6 Hot Topics To Write About In Your eLearning Industry Article

6 Hot Topics To Write About In Your eLearning Industry Article
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Summary: Are you ready to wade into the waters of content marketing by publishing your first article on eLearning Industry? In this article, I’ll highlight 6 hot topics to cover in your eLearning Industry article.

Ideas About Your eLearning Industry Article: 6 Hot Topics To Write About

One of the most challenging aspects of writing an eLearning article is finding inspiration. You must choose a topic that grabs readers’ attention and offers relevant information. It should also showcase your own eLearning expertise and increase awareness for your brand. Choosing the right subject matter can help you strike that balance and keep readers coming back for more. Here are 6 hot eLearning topics that you may want to consider for your next eLearning Industry article.

1. Instructional Design Tips And Best Practices

Many of our daily visitors are eLearning professionals who develop and deploy eLearning courses, as well as organizations who strive to continually improve their online training strategies. Thus, one of the best eLearning topics to cover in your eLearning Industry article is Instructional Design tips and best practices to help them achieve their objectives. For instance, innovative theories or ideologies that allow them to create more meaningful eLearning experiences or better understand how their online learners assimilate and retain information so that they can design more effective eLearning resources.

2. eLearning Product Reviews

Have you used an amazing eLearning authoring tool or Learning Management System that you know others would benefit from? Or do you want to showcase the most notable features and benefits of your eLearning products, minus the sales pitch? eLearning product reviews give readers an overview of the pros and cons they should consider before making their final decision, as well as how they can learn more about signing up for a free trial or purchasing the software.

3. eLearning Trends

Explore the latest trends in the world of eLearning course development so that organizations can improve their online training approach. Here are some ideas for your eLearning trends article:

a. Gamification

Discuss tips to incorporate game mechanics, how to tap into the power of intrinsic motivation, or incentives they can use to boost engagement. Gamification is a trend that’s here to stay, as it appeals to our need for friendly competition and rewards online learners for exhibiting favorable behaviors that align with learning objectives.

b. Responsive Design

eLearning professionals are always looking for ways to make eLearning content more accessible and easier to digest, hence, responsive design tools that allow us to deploy multiplatform-friendly online training resources. Offer tips on how to pick the best responsive design platform or the most common mistakes to avoid.

c. Personalization

Instructional Designers strive to create personalized eLearning experiences that cater to individual training needs and goals. Sub-topics in this category include personal learning paths, training contracts, and asynchronous learning tips.

4. eLearning Obstacles And Troubleshooting Guides

No matter how much experience we have under our belts, there are always new eLearning challenges we must overcome. A troubleshooting guide helps eLearning professionals solve pressing problems so that they can provide more effective online training materials. You can also write about the common eLearning obstacles and how to avoid them, such as how to cater to a multigenerational workforce or prevent learning distractions.

5. Product Demos And Walkthroughs

Instead of using a review format, a demo or walkthrough shows readers how to use the eLearning product. For example, a step-by-step guide to implementing the new LMS so that they can speed up LMS implementation. This is also an opportunity to show off your product’s unique selling points without including sales gimmicks.

6. Evolving Tech Trends

eLearning pros have to stay on the cutting edge of technology to keep up with modern learners’ demands. Your eLearning Industry article can shed light on an evolving tech trend that they can apply in their eLearning course design. At the very least, add it to their radar so that they don’t miss the tech wave.

a. AR/VR In eLearning

Augmented and Virtual Reality are all the rage in eLearning. It’s a field that’s just starting to take shape, but there are a variety of applications in the eLearning sector. For example, you can use VR to enhance immersion during online training simulations so that employees build more real-world experience, or pair VR with geolocation to create eLearning scavenger hunts. Another area to cover in your eLearning Industry article is the devices that corporate learners use to access this technology.

b. Big Data

Analytics and metrics give eLearning professionals the data they need to continually improve their eLearning content. However, as technology evolves, so do data mining tools and strategies. Your eLearning Industry article might discuss Big Data that eLearning developers should look for or the types of data that will be most relevant five years from now.

c. Tech Standards/Delivery Methods

From SCORM to Tin Can API, eLearning standards and compliance specs are an intriguing eLearning topic. They can even be controversial for eLearning professionals who firmly believe in one approach over others. You can also explore related eLearning topics, such as Flash vs. HTML, or tips to choose the best Section 508 compliant LMS.

Insider Tip For Publishing An eLearning Industry Article

I thought it wise to take a moment to highlight all the eLearning topics you should avoid in your eLearning Industry article. There are certain categories that are not suitable for submission, including:

  • Content that has been copied from other blogs, websites, or review sites
  • Pre-published articles that your site or blog readers have already seen
  • Sales guides that are solely intended for product promotion
  • Opinion pieces that exhibit an extreme bias in favor or against a particular product

You may also want to conduct some market research to find out which eLearning topics are relevant to your target audience, such as social media polls or online surveys that allow you to identify their challenges and points of interest. Another option is to use a keyword research tool to see which eLearning topics are trending at the moment.

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