Here you can find 5 stories of eLearning success in 5 different markets. These projects are managed by Docebo to meet international companies’ training needs. Should you like to know more, you can download the full eLearning case studies on

  1. Media & Publishing, Trinity Mirror
    Trinity Mirror, with an award winning portfolio of newspapers, websites and digital products, is one of the UK’s largest multimedia companies employing over 5000 team members in over sixty locations across the UK.
    The company wanted to offer unique online training for learners at every level in the business, on any browser, operating system, or device of their choice. Here’s a quote from Trinity Mirror: “For us Docebo just made perfect sense. We had recently migrated to Google Apps, so our need for an SSO solution was high on the wish list for our learners. We learned that this product was easy to integrate and was well rated within the Google Apps community.
  2. Healthcare, Northern Norway Regional Health Authority
    The Northern Norway Regional Health Authority (Helse Nord RHF) is responsible for the public hospitals in northern Norway. The aim of the Regional Health Authority is to provide the necessary specialist health services for the population of northern Norway and Svalbard.Hospitals are often large and very complex organizations and Docebo’s functionality fulfills many of their needs right out of the box. Only basic customization with little or no development was needed to implement the Docebo solution. Docebo was chosen for its flexibility and adaptability. The hospital has dramatically increased the use of the Docebo solution over the past couple of years. The solution started with providing internal training to the staff, and delivered content related to the use of electronic patient journal systems to professionals in the hospitals eight clinics.
  3. Automotive, Same Deutz-Fahr
    Same Deutz-Fahr (SDF) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tractors, combine harvesters, specialistic harvesters, diesel engines and farm machinery. The company’s products are marketed under the brands SAME, DEUTZ-FAHR, LAMBORGHINI and Grégoire. In 2011 SDF Academy, adopted an E-Learning Platform, the Premium Docebo edition, kicking off an innovative process for the Global Corporate Training Strategy and the related methodologies, mixing Instructor Led and Online Training. Through this system, SDF has trained the entire sales network and bridging technical assistance from dealers to authorized mechanic’s workshops.
    SDF Academy significantly improved its management process for classroom training, online and in the field, by exploiting the potential of the Docebo E-Learning platform. The first result was to be able to easily create and manage courses specifically designed to fill in the knowledge gaps of individual users, or a specific group of learners.
  4. Information Security, Módulo
    Módulo serves clients from all segments, and participates in internationally recognized projects such as Brazilian electronic elections, Internet income tax returns , the Brazilian banking payment system, Pan-am Games, World Youth Day, Forest Fire Prevention and many others.
    They need to deploy a learning environment that can meet two needs: Distance learning for those who want to take our certification exams and related training programs; and blended learning offerings for clients and internal staff who must follow the development track for our product, Módulo Risk Manager.Fernando Barcellos Ximenes, Manager, Módulo Education, says the Docebo Learning Management System was “The right fit with our requirements and expectations, along with responsive and professional support
  5. Continuing Medical Education, Defoe
    Defoe is a CME provider, authorized by the Ministry of Health and has been operating for more than 10 years in the field of CME. Defoe is the provider for residential training, both in the classroom and in online learning environments.
    One challenge is that the sector - specific training CME has to account for the active involvement of teachers and scientists, in order for courses to be pertinent to learners. Defoe offers a wealth of experience, gained in the management of residential education, to E-Learning, and is always looking for technological innovations that can support training and address novel challenges in the field.
    This successful experience, and the strategic decision to adopt a well-designed and intuitive LMS, allowed Defoe to become a referenced member in the medical E-Learning market, significantly enhancing Defoe’s brand name and market reach.

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