8 Tips To Choose The Right eLearning Marketplace For Your eLearning Course

8 Tips To Choose The Right eLearning Marketplace For Your eLearning Course
Summary: Are you looking for a reliable selling platform where you can showcase your high-quality eLearning content? In this article, I’ll share 8 tips on how to choose the best eLearning marketplace for your eLearning course.

How To Choose The Right eLearning Marketplace For Your eLearning Course

An eLearning marketplace allows you to promote your eLearning course and reach your target audience. But only if you choose the best site for your budget and needs. The site must meet a few key requirements in order to warrant the investment. It should also make it easy for potential online learners to enroll in your eLearning course and process their payments. Here are 8 important questions that can help you select the right eLearning marketplace for your eLearning course.

1. Will You Gain Maximum Online Exposure?

There is a broad range of criteria to consider in regards to online exposure. First and foremost, the eLearning marketplace should have already an established online presence. Meaning that they receive a significant amount of traffic to their site and high conversion rates. The second factor is SEO integration. Do they include relevant meta data/tags, and are you able to incorporate keywords into your eLearning course description page? Or is your listing merely a one-liner that barely highlights the benefits? You need to stand out from the rest of the eLearning courses, and the eLearning marketplace should give you every opportunity to do so in exchange for your monthly fee or commissions.

2. Does The eLearning Marketplace Cater To Your Target Audience?

The purpose of listing your eLearning course in an eLearning marketplace is to increase your enrollment rates and sales. To achieve this, you must reach your target audience, the people who are already interested in the topic and want to expand their knowledge. Does the selling platform cater to your eLearning niche market? Or do they cast the net so wide that your eLearning course will only see sporadic visitors, many of whom aren’t even looking for your eLearning content?

3. Are You Able To Integrate Your Branding?

Effective eLearning marketplaces give you the opportunity to incorporate your branding elements. That includes your logo, relevant images, and social media or contact links. In fact, some even allow you to customize every aspect of your sales page. From the color scheme and layout to the font type. Keep in mind that your eLearning course description page is the first impression that learners get. And you know what they say about first impressions. Thus, it should reflect your messaging and give them a true sense of what your company stands for.

4. What Are The Monthly Fees Or Commissions?

Most eLearning marketplaces aren’t free, which means that you need to find a platform that warrants the investment. First, calculate your budget, then determine whether the features are worth the cost. For example, will your eLearning course be featured on the home page if you purchase an upgraded package? If so, is the boost in traffic really worth the expense? Ask the service provider about all of the fees involved, as well as what the package entails. Some eLearning marketplaces require a flat fee, while others charge for each eLearning course purchase.

5. Which Payment Methods Do They Accept?

You need to offer potential online learners as many payment options as possible. That said, you should also consider the fees involved with each payment method. For instance, credit card processing may be more costly than accepting payments through PayPal. Also, how much of a cut does the eLearning marketplace take for each transaction, or is that covered in your monthly fee? Last, but not least, ensure that their payment gateways are fully secured and encrypted.

6. Do They Have A Positive Online Presence?

I’ve already talked about the eLearning marketplace’s online exposure. However, even the most popular eLearning marketplace platforms may have a negative reputation. Their market reach may be broad, but they also have a high percentage of unfavorable reviews and ratings. This is why it’s crucial to research your top choices and dig into their company background. For example, you discover that they have numerous complaints regarding their poor customer service. Thus, you may want to think twice about signing up, even if they have lower fees than everyone else. You can also ask other eLearning professionals about the eLearning marketplace to get their input.

7. Are They Tapping Into Social Media?

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to interact with your audience and establish a rapport. Your eLearning marketplace should also seize the opportunity to attract new learners and boast the benefits of your eLearning course via social media. For instance, showcase a new eLearning course every day on their Facebook page. Or invite eLearning course creators to guest post on their blog. Furthermore, they should have an established social media presence and a consistent posting schedule. For instance, they have active Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts with thousands of followers.

8. Do They Provide Support Services?

This is one of the most overlooked factors when choosing an eLearning marketplace. They should provide with suppot, not only your organization, but your prospective online learners as well. Is there a phone number or email address prominently displayed on their site? Can your online learners call in if they encounter an issue with the payment system? Verify the level of support you’ll receive before you sign on the dotted line. Ideally, there should also be an online community or at least an FAQ section where you can get more information. For instance, discuss marketing techniques with other eLearning course creators in their online forum. In some cases, the service provider may charge an extra fee for support, while others may have included it in their subscription packages.

Choosing the right eLearning marketplace can help you maximize profits and build a loyal customer base. But the wrong platform may lead to wasted resources and possibly even damage your brand image. Especially if the eLearning marketplace is known for unscrupulous business practices or inaccurate payment processing. Use these 8 tips to find the best selling eLearning marketplace for your eLearning course.

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