6 Tips To Stay On Top Of Mobile Learning Trends Before Implementing A Mobile LMS

6 Tips To Stay On Top Of Mobile Learning Trends Before Implementing A Mobile LMS
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Summary: eLearning on mobile is a helpful, easily accessible module for many organizations. But which trends should you follow, which should you ignore, and how do you keep track of it all?

How To Stay On Top Of Mobile Learning Trends Before Implementing A Mobile LMS

At certain times of the year the internet is full of listicles and niche reviews that recap all the hot tech topics. But you can’t just sit around waiting for those round-ups. You want to know about mobile developments as they happen or better yet before they happen. You want to be an early adopter and capitalize on these trends for your LMS, mobile or otherwise. What’s the best way to make that happen? Here are some tips to stay on top of mobile learning trends before investing in a new mobile-friendly training platform.

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1. Attend Trade Shows And Conferences

Events and seminars aren’t always about marketing yourself. Sometimes, it’s helpful to see what’s out there. You don’t have the scope to attend every relevant workshop, so pick carefully. Alternatively, you could spread the task around. Designate a ‘recce team’ and take turns visiting tech venues. It spreads goodwill because more staff members get to ‘go out’ and schmooze. At the same time, it broadens your knowledge net. Just make sure whoever you send out has the right skill-set to bring back relevant reports. It shouldn’t be all free food and after-parties. Justify their attendance by bringing back the right mobile tech and insider tips from the industry experts.

2. Join Groups On Social Media

We all have our own ways of harnessing digital platforms, and groups are increasing in popularity. Optimize your membership so you can harness it as a professional tool. Family groups are great for connection and gossip. Hobbyist groups provide tips and tricks. Tech groups offer information, networking opportunities and access to experts. They also share privileged knowledge and insider secrets. Without the mainstream news pressure to verify, you could start to hear inklings and rumors right during the development stages. By the time of official release, you may even have beta-tested these products. At the very least, you’ll be better placed than the general public, positioned to cash in on upgrades.

3. Keep Track Of New Phone Models

Apple and Google fans have showcase dates programmed into their calendars. People booked tickets for the One Plus event weeks in advance. As LMS admin, you should at least watch prerecorded live streams, or set notifications and seek event summaries. It’s not about being a ‘cool kid’. It’s about seeing what new phone tools and features are available. It helps you assess potential tech, giving you an idea of what the mobile gadget market is thinking. As a result, you can venture into new areas with your LMS. For example, curved/ bendable screens could, quite literally, broaden the scope of training simulations. Bigger/smaller screens may define your eLearning course content and layout. New models can synchronize training if you buy them ‘en masse’ and offer every staffer a uniform mobile training interface.

4. Monitor Multimedia Innovations

Virtual reality has been big for a while now. Its scope and potential are consistently speculated on, especially in regard to mobile. Check out the latest developments, figuring out where VR and mobile intersect. Familiarity with available tools and features broadens your mind. You get a picture of what you can play with, and how you can fit it into your mobile learning strategy. Think of it as a brainstorming tool. By exploring what can be done in terms of multimedia, your mind opens up. You start to see how it can be used in your organization. You can come up with all sorts of applications for relevant multimedia discoveries.

5. Focus On Readiness And Need

Knowing how to follow mobile learning trends is just one facet. It’s equally important – possibly more so – to know where to look. Develop a list of your organization’s LMS requirements. Then curate sources that focus on these needs. For example, say you have an annual corporate learner program. Search mobile trends in on-boarding, or orientation tips for fresh graduates. This will lead you to mobile training resources in that niche. And once you identify experts and websites that cover these subjects, you can continually check them for updates. Similarly, look inward for cues on your own training capacity, in terms of skills and tech. For example, if it’s counterproductive to research mobile gaming trends when you lack in-house game developers.

6. Attend Live Events

You don’t necessarily have to travel around the globe to keep up with the latest mobile learning trends. In fact, attending live events gives you the opportunity to stay one step ahead without ever stepping outside of the office. Follow industry thought leaders, mobile tech experts, and LMS providers on social media to find out when they’re hosting their next event. Then mark your calendar so that you don’t miss out on their launches, sneak previews, and tip-filled workshops. They’re usually free and you don’t have to pay for travel expenses.

For many consumers, the solution to any problem is to go out and buy something new. Businesses use this tendency to push their products, often manufacturing artificial demand. And sometimes, even the organizations themselves fall into this trap. Still, before you rush to invest in mobile LMS, monitor mobile learning trends. They’ll help you see if it’s the right fit for your business. How? Through trade shows, conferences, and social media tech groups. Subscribe to ‘new phone’ listings for top mobile models and multimedia services. The trends you pursue should dwell on organizational needs and capacity rather than keeping up with corporate common practice.

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