Top 5 Uses Οf A Healthcare Learning Management System

Top 5 Uses Οf A Healthcare Learning Management System
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Summary: In a hospital, laboratory, or any medical facility, there are countless needs for continuous training. The sector is constantly evolving and quality standards are extremely strict. In this article, I can help you use a healthcare Learning Management System so you can deploy your clinical training online.

Picking A Healthcare Learning Management System

In the healthcare sector, training is critical. eLearning solutions have quickly demonstrated their advantages in terms of efficiency and profitability. The sector is constantly evolving in an extremely dynamic environment, where schedules are hectic, and quality standards extremely strict. In particular, employees must constantly prove their knowledge of best quality practices. eLearning offers reliable and efficient solutions to validate these continuous training, one of which can be a healthcare Learning Management System. Dokeos LMS is designed for healthcare and clinical organizations.

eLearning: A Solution Rich In Opportunities

  • An adapted pace.
    eLearning gives caregivers the possibility to learn at their own pace, without mobilizing all resources at once.
  • Possibility to use real-life examples and case studies.
    eLearning can change very quickly, thanks to knowledge-sharing and frequent updates, based on the clinical cases encountered.
  • Certification of skills.
    eLearning today allows for the certification of employees’ skills, offering the same guarantees as a face-to-face evaluation (electronic signature, compliance with FDA 21, Part 11) and at lower cost. It’s not only possible to ask employees to certify their skills, but also very easy to verify them!

The Challenges Ahead

Identify which content is essential, and which is superficial. If the caregiver is wasting their time, they’ll lose interest quickly. They need to be involved in the eLearning to add practical value. This analysis must be precise and undertaken for each department and especially those with a high turnover.

5 Ways To Use A Healthcare Learning Management System

1. 3D Images Of Internal Organs

Before the alimentary canal (digestive system) becomes the reason for your uneasiness, think of the interns. From movies like ER to the classroom of medical freshmen, these images have made it possible for us to visualize internal systems in action. Avid medical students can now use SaaS tools to create their own diagrams and images.

2. Cultural Sensitivity Courses

Language and culture sensitive learning has been one of the first priorities fulfilled by a Learning Management System. A good example here is about a male doctor travelling to Africa to work at a local hospital. Cultural sensitivity courses (plugged in a Learning Management System) can offer lessons protocols for treating the conservative culture with veiled ladies.

3. Blogging And Internetworking With Experts

The online medical fraternity has grown exponentially with social media. The availability of eLearning resources has made content development for courses even easier. Healthcare professionals strive to keep up to pace with latest licensing and professional development certificates. Exam Master provides a plethora of exam questions that create better exam takers. Research indicate a positive response to eLearning in terms of achievement and motivation.

4. Pharmaceutical Product Education

The latest OTC (over-the-counter) drug on treating heart burn would not make it to the market mainstream, were it not for an illustrative video. There is an appealing element about an eLearning environment, sending pleasure signals akin to entertainment that motivates viewers to stay well-informed.

5. Preventive Care Courses

eLearning campuses are sprouting in almost every hospital and clinic that have continuing credit based courses for all medical professional. For example, palliative care programs in Healthcare centers is a relatively new patient care discipline. It offers tips to care for dying relatives and how to co-op after their death. Pregnancy is another popular condition closely studied by expectant parents. Smokers and alcoholics can also expect to get intimate support through courses and a close support system of learners. Sharing experiences in a Learning Management System on diet and diabetes is also common.

Finding the right tools. Similarly, the solution should be best adapted for each trainer's  habits: Blended learning, microlearning, mLearning… Each team is individual in its own right.

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