6 Tips To Use Your New Extended Enterprise LMS For Customer Training

How To Use Your New Extended Enterprise LMS For Customer Training

Customer is king; you’ve probably heard this a million times and all your marketing efforts follow this golden rule. Your prices are the best in the market and you’ve gone the extra mile to offer superior after-sales services. Your customers are appreciative of your efforts and some have come back, bringing their friends and family members along with them. However, you will gain a lot more by training your customers about your brand and the products it provides. That’s where an extended enterprise LMS comes in. It will help you deploy and track your customer online training, and here are 6 tips on how to use it for this purpose.

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1. Make Your Customers Understand Your Product

Product knowledge is the first thing you should focus on in customer training. Your customers need to know and understand your offerings, if they are to promote them to their friends and family. They must be aware of the problems your product is trying to solve and how it goes about solving them. There are probably other similar goods and services in the market, but your customers should be able to tell your unique selling points. Your customer training must focus on making all these clear to the customers. The right extended enterprise LMS will help you achieve this and so much more. Create brief presentations that showcase everything about your products and how customers can use them to satisfy their needs.

2. Use Online Training Tutorials To Impart Product Knowledge

If your product is technical in nature, the best way to impart product knowledge to your customers is through online training tutorials, which help your customers see your offerings in action. This allows them to understand how to use it best. In the online training tutorial, don’t just focus on how to use the product but highlight its features and functions. Use narrations and background music to make your online training tutorials appealing to your customers. No one likes lengthy productions and you should avoid this when making your video tutorials. Break them into a series of parts, if it goes past the 5-minute mark.

3. Conduct A Survey To Get Customer Feedback

You may come up with the best customer training program. However, you won’t know if you’re having the desired effect without feedback. Customer feedback will help you understand if your customer training is effective, and the right extended enterprise LMS has relevant reports. You can integrate online questionnaires, polls, and surveys in your customer online training program, and use the information to identify the strong and weak points in your plan. Most LMS solutions display such information in graphs so that you can identify patterns. Your online polls and surveys should be brief and to the point, as modern-day customers don’t have time for lengthy or overly complicated questionnaires.

4. Track Customer Engagement

Tracking your customer engagement will help you determine the nature of your customers and the types of online training resources that resonate with them. The reporting and analytics capability allows you to create more targeted online training resources. If reports indicate that the millennials prefer micro videos as their online training resource, focus your efforts on bite-sized online training tutorials that impart product knowledge. Customer engagement reports help you save time and money without sacrificing service ratings, as you can develop relevant outreach resources that build brand loyalty and keep customers well informed.

5. Incorporate Social Media Into Your Online Training Efforts

Social media is an effective tool for customer online training. Your customers will use social media platforms to promote your brand if they are happy with your offerings. They can use your brand’s social media handles to access information on your products. You can post useful videos and links on your social media pages, that are easily accessible. Most extended enterprise LMS solutions support social media integration. Make the most of this feature by posting online training videos and product demos.

6. Offer Customer Loyalty Incentives

Many extended enterprise LMSs now have gamification features so that you can incentivize your customer online training. For example, customers earn a badge every time they complete an online training tutorial or a printable certificate for finishing up your latest product knowledge online training course. Some LMS platforms even allow you to integrate serious games or leaderboards that fuel friendly competition. Customers feel like they are an active part of your community instead of casual site visitors, thereby improving the likelihood of them becoming crucial brand advocates.

Insider Secret: Accessibility Is Everything

Customers don’t want to waste valuable time on an LMS that is complicated or difficult to navigate. Therefore, your new extended enterprise LMS must be intuitive and user friendly. It should also allow you to incorporate your branding so that customers form a connection. For example, they instantly recognize your logo and know that you stand behind your online training content, just as you stand behind your high quality products.

Happy customers are an organization’s biggest asset. As such, your organization should invest in consumer training instead of focusing solely on in-house L&D. These 6 tips can help you transform your extended enterprise LMS into a versatile online training tool for every member of your team, even for those who aren’t technically on the payroll.

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