. But there are also standalone authoring platforms that enable you to generate content that’s compatible with your current LMS.

Why Do You Need An Authoring Tool?

One of the most notable benefits of authoring tools is that they help you design courses that align with current gaps and goals. For example, you can develop JIT support tools or certification paths to build relevant skills. Every design element and online training activity aligns with your employees’ preferences and L&D objectives.

Furthermore, you can quickly update content using pre-built templates to keep up with trends and policy changes, whether it’s onboarding courses for new hires or compliance resources to mitigate risks.

Top Things To Consider When Choosing An Authoring Tool

The best corporate training authoring tools deliver all the features and functionality you need to maximize ROI. They should also come with support services and customer training resources to help you lower the learning curve. For example, online training tutorials and demos that walk you through the setup process.

First and foremost, all of this needs to happen within your budget. Here are the top things you need to consider when choosing an authoring tool for your business.

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What Are The Key Authoring Tool Features That Fit Your Online Training Needs?

The tricky thing about software selection is that your organization has unique needs and buying requirements. A tool that might work for one L&D team isn’t necessarily the best choice for an online training solutions company. However, there are a few features every organization should add to their must-have list to get top value for money. Look for these key selling points to pick the right authoring tool solution without regrets.

Intuitive UI

Unique features won’t do any good if your team can’t use the tool to create engaging content for online learners. For this reason, the best authoring tools are intuitive and user-friendly. Users can customize their dashboards and use built-in templates to cut development time. Plus, they can update existing content. The system should also feature the layout they’re most comfortable with. For example, it might include a ribbon layout with different tabs that allow them to switch between screens quickly.

Branching Scenarios

Branching scenario authoring features include templates and predesigned branches that allow you to create immersive learning experiences. Another critical ingredient is the decision-making points. In most cases, these authoring tools have placeholders that you simply substitute with your own content. You can also change the theme, layout, and images to suit the subject matter.

Content Conversion

One of the most valuable authoring tool features is content conversion as it gives you the opportunity to turn all those Flash legacy courses into modern HTML5 training experiences. Thus, your learners can access the L&D library on any mobile device or browser. Some tools even include editing tools you can use to spruce up the final product. For instance, turn that hour-long webinar into a series of bite-sized JIT tools.

Drag And Drop

Drag-and-drop interactions transform static content into a dynamic online training resource. For example, you can develop a serious game wherein users must match policies to respective departments or products to their standout features and real-world benefits. The possibilities are endless. Simply put, this web authoring tool function boosts learner engagement and participation as it turns passive users into active participants.

Assessment Engine

You must be able to evaluate learners to see how far they’ve come as well as how far they need to go to achieve the online training objectives. An integrated assessment or quiz engine lets you create exams in a fraction of the time. You can use pre-built templates that support multiple Q&A formats—ranging from true/false to open response.

Another tie-in feature to look for is customizable grading options. For instance, you can assign points to every question and specify the feedback type.

Multiple Interaction Types

There are 3 common interaction types: open, linear, and passive. Passive involves no user interaction, while linear formats guide users every step of the way. On the other hand, open interactions are more interactive and dynamic, meaning learners can pave their own path. They can complete the course or activity in any order based on their needs. Different objectives call for different styles. Thus, you should look for authoring tools that support multiple interaction types.

Authoring Tool Comparison: Desktop Vs. Cloud-Based Vs. Open Source

Whether you’re looking for locally installed or vendor-hosted platforms, there’s course authoring software for every preference. The key is knowing which systems deliver the most profitable authoring perks for your organization. Below is a quick overview of the various deployment types and their benefits as well as a few downsides you should consider before making your final decision.

The Main Benefits Of Using A Desktop Authoring Tool

Computer-based training tools that are locally installed typically have more customization options. Many organizations also opt for this deployment type because of the security measures. By leveraging this option, you’re in charge of the services and data protection protocols.

Another perk is that you don’t have to rely on a steady internet connection. For example, you may have issues with the office WiFi. In this case, your employees can still log into the platform offline and design or revise existing content. However, this can be a double-edged sword as remote users may run into accessibility issues. Unless, of course, they have the software downloaded on their local device.

Desktop authoring tools are often associated with one-time licensing fees, as well. This means that you don’t have to foot a monthly bill for subscription fees. You’re locked in at that price. So, price fluctuations are no longer a concern. That said, you should still count on maintenance fees, add-ons, and new versions of the tool.

The Main Benefits Of Using A Cloud-Based Authoring Tool

Web authoring software that’s based on the cloud is accessible anytime, anywhere. Collaborators simply need to enter their username and password to create or update content. All the information is stored on the authoring tool vendors’ servers. Therefore, designers, admins, and SMEs can all work together remotely.

For instance, someone can log in and upload their part of the project, then get revision notes from instructors or facilitators. You also don’t have to worry about lost content, since everything is backed up on the cloud.

Most cloud-based authoring tools are based on a subscription model (or SaaS). This means that you have to pay a monthly or quarterly fee to access the platform. That brings us to the most notable downside, which is price increases. For example, the vendor might choose to raise their rates next year and you must reevaluate your software budget or look for another tool if the cost is too steep for your organization.

