Best LMS For Healthcare, Medical & Telemedicine (2024 Update)

Best LMS For Healthcare, Medical & Telemedicine (2024 Update)
Summary: Are you considering leveraging the benefits of healthcare LMS to improve performance and enhance patient care quality? Read on as we highlight the best Learning Management Systems for healthcare.

Top Learning Management Systems For Healthcare, Medical, And Telemedicine

Are you exploring the market to find the best Learning Management System (LMS) for healthcare training? There are so many options out there, so it must be hard, especially if you haven't used an LMS before. Online learning has been around long before the pandemic started, but since the COVID-19 outbreak, the benefits have become even more evident. For the last few years, many healthcare organizations have shown interest in using digital platforms to train employees.

Reality and the global context have brought digital healthcare training to the forefront. It's great that the healthcare industry finally decided to take employee training one step further. We're glad to see this rapid change in perspective. To give you some numbers on the growth in healthcare training, consider that the market for healthcare LMS software is expected to surpass $3.5 billion within the next decade. As you can understand, the current healthcare Learning Management System market is growing rapidly.

So, what is a healthcare LMS and which one should you choose for your organization? A healthcare Learning Management System or healthcare LMS can be used by companies in the healthcare industries or hospitals to train and improve the skills of medical professionals. It allows you to enable cost-effective training and stay ahead of any compliance issues. Health workers can use the LMS to improve performance and enhance the quality of patient care.

But, to find the ideal tool for your organization's needs, you must make many comparisons and do research. This is why we thought it's best to save some of your precious time and create a shortlist for you. In this top list, we've gathered the best healthcare LMS solutions to help you make a better decision!

The Best LMSs For Healthcare, Medical, And Telemedicine Ranked

Best LMS For Healthcare, Medical & Telemedicine (2024 Update)

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Save Time And Money With An LMS Designed For Successful Healthcare Training

Engage your teams on a platform that gets a "yes" from everyone. Trusted by 70K+ teams, TalentLMS helps healthcare professionals create and deliver accessible, on-demand training at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Go with TalentLMS for healthcare training that feels right from the very first click. Start free today!

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  • Cut Costs
  • Fit Training Into Shift Work
  • Comply With Confidence


  • Cut Costs

Eliminate the associated costs of in-person training. Trade weeklong seminars with instructors for online self-led training you can reuse and reassign over and over again.

  • Fit Training Into Shift Work

Never cut into work that makes a difference. Give your people the freedom to complete training at their own pace. TalentLMS empowers users to train in their own time and from their own devices.

  • Comply With Confidence

Audit-proof your organization by creating and downloading custom reports that prove you've checked off your teams' compliance training.

Plans And Pricing

Try for free, and upgrade when you're ready. Forget two-week trials. Test TalentLMS for as long as you want with a forever-free account, and scale to a paid plan when you want to. Plus, you'll never pay for features you don't need with the eight accessible price tiers.

Engage, Train And Retain Your Healthcare Workforce

iTacit is a digital healthcare workforce platform that helps you balance patient care with compliance training requirements and secure mobile communications and digital operations.

See how iTacit can help you build a culture of accountability and excellence in patient care.

Want to learn more? Explore reviews for iTacit in our directory.


  • Perfect For Compliance
  • Improve Communication
  • Easier Management Of Material


  • Perfect For Compliance

Compliance training and interpersonal practice, with onboarding and learning paths by role.

  • Improve Communication

Email-free communication to hospital staff, clinicians, and extended enterprise contractors.

  • Easier Management Of Material

Paperless healthcare operations, including certification and license management.

Plans and Pricing

Contact iTacit for pricing details.

A Powerful Out-Of-The-Box Platform For Online Training

iSpring provides a robust LMS that is a perfect solution for training medical staff, pharma sales reps, and patients. Assign online courses to learners, host live training sessions, and plan and monitor offline events.

Do you want to start offering educational benefits through healthcare training? Book a free demo!

For iSpring Learn reviews, feel free to visit our directory and see what other users have to say. 


  • Specified Training Programs
  • Integration With Web Conferencing Platforms
  • Progress Monitoring


  • Specified Training Programs

Upload courses, videos, presentations, and other files, and combine them into learning tracks for interns and various medical positions. Enroll learners automatically.

