How A TMS Can Benefit Every Team In Your Business – Part 4

How A Training Management System Benefits Your Management, Internal Training, And Finance Teams

So we’ve finally reached the last part of our ‘How a TMS Can Benefit Every Team in Your Business’ series, and this week we’re focussing on three very important teams within a training business – the Management team, the Finance team, and the Internal Training team!

How A TMS Can Benefit Every Team In Your Business
Discover how a TMS (Training Management System) could be the answer to your problems and make sure your training operation runs smoother.

Management Team: Get the Reports You Need

One huge benefit of Administrate that your Management team will notice straight away is the ability to pull exactly the reports they need very quickly and easily!

Your Management team are typically going to need reports on various different parts of the business at any given time and having to find the right person to contact, and then wait on them to produce the report themselves can mean a lot of wasted time. Ideally, you want your Management team to decide on the reports they need, and then be able to create them themselves, as bringing other people into the process will inevitably just slow it down.

This may not always be possible, as different information from different departments may be stored on a number of different systems, and if you’re not directly familiar with the way that department works, then it could mean a lot of wasted time just trying to find what you need, never mind turning it into a usable report!

There’s also the fact that your Management team are obviously going to be very busy! Aside from hunting down the information they need, spending lots of time actually creating the reports is also hardly ideal. Add in the fact that those reports may need to be replicated every month, or every quarter, and that’s lots of time spent creating reports.

But not to worry, because Administrate can solve all these problems for you! First of all, the main point of Administrate is to have a centralised place to store all your company data, so that it’s really easy to access and use across the entire system. This means anything your Management team needs to report on, they will be able to access in an instant, no matter which team the information is from.

This is great for not only giving them an overview of the entire business, but also allowing them to see exactly what they need when they need to see it, without having to go through lots of ‘gatekeepers’ and spend far more time on the task than they need to.

It also makes it easy to pull data from lots of different departments at once, without having to email several different people, and use up lots of precious time.

When it comes to creating the reports, Administrate can make that a breeze as well! To create the exact report you want, all you need to do is decide on the data you want displayed, and it will pull in any of the information you already had stored in Administrate, and then you just choose how you want to display it. This means you are always creating really customised reports, that show exactly what you want them to, and aren’t full of any of any additional data that you don’t need to see. We don’t believe in making you try and fit your data into any pre-set fields, so everything is fully customisable!

Best of all, once you have created a report, it will stay stored in Administrate, meaning any time you open it or re-send it to people, it will always be updated in real-time, so will always include the most up-to-date information possible. This means that you don’t have to recreate the report every time you need it, as Administrate does all the hard work for you.

Finally, reports can be sent to the desired people automatically using our automated communications feature, so you don’t even need to worry about sending the reports to other members of the management team manually, as it will all be done for you.

Internal Training Team

1. Run Staff Training With Our LMS

As a training company, your main focus is obviously selling training to your customers, but you also need to focus on the training you provide to your internal team as well, and you can do that with Administrate!

Our Learning Management System (LMS) allows you to run internal training for your team, and you can set up any courses you create in exactly the same way as you would when creating an external course for your customers.

This allows you to keep track of all the staff who are taking part in each training session by signing them up to classes as if they were customers, so you can see exactly who completed what training and when.

Our LMS also gives you the ability to use content you have made yourself for your eLearning courses, so you can create the exact, personalised learning experience you want for your students, which is great if you need to deliver very specific training related to your business.

2. Create Personalised On-Boarding Plans For New Staff

Bringing new staff into your business can be a stressful time for your internal training team, as they need to make sure everyone is brought up to speed with all the training they need to do their role effectively. It can be easy to bombard new members of staff with lots of information and it can be confusing for them to know exactly what training they need to complete and when.

That’s where learning tracks come in, which are basically just personalised learning plans which you can create within Administrate, and can be personalised for every member of staff you have. This can make things very simple, as you can have a default list of all the training new members of staff need to complete as the basis for your learning track, and then can simply add all the training which is specific to their role in afterwards.

This means that both your internal training team and each member of staff can see exactly what training they need to complete, when they need to complete it, and in what order the training needs to be done. It’s also a really easy way for both you and the staff members to keep track of what training has actually been completed, and which still needs to be done.

3. Use Administrate University To Get Staff Up To Speed Quickly!

Whether you have a new member of staff starting or someone who is already in the company who suddenly needs to learn how to use Administrate, we appreciate it can be hard for someone in your business to find the time to talk them through every aspect of the Administrate system. Chances are every user is going to use Administrate slightly differently, and so might require slightly different training anyway. Also, the best way to learn how to use Administrate is really to see someone working through the system, and then being able to have a go yourself, which may not be possible if you’re trying to organise large classroom-based sessions.

Administrate University is Administrate’s own training tool, which gives customers an entire overview of every aspect of the system, and through the use of eLearning, shows you exactly how to do everything you need to. We’re always updating Administrate University as well, so every time we add a new feature, we aim to have it covered in Administrate University as well.

This means you can simply give staff members access to Administrate University so they can get up to speed on how to use it in their own time as they work through Administrate on their own computer to really get a handle on how to use it.

It also provides a great resource which any member of staff can dip into at any time if they need a refresher on how to do something.

Finance Team

1. Integrate With Different Accounting Packages

If you’re making the move to Administrate, you may worry that it’s going to change all your current processes, but it doesn’t have to! Administrate integrates with a number of different accounting packages, such as Xero and Financial Data Export. So if you already have an existing account with any of the accounting packages we integrate with, you can continue to use them after the move to Administrate, and you won’t have to worry about learning to use a new system, or moving all your current details over to another system!

The integrations also mean that all the data will be pulled from your accounting package back into Administrate, so you can still use it for all your reporting needs, and everything is still in one place if you need an overview of any aspect of your business!

2. Offer Lots Of Payment Options

As well as integrating with accounting packages, we also offer the choice of lots of different payment providers for use with Administrate. This means you can offer a number of different payment options to your customers, depending on what you think will work best for them!

Right now our customers can offer payment through SagePay, WPM Education, Stripe, and PayPal.

This means you should be able to offer the same payments options as you did before making the move to Administrate, as we offer such a wide array of payment options. This will make life much easier for your Finance team, as again it means you don’t need to make the move to a new system or learn how to use new tools.

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