The Main Benefits Of Using An Open Source Authoring Tool

Undoubtedly, one of the most significant advantages of authoring tools that are open source is creative control. You can modify every aspect of the software based on your L&D requirements. However, you do need some tech expertise to tackle the task.

For example, most open source eLearning authoring tools call for coding know-how. You must be able to dive into the back-end programming to make the necessary changes.

Open source platforms are typically free since you have to put in most of the work. So, there are no licensing fees or subscription plans to factor into the budget. However, you do have to make room for IT support, since they usually don’t include vendor assistance or online training resources. Most platforms do have active user communities for DIY troubleshooting though.

Who Can Effectively Use Authoring Software?

L&D Managers

L&D managers can use eLearning authoring software to design online training resources for staffers and external partners. They’re able to custom-tailor every aspect of the content to suit organizational objectives. Plus, they can also customize employee preferences and fix personal gaps. Another common application is onboarding training and certification paths.

Online Training Companies

Training companies that develop eLearning resources for clients use authoring tools to widen their profit margin, not to mention, improve client satisfaction scores. Rapid authoring tools are quite popular in this niche because they contain an asset library and templates. This helps reduce turnaround time and achieve the best results.

eLearning Freelancers

Freelancers are usually a one-person show or a small team of eLearning professionals. Thus, they need versatile tools that are cost-effective and packed with valuable features. Especially if they take on diverse projects that call for different activities, JIT resources, and course interaction types.

Cloud-based authoring is usually the best bet, as it allows them to bring remote collaborators on board, for example, consultants or external SMEs.

Our directory has plenty of authoring tools for freelancers.

SMB Owners

Start-ups or small business owners rely on authoring tools for in-house talent development. They may not have room in their budget to hire an L&D team. However, free self-authoring software makes it easy to design courses on a tight time frame and budget so that they can deploy online training to mitigate risks ASAP.

Corporate eLearning Instructors

Another group that benefits from web-based authoring tools is instructors and facilitators. It gives them all the assets, templates, and interactions they need to develop memorable online training experiences, even if they have no prior experience designing content. Especially if the platform has advanced customer support resources to help them master key functions.


Charities and other non-profit organizations implement authoring software to educate volunteers and expand their reach. For example, design certifications and online courses to raise awareness for their cause, as well as attract new volunteers and donors.

What Defines A Top eLearning Authoring Tool?

Top authoring tools stand out from the tech crowd by building a solid track record. Users give them high marks and they handle constructive feedback with professionalism. Here are just a few ways to evaluate authoring tool vendors and compare top authoring tools:

Industry Expertise

Your new authoring tool vendor must stay ahead of trends and learn about the latest eLearning technology. Namely, how it applies to your use case. For example, top-notch vendors update their tools regularly to include new functions or tech specs. Maybe there’s a new mobile device or browser you need to support.

In many cases, these software providers are industry thought leaders who publish articles or social media posts with valuable insights.

Social Proof

Is the vendor active on social media? Do they have favorable ratings and reviews? It’s crucial to establish social proof for your next authoring tool provider. They must have a track record and a positive online reputation to warrant your investment. A great place to qualify authoring vendors is an exclusive directory. Just make sure that there are fraud prevention measures in place to avoid sponsored reviews.

Support Services

The best authoring tool software is backed by reputable vendors who value CX. For example, they offer email and phone support as well as an online knowledge base or help center. Many vendors even have live chats and user communities where you can resolve issues on your own.

Get Even More Insights From This Top List: Authoring Tools Directory And Extra Tips

Even if you have a clear budget and implementation timeline in place, the selection process can be stressful. It’s not an easy task to choose the best authoring tool type of deployment: cloud-based deployment, open source license, desktop.

Then there’s the matter of finding a tool that has the ideal pricing models and specification support, not to mention, customer type and must-have features. Simply put, there is a variety of factors to consider. So many tools and so little time.

That’s why we compiled this Top Authoring Tool List to help you every step of the way. We’ve carefully selected each vendor based on our comprehensive evaluation criteria. This saves you the time and expense of conducting an exhaustive online search.

It features all the buying essentials to choose an authoring system that aligns with your specific needs. After you put the platform through its paces, we encourage you to submit an authoring tool review to our niche directory.

We also welcome authoring tool vendors to create a free listing in our top authoring tool directory. In just a few minutes, you can set up an account and launch your product landing page. With thousands of visitors every month, your software gets maximum exposure for minimal investment.

Last, but not least, a test drive is always necessary in order to evaluate authoring tools firsthand. Take a look at our eLearning authoring tools with a free trial. After all, trials and demos are the best way to assess the UI, features, and functionality before taking the plunge.

I hope this comprehensive list gave you a better idea of the best eLearning authoring tools in the market.

Looking For More eLearning Development Resources?

Also, if you’re in the market for a new LMS or a training outsourcing partner, we have eLearning Top Lists for those as well. See which vendors made the cut and how they can help you develop more effective online training for your team.

Whether you need a new Learning Management System for mobile users or an eLearning content provider to help you translate content, we’ve got you covered.

eBook Release: Homebase
Make work easier. Running a small business has never been harder. Homebase helps with free tools to track time and manage your team.