The Best Content Development Companies To Help You Create Your Virtual Training Programs (2024)

The Best Content Development Companies To Help You Create Your Virtual Training Programs (2024)
Summary: Are you planning to kickstart your virtual training content development? This top list is for you! Even though online learning and virtual training solutions are not new to us, COVID-19 is reviving the need to explore online training solutions and learning opportunities. If your company is ready to adapt to this new reality, you'll appreciate our selection of the best content development companies to help you create a successful virtual training program.

Here's How You Can Create Successful Virtual Training Programs

If you haven't noticed already, virtual training content development is on the rise. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed corporate training and team management by giving us a glimpse into the future. The recent events are reviving the need to explore online learning opportunities and remote working solutions. Your organization should be too.

Apart from affecting our everyday lives, Coronavirus has significantly altered the way businesses operate. Now is our chance to show that we can adapt and be resilient.

In this state of emergency, organizations react in different ways to overcome such challenges.

All of us need to adapt to the new reality by including solutions for remote work policy, online learning, virtual meetings, or even online shopping. However, no matter your industry, it is time to act fast without compromising the quality of your online training delivery.

Check the eLearning Industry's top eLearning companies for virtual training programs list to:

  • Solve distance learning issues for your remote teams
  • Increase convenience and flexibility in your employee training plans
  • Focus on customer training to ensure satisfaction and retention
  • Boost participation and engagement when training your remote workforce
  • Get immediate feedback and insights to improve your online training courses
  • Compare eLearning companies for virtual training
  • Find the right content provider for your business needs

In this special list, we've selected the top content provider companies for virtual training programs. Please bear in mind that this list is about virtual training content development experts. For all-around corporate training content, you can check out our vast content providers' directory.

Top-Notch Virtual Training Content Providers

The Best Content Development Companies To Help You Create Your Virtual Training Programs (2024)

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4.9/5 (53 reviews)
Accelerating The Digital Transformation Of Learning With Fresh Ideas

SweetRush’s mission is to amplify the impact of their clients’ organizations by helping them attract, motivate, engage, lead, develop, and retain their people so that they can make a positive impact on their bottom lines, their employees’ lives, and the world. If you want your training content to help you boost performance and achieve success, all you have to do is explore their custom learning solutions.

Get in touch with SweetRush—you’ll be in expert hands from day one!

To learn more, take a look at the customer reviews for SweetRush.


  • Custom Virtual Training Solutions
  • Design Thinking To Create Learner-Centric Programs
  • Supporting A Range Of Training Needs: A Company You Can Grow With

SweetRush partners with the world’s most successful brands—including humanitarian organizations—with a remarkable near-zero turnover of clients and employees. The company has been judged by many as the world’s most innovative learning provider, resulting in an array of awards and accolades.

SweetRush is doing things differently, disrupting the industry by delivering unique and effective offerings for performance improvement, including leading-edge learning strategies (adaptive learning, interactive video, gamification, VR/AR, intelligent assistants), design thinking, culture transformation, and executive coaching. And they do so as a culture-forward organization with a heart; clients trust SweetRush and love its culture of caring and commitment. SweetRush’s custom virtual training solutions blend Instructional Design with the creative arts and technology, delivering programs that are effective and speak authentically to learners.


  • Custom Virtual Training Solutions
    Your challenge, business driver, audience, constraints, culture, and way of working are unique. SweetRush believes your virtual training solution should be, too. Often the best solution blends different learning modalities to reach and teach your audience in the right way, at the right time. SweetRush’s Brandon Hall awards in 28 different categories speak to the breadth and depth of its capabilities, including eLearning, mobile learning, simulations, learning games, virtual classroom (VILT), remote coaching, and more.
  • Design Thinking To Create Learner-Centric Programs
    SweetRush has adapted and applied design thinking to virtual training design. SweetRush’s CoDesign brings together stakeholders, SMEs, and actual learners with the project team for a collaborative design experience, resulting in a validated prototype and solution design that all parties are excited about. It saves time (30 days on average) and reduces risk (buy-in from the start). SweetRush recently launched Virtual CoDesign, enabling the same collaborative experience for remote teams!
  • Supporting A Range Of Training Needs: A Company You Can Grow With
    Sometimes you need fast, cost-effective, and simple training. Sometimes you need robust, innovative, and high-touch service. SweetRush can meet you where you are, understand your constraints, and take on your challenges.

