eBook Release: Top Considerations When Choosing Αn Enterprise Learning Solution

eBook Release: Top Considerations When Choosing Αn Enterprise Learning Solution
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Summary: Choosing the right virtual training solution is an important function of the L&D department in any major enterprise.

Choosing Αn Enterprise Learning Solution In The Time Of The Pandemic

Choosing a virtual enterprise learning solution is not an easy task. Enterprise learning includes creating a set of learning principles and practices that allows employees, partners, clients, and customers to access knowledge and training at the time of need. In a world where content changes fast and the need to learn it even faster, access to information, training, and experts is critical to stay competitive and meet critical business goals.

eBook Release: Top Considerations When Choosing Αn Enterprise Learning Solution
eBook Release
Top Considerations When Choosing Αn Enterprise Learning Solution
Discover all the criteria you need to consider for delivering effective and impactful virtual training.

In order to choose the best enterprise learning solution for your organization, you need to be aware of a variety of factors.

About This eBook

Impact Of COVID-19 Pandemic

The eBook begins by describing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the first chapter, when COVID-19 struck in early 2020, everything changed drastically. With an unexpected lockdown that caused a large percentage of the workforce to start operating from home, business interest in and the need for virtual training accelerated at an incredible pace. Although the process of moving from the physical classroom to the virtual one had begun a long time ago with some remote workforces experiencing travel cutbacks, the pandemic convinced companies to adopt solutions overnight rather than over more extended periods.

Benefits Of Virtual Training

The next portion of the guide is a thorough analysis of all the benefits one can find in virtual training and its multiple non-traditional formats.

What Type Of Platform Do You Need?

Understanding your needs is an essential step toward making the right decision. The next segment discusses the differences and similarities between presentation platforms, online meeting platforms, and online training platforms.

Ponder The Following

The following section presents various vital factors to consider when choosing a virtual training solution. It is essential to always be clear on your needs and how your virtual training solution can help you achieve your goals.

What Distinguishes Robust Virtual Classrooms?

The next chapter deals with the importance of building effective virtual classrooms. A 2013 paper by Cinthya C. Gutierrez, Sofia T. Baralt, and M. Brad Shuck of Florida International University stresses the importance of engagement to facilitate deep learning. According to this paper, in today’s fast-paced environment, highly demanding jobs and personal responsibilities force adults to compress learning into their lives.

Learning is a process that combines the cognitive, emotional, and social dimensions of being. The ability of a person to learn is a vital part of human life. Learning includes many activities, especially for adult learners, that are related to change and are primarily focused on acquiring habits, knowledge, and attitudes. Learning is what occurs between the learner and their environment to help the learner become more capable of dealing adequately with their environment.

The Future Of Enterprise Virtual Training

The final chapter of this eBook discusses the future of enterprise virtual training and its solutions. The basis for this is two studies. The 2019 ATD State of the Industry report states that in 2018 organizations used virtual classrooms to deliver just 11% of their training. The COVID-19 pandemic has exponentially elevated the numbers.

A Learning Guild survey of members conducted in March 2020 found an important shift to online delivery of face-to-face courses and other learning experiences, “with 86% of respondents saying at least one or more events have or are moving to an online format.” A follow-up Guild survey conducted in May 2020 reveals that L&D professionals do not expect a return to the “normal” of 2019 any time soon.

About The Authors

This eBook is a collaboration between various authors. You will find contributions by Susan Jacobs, Kassy Laborie, Alistair Lee, and Vaishali Sanghani. These are all widely renowned experts in their specific fields, highly acclaimed for their insightful writings and innovative thinking.

Final Thoughts On Top Considerations When Choosing An Enterprise Virtual Training Solution

When you are looking for a virtual training solution for your enterprise, you have to factor in a ton of different parameters. The eBook "Top Considerations When Choosing an Enterprise Virtual Training Solution" streamlines this process, allowing you to come up with a solution that will guarantee the success of your eLearning plans.