Thrilling eLearning Topics To Write About This Month [October 2022 Edition]

Thrilling eLearning Topics To Write About This Month [October 2022 Edition]
Summary: Which eLearning topics should you write about? We cover 5 trends that are sure to give readers goosebumps this October.

Which eLearning Trends, Tips, And Stories Should You Share?

The spooky season is almost upon us. For many of us, that means setting aside at least a little time each day for a comfy, cozy writing session. But which topics should you cover if you want to guest post on eLI and offer readers a special treat (hold the tricks)? In this article, we share 5 eLearning topics to write about this month.

5 eLearning Topics To Write About In October

Workplace Safety Training

Staying safe on the job cuts costs, retains top talent, and prevents compliance breaches. Are there areas that organizations often overlook when implementing workplace safety training? How can employers provide hands-on experience remotely and get employees actively involved in training?

Divergent Thinking

Thinking outside the box and sparking creativity are at the center of divergent thinking. How can educators leverage this to encourage innovation and come up with solutions to existing problems? What are some prime examples of divergent thinking that instructors can incorporate into their L&D programs?

Flipped Classroom

The flipped classroom approach gives learners the opportunity to gather information beforehand and then apply it in the classroom (virtual or otherwise). What are some activities that instructors or facilitators can use to improve engagement and knowledge retention? What are the quintessential traits of a successful flipped classroom strategy?

Leadership Training Topics To Consider For L&D Programs

How do team leaders build crucial skills and empower their teams? Which topics should organizations include in their management training programs? Share some of the essential subjects that no leadership development strategy is complete without (i.e., motivating employees, providing effective feedback, and fostering a collaborative team dynamic).

Teachers Transitioning Into New Career Paths

Teaching burnout, life changes, and other factors may cause educators to rethink their current career trajectories. Offer tips to help teachers transition into new job roles utilizing their existing skillset. For example, how can they apply their knowledge and experience to become Instructional Designers?

Wrapping Up

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