  • Integration With Web Conferencing Platforms

Provide live training sessions for the staff in local affiliates and branch offices, and deliver medical care at a distance.

  • Progress Monitoring

Launch training reports and demonstrate training outcomes to auditors or regulatory bodies. Set a calendar for reports to send them automatically.

Plans and Pricing

iSpring Learn is an end-to-end training solution that has all the functionalities required by a healthcare LMS.

Pricing depends on how many learners use the LMS during a month. Prices start from $3.66 per user for 100 learners/month. They can get to as low as $2.82 per user for 500 learners/month.

For more information, you can always reach out to them.

Meridian Prioritizes Outcomes To Deliver Mission-Critical Success Via Learning

Powering progress with compliance training, branded and blended learning environments, and enabling and promoting learning on the go, Meridian LMS addresses complex learning challenges for the healthcare industry.

Learn more about how you can boost staff retention and improve patient outcomes with Meridian LMS.

Please visit our directory if you want to explore Meridian LMS reviews.


  • Compliance
  • Blended Learning
  • Flexible Learning Anytime, Anywhere


  • Compliance

Stay up to date on changing rules and regulations. You can start offering frequent training and help your medical personnel meet requirements: the best way to avoid violations and hefty fines.

  • Blended Learning

Meridian LMS is a true blended learning solution. It's a great system that allows updates and modifications. Engage employees more by offering a combination of online and in-person training methods.

  • Flexible Learning Anytime, Anywhere

The advanced mobile capabilities of Meridian LMS gives flexibility to your learners. Now, your medical personnel can access online training anytime, anywhere. What's more, learners can take the online courses on their preferred devices.

Plans and Pricing

Meridian experts empower industry leaders like you to leverage learning solutions that drive progress. From compliance, training and development to eCommerce and education programs, they can ensure that you deliver training that sticks.

Discover The Ideal LMS For Healthcare Training
Save time and money. Compare top LMS tools by features, reviews, and rating!

Top List Ranking: eLearning Industry's LMS Selection Criteria

Globally recognized LMS experts, including C. Pappas and our editorial team, thoroughly reviewed each vendor's eligibility and relevant published content (articles, eBooks, webinars). Our committee ranked the top Learning Management Systems for healthcare, medical, and telemedicine on the following nine criteria:

  • Customer support
  • Customer experience
  • Software features
  • Software innovation
  • Customer reviews
  • Economic growth potential
  • Company's customer retention
  • Employee turnover
  • Company's social responsibility

After checking our top healthcare LMS list rankings, you'll need some extra tips and insights to make your final decision. For this reason, we also share plenty of info below to help you choose your ideal LMS for healthcare.

Why You Need An LMS For Healthcare

If you are responsible for running a company or organization in the healthcare industry, you must be wondering if developing an LMS for healthcare is worth the investment.

You should first consider that healthcare employment is expected to grow immensely until the end of the decade. Hence, there will be more demand for quality employees and employment conditions. In the US alone, we're expecting to see healthcare employment grow by 13%, which is faster than the growth in other industries. Therefore, offering professional development opportunities to your healthcare employees is actually considered an advantage.

A digital learning system to train healthcare personnel has many benefits. Let's take a closer look.

1. Reduced Costs

You can save lots of money when there's no need for physical space or printed materials. You just need an instructor to create the course and then make it available to a large number of learners in different groups and locations.

2. Faster Learning Results

By developing an LMS for healthcare, you give the opportunity to your healthcare personnel to use their time efficiently for learning. Plus, they can complete courses a lot faster compared to attending classes in a traditional classroom. This automatically means that you can grow faster and deliver quality healthcare services, all because your workforce can access information about new advances and best practices.

3. Updating And Uploading Learning Content Is Easy

There are rapid demands in the field and the compliances in the healthcare industry change constantly. The same goes for the technological advancements that keep happening. With a healthcare LMS, you can keep pace with the compliance training needed. You can easily access and update your eLearning courses. Hence, all the medical personnel who need to stay up to speed will have a tool they can access in their time of need. If you don't have the time to create the courses yourself, you can leverage premade courses, or ask a content provider to create custom training for your employees.

4. Faster Employee Onboarding

Of course, a Learning Management System for healthcare can be used to train personnel on specific medical skills. But what about new employees? New medical personnel joining your company can use the LMS platform to learn about your policies, core company values, and organizational culture. It's a fast and easy way to bring new hires up to speed.

