How A TMS Can Benefit Every Team In Your Business

by Administrate

If you’re looking for a way to make sure your training operation runs smoother, a TMS (Training Management System) could be the answer to your problems. Training Management Systems, like Administrate, are designed to manage your entire training operation for you, so your staff don’t have to deal with as much administration, repetitive tasks, and duplicate data entry.


If you’re considering a TMS for your business, you may think that only a few people in your organization will actually get any use out of the system, but we’re here to show you that your entire business can use a TMS in a useful way!


In this eBook, we’ve picked the most common teams of staff we think will be present in a training company, and highlighted all the different ways they can use Administrate to improve their output as a department and help your entire business run more effectively!

Key Chapters

  1. Training Administration Team

    Learn how to quickly schedule your courses, assign the right tutors, manage your resources, gather feedback easily, automate your communications, assign tasks to the right people, and create learning tracks!

  2. Sales Team

    We show you how a TMS can help your Sales team sell your courses online, use our message center, keep important contacts up to date, manage those deals, and seel training tokens.

  3. Marketing Team

    See how a TMS can help your Marketing team collect those leads, and market with MailChimp.

  4. Tutors

    Get tips for your tutors including tracking students attendance, communicating with your class, planning your time, issuing certificates directly, and managing course documents online.

  5. Management Team

    See how your management team can use a TMS to get the reports they need in an instant.

  6. Internal Training Team

    A TMS can help your Internal Training team do things like run staff training with an LMS, create personalised onboarding plans for new staff, and use Administrate University to get staff up to speed quickly.

  7. Finance Team

    Finally, make life easier for your Finance team by learning how to integrate with different accounting packages, and offering lots of payment options.

One huge benefit of Administrate that your Management team will notice straight away is the ability to pull exactly the reports they need very quickly and easily!

Selecting a Training Management System as suitable for your organization and then not getting involved all the employees you planned to, is disheartening, to say the least. Administrate came up with this eBook, to help their commitments on their TMS come true even easier. Wanting to see you off to a good start with your new software, they offer useful piece of advice. Read how to get any team in your business, from training to marketing, sales or finance, make the most of your TMS.

Christopher Pappas

Christopher Pappas
Founder of The eLearning Industry's Network