Top 10 Free Project Management Online Platforms For eLearning Professionals

Top 10 Free Project Management Online Platforms For eLearning Professionals
Summary: What if there was a tool that offered you the chance to seamlessly collaborate with your eLearning team without requiring any upfront or monthly costs? In this article, I’ll highlight the best 10 free project management online platforms for eLearning that are online today.

Top 10 Free Project Management Online Platforms eLearning Professionals Should Know

Whether you need to share documents with your fellow eLearning professionals or require a user-friendly collaboration tool for your next eLearning course, a project management online platform is the answer. But what if you have a tight eLearning budget that simply cannot accommodate another monthly fee? The solution is a free project management online tool that gives you all the features you want at a price that doesn’t break the bank. In fact, all of the Project Management online platforms you see below are completely free.

  1. Trello.
    Trello relies on Kanban, which is an innovative project management system that was founded by the former VP of Toyota. This platform is structured on a card-based interface, wherein each of the cards represents a specific task. You can shift the cards around to mark its progress and keep your team on track. Trello gives you unlimited users and projects, which is a major plus for larger organizations. However, you only get 10MB of storage if you are using their free version. You do have the option to upgrade to their Gold package, which bumps up your storage capacity.
  2. Zoho Projects.
    Zoho Projects is ideal for eLearning professionals who don’t care for limitations, as you can invite an unlimited number of users. Plus, their free version grants you access to all of their features. The only drawback is that there is a 10GB capacity. However, that can easily be remedied by upgrading to their $20 a month package for more storage. This Project Management online platform also features timesheets and about 50 reporting templates.
  3. Podio.
    Podio is a social network Project Management online platform. Every user gets their own profile that includes their titles, such as PM or developer. The tool also features a chat support, internal messaging, a contact list, calendar, and tasks. Podio gives you the opportunity to create your own applications as well, with the help of their Podio App Builder. You can choose from one of three packages: Podio Lite that is up to five users, Podio Teams, and Podio Business.
  4. Asana.
    Asana is, without a doubt, one of the most popular Project Management online platforms. The system can automatically send notifications to users when new assignments are added or when the tasks are updated. Users can also keep track of task deadlines, or milestones. Best of all, the Project Management online platform is completely free. This covers unlimited projects, unlimited tasks, and up to 15 users.
  5. Evernote
    If you’re a note taker, then Evernote should be a perfect match for you. Its system is structured around different notebooks, which represent projects. You can make detailed lists, combine notebooks, and utilize different elements from various notebooks to create a new project. Above all else, Evernote is the go-to tool for eLearning professionals who want to stay organized and keep all of the eLearning team members on the same page.
  6. MeisterTask.
    MeisterTask is one of the lesser known Project Management online platforms, but it still packs a wide range of useful features. Time tracking, ticket tracking, and a variety of online collaboration tools are just a few of the most notable highlights. Another major plus is that there is no storage limit. This Project Management online platform also features project boards that you can fully customize, utilizing a number of different systems, including Kanban.
  7. Basecamp.
    Basecamp it is one of the most trusted Project Management online platforms online today. The Basecamp web portal boasts a discussion board that allows you to communicate with your eLearning team members, detailed to-do lists, and an easy to use commenting system. You automatically receive one free Basecamp account. However, if you want to upgrade your account you can choose from one of three affordable monthly packages.
  8. GanttProject.
    GanttProject is one of the most versatile free open source Project Management options. It allows you to create a detailed schedule for your eLearning projects, assign tasks and milestones, and generate Gantt charts, as well as HTML and PDF report formats. There are no licensing fees and it’s even free of charge for commercial use. One of the standouts of GanttProject is that you can create a hierarchy of tasks to prioritize. You can simply click on the task to expand the summary or hide it from view.
  9. Freedcamp.
    Freedcamp is a flexible free Project Management online platform that features a wide range of collaboration functions. Admins have the power to define user roles at every level, as well as track projects, access pre-made templates, and even create invoices. Your users receive an automatic notification whenever you add a new assignment or change an existing task.
  10. Google Drive.
    No list of top Project Management online platforms would be complete without Google Drive. This amazing free tool allows you to share documents and communicate with your eLearning team members quickly and conveniently. If you use other free Google apps in conjunction with Drive, such as calendar and chat, you can create your own free personalized Project Management online platform.

All of these free Project Management online platforms offer you the chance to collaborate with your eLearning team and create interactive eLearning projects. Just keep in mind that not every tool will suit your needs, and trying a few different options can help you make a more informed final decision. After all, they are free and you don’t have to spend a dime to test out their features and functions.

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