Do you want to learn how Sweetrush can help you make a difference with your virtual training programs? From analysis to evaluation, mobile learning, eLearning, ILT and VILT, games and simulations, or videos and animation you can make your training content unique.


SweetRush has won 119 Brandon Hall awards (83 Golds) for custom virtual training programs in the past five years, with clients such as
Adidas, Bed Bath & Beyond, Deloitte, Google, Hilton, Pfizer, and Wells Fargo. They love supporting their 40+ nonprofit clients!

2. EI
4.8/5 (94 reviews)
Ensure Investments In Virtual Training Transformation To Deliver Business Results

EI’s virtual training transformation practice is two decades old. They help their customers transform training into highly effective virtual training that enables performance gain and impacts the desired business outcomes.

Do you want to futureproof your virtual training and design personalized learning journeys that drive learner performance?

Contact EI

Explore reviews for EI.


  • Futureproof Your Virtual Training
  • Bridging The Gap Between Training And Application
  • Immersive Learning Strategies To Engage A Hybrid Workforce


  • Futureproof Your Virtual Training

By adopting their unique learning ecosystem-based approach you can futureproof your virtual training. They design personalized learning journeys that drive performance.

  • Bridging The Gap Between Training And Application

Their extended learning journeys bridge the gap between training and its application on the job. They leverage a rating system to provide focused feedback and drive continuous improvement.

  • Immersive Learning Strategies To Engage A Hybrid Workforce

They leverage immersive learning techniques to offset learner engagement challenges and digital fatigue in virtual training.


EI was ranked as a top content provider for virtual training in 2021 by eLearning Industry. Over the years, they have featured as a top content provider in 36 ranking lists in 18 different categories and have won 25 coveted Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards.

4.8/5 (56 reviews)
Transformative Virtual Training Experiences Built For Business Impact

AllenComm has extensive instructional design experience. Their agency-level creative teams and innovative learning technologies enable them to stand out in the virtual training landscape.

Discover how to create impactful virtual learning experiences.

Explore reviews for AllenComm in the eLearning Industry directory.


  • Performance Consulting
  • Instructional Design
  • Content Management And Distribution


  • Performance Consulting

Design strategic learning solutions that drive behavior change by identifying and analyzing learner and business needs to support change.

  • Instructional Design

Build learning solutions with easy navigation, engaging content, and targeted activities.

  • Content Management And Distribution

Schedule VILT sessions and distribute digital content with a platform that provides learner engagement tracking.


AllenComm is ready to support your business transformation by scaling training for large audiences in highly regulated industries. They help clients convert Instructor-Led Training events into Virtual ILT or blended learning solutions that boost learner engagement.

Delivering Exceptional Performance With Online Learning Platforms

Learning Pool is one of the best full-service online training providers. They’re on a mission to help 1100 organizations and 5.1 million learners worldwide deliver exceptional performance. To accomplish the above, they leverage their pioneering online learning platforms, creative content, and powerful analytics.

Unlock the potential of your people.

Read customer reviews for Learning Pool.


  • Social Learning
  • Cohort-Led
  • Learning Experiences


  • Social Learning

Their powerful masterclass functionality encourages social discussion and debate, which promotes critical thinking and deeper learning.

  • Cohort-Led

Masterclasses in their LXP encourage group work and help build communities of practice across organizations.

  • Learning Experiences

With over 40 types of learning experiences built in, their LXP prioritizes experiences that truly enhance learning over content consumption.


Their use cases have been for geographically dissimilar partners undertaking leadership or soft skills programs. The facilities to discuss, debate, and share reflect that the LXP provides help to build strong teams of practice, leading to deeper learning for individuals.

Experts At Creating VILT And Interactive Online Courses Rapidly

CommLab India, one of the top rapid eLearning solutions providers, offers high-quality virtual training services that include the conversion of classroom training material to eLearning as well as virtual classrooms. Looking to maximize impact in your virtual classroom?

Master the art of designing high-impact virtual training with CommLab India!

Do you want to see how it is to work with them? Check out the submitted reviews for CommLab India Rapid eLearning Solutions in our directory.


  • Rapid Conversion Of Classroom Training Material To Virtual Classrooms 
  • Robust Instructional Design Principles For Conversion  
  • Train-The-Trainer eLearning For High Impact Virtual Training (60 min self-learning)

They leverage their decades of experience in classroom training, instructional and graphic design, and eLearning development with a formidable panel of virtual classroom trainers who can deliver high-impact virtual training.

