5 Tips To Host An Online Training Workshop For Your Global Workforce

How To Host An Online Training Workshop For Your Global Workforce

Training is an essential part of any team effort. Staff with differing skill levels and life experiences need to come together for a common goal. As their leader, you need to help them accomplish that. When your team is spread across geographical regions, the physical and psychological distance can be a challenge. However, you can turn this obstacle into an opportunity if you use the right people skills. Tech tools offer you the chance to connect your employees and broaden their knowledge. Here are 5 tips to help you host online training workshops that bring teams closer together.

1. Identify Your Employees’ Needs

Before your online training workshop begins, check in with individual team members and identify the areas where they need help. You could ask them to fill out a simple questionnaire that highlights their training gaps, or invite them to fill in an anonymous survey so that they don’t feel singled out. You can’t develop an online training course that meets everyone’s needs and caters to all their personal interests or goals, but you’re likely to spot a few common threads where you can focus your efforts. You also don’t want your participants to be passive. Get them to actively engage by creating an internal hashtag. Give them an easy way to give feedback and make comments during the online training workshop. They can send you questions or comments via private chat during the online training workshop breaks. They can also flag issues that they would like covered in more detail.

2. Bridge The Social Distance

Teams that operate from different geographical locations may experience hierarchical and cultural differences. These challenges can make it hard for them to bond as a cohesive unit. Use online group sessions as a way to bridge this gap. Organize online training activities and tasks that focus on similarities rather than differences. For example, invite one of your employees to guest-host an online training workshop wherein they explore their expertise. They may talk about past experiences that can benefit the entire group or provide real-world examples and case studies to drive the point home. This shows your team that the things you have in common are more than the things that separate you. Another great way to fill the social gap is to start an online discussion where they can gather before and after the online training workshop. These social networking tools give them the power to exchange ideas and opinions in a supportive setting.

3. Highlight Individual Strengths

When team members are in different locations, they may feel over-important or undervalued. For instance, consider team members that work in the same physical space as their boss. They may feel like they have more of a say on how things are done. Similarly, people from different cities or office spaces might feel like their opinions are not taken seriously. In your online training workshop, emphasize the role that each team member plays. You don’t have to go into detail. You might pick one unique strength of each member and acknowledge it in full view of everyone else. This way, everyone knows they have a crucial role to play. It motivates them to do their part in making the team effort successful. It validates those who feel neglected and reminds the rest that everyone has a part to play. It also reassures your employees that each job responsibility and position is equally important.

4. Break Down Language Barriers

In online training workshops with members whose first language isn’t English, clarity in communication is essential. Fluent English speakers should be asked to consciously dial down their language. This shouldn’t be done in a patronizing way. They can simply choose to limit the number of times they comment during sessions, so that they don’t dominate. They can also speak in plain terms, avoiding idioms, local slang, and pop culture references. Also, you should encourage team members to paraphrase their thoughts to make sure everyone fully understands. Empathy and active listening are key parts of the communication process. Brief your fluent speakers in advance, and preferably in private. It’s important that their efforts to create rapport don’t end up being offensive or condescending. As a team leader, you can set the tone that prevents misunderstanding and inadvertent team alienation.

5. Find The Right Video Conferencing Platform

I’ve saved the best for last, as this all hinges on an effective video conferencing platform. Your online training workshop must be easily accessible, interactive, and socially engaging. Thus, you must find the right tool for the job without going over budget. Research some of the top options, give them a test drive, and get feedback from your team. Ideally, the software should be able to record the online training workshop for later viewing, as some of your remote workers may be too busy to attend or they may want to refresh their memory later on.

Online training workshops can be an engaging way to bring teams together. Unfortunately, they can be a complete waste of resources if they are not carried out effectively. Worse, they may create a rift within your global team. To ensure smooth facilitation of your eLearning event, put everyone at ease. Encourage them to see each other as human beings instead of remote job titles. Identify and address the specific training needs of your team and don’t forget to praise their personal qualities. In addition, make sure everyone accurately understands what their teammate is saying. With these 5 simple guidelines, online training workshops will bring your team closer than ever, boosting performance and efficiency in the process.

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