Top List Spotlight: Social And Collaborative Learning Platforms

Top List Spotlight Social And Collaborative Learning Platforms
Summary: Social learning is the way to go for great results. Read on to find the best collaborative learning software for your team.

How To Find The Top Collaborative Learning Software

Learning together is one of the best ways to acquire knowledge and hone our skills. As learners collaborate with their peers, they gain new insights and foster creative thinking and problem-solving. For this reason, social and collaborative learning has found its way into the world of eLearning in the form of social and collaborative learning platforms. Leaders and managers find them particularly useful for promoting teamwork and enhancing learner engagement. In this article, we present a list that contains all the information you need to select the best collaborative learning software.

5 Reasons To Read This List

Before we get into the details of this list, let's take a moment to see why you can trust its content. The eLearning Industry team of experts analyzed a plethora of collaborative learning software vendors in order to determine the few that offer services of undeniably high quality. Their research was based on various criteria, such as customer support, software innovation, and customer reviews. Now, let's dive into all the valuable information you can find in the list.

1. Discover The Top Providers For Social And Collaborative Learning Platforms

Many vendors promise high-quality social learning solutions, but how can you be certain that you have checked all the available options? You can waste your resources to painstakingly filter through each one or consult eLearning Industry's already-filtered pool of candidates. We are certain that at least one of them will be the perfect fit for your organization's learning needs.

2. Compare Unique Features Of Each Solution

An extra step to make this selection process easier and more successful is to take a closer look at the highlight features of each solution. Considering that every company's needs differ, it can make a great difference whether a solution offers gamification, microlearning, or blended learning capabilities. Don't forget to compare certified customer reviews to gauge each vendor's real-life customer experience.

3. Explore The Benefits Of Social And Collaborative Learning Technologies

What are the advantages of integrating social and collaborative learning platforms in your employee training strategy? In which cases can they be better than traditional Learning Management Systems? If you're interested to know more about this, this section contains all the information you need.

4. Identify The Features You Should Be Looking For

Providers for social and collaborative learning platforms will offer you a wide array of features and capabilities. However, not all are necessary or even desirable for every organization. Therefore, it's important to know the ones you need to be looking for in order to succeed in enhancing the training experience and attracting more learners.

5. Learn How To Evaluate Potential Vendors

There are many factors one needs to consider when choosing a vendor. For example, you might want to check which capabilities come with the solution and which are add-ons. Or, you might want to explore some of their success stories to determine whether they have worked with a company similar to yours. Read this section to learn more about how to make the right decision.


Providers for social and collaborative learning platforms can breathe new life into your organization's employee training strategy. With their active and engaging features, they can captivate the learner's attention and help them acquire new skills more effectively. If you're interested in learning more about this, take a look at eLearning Industry's list of the top social and collaborative learning platforms and find the right provider for your objectives.