Main Benefits Of Using An LMS In Healthcare

Continuous learning and medical training are daily habits for medical practitioners. Thus, by implementing a healthcare LMS, hospitals and healthcare technology companies can train HCPs and sellers. You can train medical staff on several topics, like best practices, evolving technology, compliance, and more. By helping your personnel keep up to date and enhancing their knowledge, you ensure the constant delivery of efficient healthcare solutions to patients. A healthcare LMS can be used for:

1. Clinical Education

This type of healthcare training focuses primarily on helping HCPs (doctors, nurses, surgeons, etc.) improve patient outcomes with the proper training. Topics can include workplace safety, compliance, device usage, or even best practices.

For example, maybe your hospital has a telehealth platform. If you go forward with healthcare LMS implementation, you can train doctors on how to use it. Surgery centers can also benefit from an LMS. Such a solution allows you to train staff on new standards and procedures because of COVID-19. You can even train employees on cultural sensitivity, to ensure that patients will get the best possible care from your personnel.

Apart from helping improve patient outcomes, clinical education helps increase employee retention. Knowledgeable HCPs feel valued. Consequently, they'll remain engaged for longer. And we all know how hard it is to keep exceptional HCPs during these challenging times. Most of the time, implementing a healthcare LMS leads to better employee retention. This is of utmost importance in the healthcare industry, given the high turnover rate of HCPs, not to mention the Great Resignation trend.

2. Medical Product And Device Education

Medical product and device education are ideal for sellers and other customer-facing teams. When your company relies on product knowledge to sell and improve the customer experience, you can definitely use a healthcare LMS to boost revenue.

Maybe you're offering a new medical device—like an artificial cardiac pacemaker. Why not create a course explaining its value and selling points? By doing so, you can help your reps understand what's best about your product and help them seem more knowledgeable. You can even create different courses based on your company's ideal customer persona (ICP) and how to sell to them. The bottom line is that you can use a healthcare LMS for marketing and sales purposes as well, not just for education. I bet your sales teams would appreciate you offering them selling techniques and strategies to help achieve goals.

In the era of digital marketing, product and device training have always been important. And now that many sales teams have transitioned to remote working, in-person training and seminars are becoming more of a logistical nightmare than a benefit. Healthcare learning technology allows sellers to access valuable resources whenever and wherever they need them.

Key Features Of The Best Healthcare LMS

For all the above, healthcare institutions are increasingly deploying healthcare Learning Management Systems to facilitate eLearning.

Are you looking forward to keeping up with such training requirements for your staff? With the range of healthcare LMSs available, making the right choice for the deployment can sometimes be confusing, not to mention difficult.

To help you select the perfect healthcare LMS, we decided to share some must-have features that a Learning Management System designed for the healthcare industry should offer.

Here are the main LMS features to look for when you want to offer healthcare training:

  • Course catalog
  • Learner performance tracking
  • Social learning functionality
  • Gamification features
  • Management of learning paths
  • Notifications and reporting
  • Smart planning tools
  • Variety of integrations

Medical business owners that decide to provide regular training courses to their workers have a lot to gain. Accreditation and continuing education are necessary for handling healthcare requirements. Doctors' offices, clinics, and other medical facilities will have the opportunity to keep up with the rapidly changing technology in the healthcare industry.

Online education in healthcare is becoming more and more popular. A well-planned hospital LMS can be an indispensable opportunity in your hands. You can increase the quality of work by offering secure and comfortable learning resources to every physician in your healthcare organization.

Healthcare LMS Selection And Evaluation

As the healthcare industry embraces the digital transformation trend, hospitals, medical practices, healthcare technology companies, and everything in between are looking for ways to offer training opportunities to their employees. Healthcare services need to and will manage to stay ahead of the curve by continually upgrading employee proficiency.

With a healthcare LMS, you can support blended learning and automate compliance management. Leading healthcare providers will have an easy way to deliver effective SOP training and bring about continuing professional development to boost retention.

To make the best LMS decision, please consider the following:

  • Must-have features
  • Scalability
  • Awards won
  • Customer reviews
  • Free trial offerings

This top list features the best solutions for a healthcare LMS implementation. I hope our medical Learning Management Systems comparison has helped you make your decision.

Good luck on your journey for selecting the best LMS to meet your needs.