Top 6 LMS Reports For Globalized Online Training

LMS Reports For Globalized Online Training You Should Watch

Are you utilizing your robust LMS platform to its full potential? Most LMS solutions have in-depth reporting functionality that organizations under-utilize, despite the fact that it’s one of the most valuable features an LMS has to offer. It allows you to monitor how the online training program is going and adjust your online training course accordingly, making sure that your online training is effective for your corporate learners. Here are the top 6 LMS reports for globalized online training.

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1. Progress Of Corporate Learners And Rate Of Completion Report

What is the use of an online training program, if you can’t measure what your corporate learners gain from it? One of the most useful LMS reports for globalized online training is tracking the progress of your remote learners. You can see how they fared during online assessments and how long it took them to complete the online training course. This will allow you to identify top performers who can serve as mentors for those who are struggling. Low completion rates also indicate that there may be an issue with your globalized online training strategy, especially if the problem is widespread among a certain demographic.

2. Learner’s Engagement Report

Online training programs are only useful if corporate learners participate and engage with the online training content. You can have an online training library filled to the brim with online training activities and assessments. But if your remote learners do not participate, it’s rendered useless. Thus, it is important that you constantly check on your employees to see how often they participate in online training through LMS reports. This offers insights as to how they interact with online training, how often, and for how long.

3. Pre And Post Assessment Report

While the learner’s progress report shows you how corporate learners progress through the online training, the pre and post report shows the impact of online training. The pre-assessment shows you exactly where the corporate learner stands before online training, which serves as a benchmark for each corporate learner. As they go through online training, they generally develop skills and knowledge which are then tested in the post-assessment. The post-assessment will allow you to gauge exactly how much they have learned when compared to the pre-assessment.

4. Program Overview Report

One of the most useful LMS reports for globalized online training is the program overview report because it allows you to monitor the progress of all employees at a glance. It gives you a picture of their progress, completion rate, and performance. This is a wonderful tool that allows you to determine exactly where your employees lack. This will enable you to change the online training program accordingly so they can develop the skills and knowledge they need to do their job effectively.

5. Corporate Learners' Feedback Report

Throughout the whole online training process, it is important to constantly take eLearning feedback from your remote learners. With an LMS, you have the ability to do that and then evaluate the data with visualizations, such as charts and graphs that let you know where your globalized online training falls short. Getting feedback allows you to gauge exactly how effective online training is and whether your corporate learners are satisfied with it or not. It will enable you to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the online training course, then modify or add additional learning material based on your corporate learners' feedback.

6. Time Log Report

The time log report shows the exact time it takes for corporate learners to complete an online training course. This will allow you to see which online training courses are more difficult and take longer to complete, as well as identify the easier ones that may not present enough challenge. You also need to consider that maybe it is taking corporate learners longer to complete the program because the online training content lacks quality or they aren’t motivated enough by it. You can add real-world online training activities to it, which will keep them engaged and focused on the task at hand.

Extra Tips To Find An LMS With The Right Reporting Features

It all starts with an LMS that can handle your globalized online training requirements and provide you with the right LMS reports for globalized online training. Here are some extra tips to find a more robust replacement:

1. Re-Evaluate Your Online Training Needs

You may already have a list of LMS tools you’re considering. However, are they really going to improve your ROI and address your current online training pain points? It’s crucial to take a closer look at your existing online training strategy, including your objectives and outcomes. Then identify which essential features and functions your new LMS needs to have. Ensure that you have the needs of your global audience in mind. For example, does your list include systems that support multiple languages? Does it allow you to view data visualizations for each target market so that you can evaluate the metrics on a region-by-region basis?

2. Test Drive Available Tools

Most LMS vendors offer free trials so that you can test out the tool beforehand. While the User Interface and asset library are important, one of your top priorities should be the reporting capabilities. Ensure that it has all the built-in reports you need to track your global workforce and identify areas for improvement.

If these LMS reports for globalized training weren’t already on your radar, then it is time you consider them. An LMS is a wonderful online training tool that provides reports that can prove to be quite beneficial if used properly. I recommend taking time out every week to look at these LMS reports to ensure your corporate learners are getting the most from online training. Some Learning Management Systems even give you the option to customize the reports, so you can set the reporting system as per your organizational goals and objectives.

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