Top 7 Skills Children Should Learn In 2021

Top 7 Skills For Children In 2021
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Summary: Children who avoid challenging situations will lack the ability to succeed in the years to come. Taking on a challenge involves many skills, such as focus, adaptability, using critical thinking, and confidence.

Best 7 Skills Children Should Learn

The concept of life skills is relatively new to us, especially with relation to children. It was always assumed that skill development for younger students should be limited to academics and, at most, a few sports. But today, educationists across the world have uncovered the power of imparting specialized skills to children of all ages. These include technical skills, such as coding, social ones, such as communication and teamwork, and advanced cognitive skills, such as problem-solving and analysis.

Top 7 Vital Skills For Our Kids And Why They Are So Important To Learn In 2021

1. Problem Solving

Life is complex and full of opportunities to test our problem-solving abilities. But if this skill is not developed early, many young adults find themselves struggling when faced with problems in any area of their lives. Independent problem solving involves the ability to understand an issue, weigh out options, narrow down on a win-win solution, and implement it. This may sound straightforward, but it is a sophisticated process of the mind that includes intelligence, patience, and practicality.

Basic exercises in problem-solving can be done via puzzles, games, and project building. However, exposing children to AI and coding platforms, various forms of digital media, and robotics is proving to teach children ways to solve even complicated issues related to work, play, and social scenarios.

2. Focus And Concentration

A child’s mind is highly active. This is due to all the new sensory data that they are receiving. This is the best time to teach them more than you think they are capable of learning!

But it is also a time of information overload for them. This makes it difficult for young children to focus on one task. Craft activities, building projects, and coding for kids help them concentrate on a single task that uses their motor, cognitive, and creative skills. So, if a child is not focusing on studying a particular lesson, teach them using a craft activity. Focus also helps a child study and perform better in class and exams.

An environment that encourages students to ask questions is healthy. But it's how you answer and further trigger their curiosity that makes all difference. Instead of offering direct answers, make them think about what an answer could be, by discussing their questions in detail.

3. Adaptability

We may have heard about many businesses which had to adapt to the recent pandemic situation, but due to the nature of our current world, adaptability and agility are skills every child must learn. This includes changing mindsets, prerogatives, goals, and paths to make the best of any given situation. Children like routine; it makes it easier for them to learn what to do. But children who are brought up with rigid guidelines and no room for creativity or out-of-box ideation, tend to suffer in their adult lives.

Changing a classroom or school environment, once in a while, can help students adjust. Presenting a problem and then introducing a twist into the plot can also build adaptability in children. Building a child’s ability to write in many languages, including numerical ones, or developing coding skills, opens up parts of the brain that can quickly change or adapt.

4. Self-Learning

The nature of a child’s dependence on a teacher is changing. With online teaching modules, machine learning, and activities such as coding for kids, the skill to self-discipline and learn on one’s own is new to all of us. But even post-pandemic, online learning will continue to expand. It will include many new avenues of education and enable our students to gain knowledge in a variety of areas, at any age.

This involves the ability to engage in individual learning, outside a classroom. Parents should encourage their children to solve puzzles, work on AI and coding platforms, or create on their own. This will develop their confidence and ability to focus and learn better.

5. Taking On Challenges

Children who avoid challenging situations will lack the ability to succeed in the years to come. Taking on a challenge involves many skills, such as focus, adaptability, using critical thinking, and confidence.

Students who like challenges are also good at leadership, teamwork, and taking initiative. These are the building blocks for future entrepreneurs and innovators. Quick recovery from failure and resilience comes from encouraging children to merely make attempts, rather than judging final results. Each time they get a little closer to the desired outcome, they should be supported and inspired to do better.

6. Communication

The ability to express oneself, work with a team, and effectively communicate with others can help students in their academic, professional, and personal lives. Earlier, it was not expected from technical students, such as engineers or IT professionals, to focus too much on communicating. Today, we are a global community and there is increased transparency and interaction between individuals, companies, and countries.

Imparting communication skills begins early. The ability to read social cues, listen and understand, and express yourself politely and confidently can be developed as early as 3 years old. As a child grows up, they can begin learning positive ways to negotiate, discuss, resolve conflicts, and bargain without getting upset or aggressive.

7. Technical Skills

With the world turning into an AI-backed environment, it is important to know how it's all working. AI applications, limitations, and capabilities are always changing. Students who understand AI and coding at an early age will have an upper hand over their peers.

Learning technical skills is natural for today’s children. They are able to grasp the workings of computers, android phones, and applications easily. But knowing how to code and understanding machine learning and AI in detail, are skills that provide a brilliant foundation for students wishing to get into any profession in the future.

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