Free eBook: 5 Things You Should Do Before Developing A Virtual Training Program

What You Should Do Before Developing A Virtual Training Program

Here are 5 things you should give some time to observe and study before picking the matching solution. By saying this I mean that Knowledge Anywhere has provided a neat, professional eBook, pointing out the course of action that will serve you best for initiating the development of a virtual training program. On top of that, they offer so many paths to get there, making it so easy for everyone.

5 Things You Should Do Before Developing A Virtual Training Program
Prepare for a smooth implementation of your new virtual training program by pinpointing skill gaps, identifying your audience, setting goals, determining content delivery methods, and evaluating current content.

What you will find in the pages of 5 Things You Should Do Before Developing A Virtual Training Program is sheer experience and insight in the form of checklists, preparatory questions, factors, indicators, and methods. That is the shortest I could describe it and, truth be said, the texts are pretty condensed, full of meaning. If I caught you rolling your sleeves up, do yourself a favor and read this before developing a virtual training program.

About The eBook

This is as practical as it gets. Upon completing 5 Things You Should Do Before Developing A Virtual Training Program, I was left with not a single question on the procedure. I am pretty sure that’ll be the case for you too. Learn about trends, techniques, and methods on how to train, evaluate content, measure results, keep balance between your audience and training needs. Plus, factors for identifying gaps between current and desired performance. Here are the contents of the eBook:

  • Identify The Gaps That Exist Between Current And Desired Performance
  • Evaluate Your Audience To Discern Training Needs
  • Determine Your Desired Outcomes For The Training Program
  • Compile And Evaluate Current Training Content
  • Determine The Best Way To Deploy Training Content

As you begin your read, you are incited to make sure of your whereabouts, in terms of performance, the current level of your learners, and what you ask of them will set the size of the gap; then you can begin to plan on how to fill it and get past it. Pondering on these, you should keep in mind the possible factors for under-performing. The most common are referred here.

Finding out which of these factors affect your audience is the first step in understanding them. Furthermore, see what their needs are. To do this efficiently, always include the three following filters: location, level of experience and skills, and technology. All these are parts of the bigger picture, letting you know when, how, and what kind of training will benefit you and your learners the most.

Now that you know where you want to go, you need to narrow down the path. The more precise your goals are, the more reachable they can be. State what will be excepted of your audience after they complete training, naming these as business objectives. For the occasion, 5 Things You Should Do Before Developing A Virtual Training Program displays a rather comprehensive list of goals.

Next comes the evaluation of your content, in comparison to your audience, goals, and objectives. Focusing on some of the basic things to consider, Knowledge Anywhere reminds you certain questions to ask yourself: How old is your current content? Is it SCORM-compliant? Is it consistent with the training outcomes you identified? Are there ways of assessing whether the objective set successfully met?

Last of those 5 to-do things is determining the best way to deploy your training content. Of course, there is help available for you to make the best decision. Take a look at the seven most popular training methods. They are in tune with the latest trends, checked for efficiency, and highly accepted among learners. All that is left for you to do is to choose according to your audience, needs, objectives, and content.

If you want to discover the best way to prepare yourself for developing a virtual training program, download this eBook today.

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