Their rapid development expertise can quickly and economically convert classroom material to eLearning and Virtual Instructor-Led Training. CommLab India also consults organizations and helps them roll out blended programs by designing and developing eLearning, VILT, microlearning, performance support tools, and more.


CommLab India Rapid eLearning Solutions helps organizations deliver impactful virtual training by ensuring the digital solutions are firmly rooted in Instructional Design. They leverage their expertise in industry-standard eLearning authoring tools and excellent agile, remote project management skills to deliver world-class virtual training programs. They aim to eliminate the hassles organizations face working with multiple small vendors.

Rapid Conversion Of Classroom Training Material To Virtual Classrooms 

  • Design different instructional material: facilitator and participant guides, handouts, and exercise worksheets
  • Reconfigure classroom activities into collaborative activities such as breakout rooms, annotations, and polls—with detailed instructions for both participants and trainers 
  • Follow a streamlined 3-step process to convert classroom material to VILT

Robust Instructional Design Principles For Conversion  

  • Set performance-based learning objectives aligned with business goals and desired performance 
  • Fill content gaps and ensure content is designed based on excellent instructional and visual design 
  • Maintain constant communication with customers—with dedicated teams and a single point of contact for each project 

Train-The-Trainer eLearning For High Impact Virtual Training (60 min self-learning)

  • 7 ways to apply appropriate instructional methods for the virtual classroom
  • 18 instructional capabilities and 10 limitations of the virtual classroom
  • 22 practical strategies that can create and sustain motivation and excitement 
4.3/5 (2 reviews)
CenarioVR Makes It Easy To Develop Immersive VR Training Experiences

ELB Learning is one of the best companies out there. They help organizations create better learning experiences by offering custom learning design/development, among other solutions. They’ve also got learning platforms and development tools for creating interactive mobile learning, VR, video-based coaching, and games in their arsenal.

Sign up for a free 30-day trial of CenarioVR and create your own Virtual Reality scenarios.

Make sure to check out client reviews for ELB Learning.


  • Full-Service
  • CenarioVR Virtual Reality Authoring Tool
  • Custom VR Experiences


  • Full-Service

ELB Learning helps you with all aspects of virtual training, from building experiences to delivering and tracking with an LMS. They help with content creation, learning paths, ID—you name it!

  • CenarioVR Virtual Reality Authoring Tool

Build your own VR courses using CenarioVR. Upload 360 videos, add hotspots, and go! Some of the features include motion paths, support for 3D models, scene direction, and more.

  • Custom VR Experiences

They have built an expert custom development team that can create an immersive learning experience that fits your needs. Equipment training, virtual onboarding, immersive games, or VILT, their team can build it!


2021 Brandon Hall Group Gold “Best Advance in Augmented and Virtual Reality” award for CenarioVR. Earned a 2020 Horizon Interactive award for their eLBX Online Virtual Expo Hall, built in CenarioVR.

7. Kineo
4.4/5 (8 reviews)
Delivering Great Online Training Experiences

Kineo has been providing virtual training and online learning blends for years to some of the world's top organizations, with real creative flair, an understanding of what makes great online learning, and a measurement strategy to back it up.

They'd love to help you get better results, quicker—get in touch

Explore reviews for Kineo in our directory.


  • From Rapid Conversion Of Face-To-Face To Digital-First Design 
  • Engineer Smart, Learner-Centric Programs For Better Results 
  • Years Of Experience, Ready For You To Draw On 


  • From Rapid Conversion Of Face-To-Face To Digital-First Design
    Your people need to efficiently gain the right skills today for your organization to flourish tomorrow. Kineo believes in two simple ideas: with better learning experiences and smarter measurement, you will get better results. They can translate existing face-to-face training into virtual programs quickly or deliver bespoke, expertly designed digital-first or blended programs to suit your need. 
  • Engineer Smart, Learner-Centric Programs For Better Results
    They help you engineer learning programs for quantifiably better outcomes, from faster launch and higher engagement to behavior change. Through deploying hundreds of virtual training programs to millions of learners, they know exactly what works, what engages, and what gets you the results you need. 
  • Years Of Experience, Ready For You To Draw On
    Kineo's team expertly blends learner-centered design, learning science, L&D know-how, measurement, and data insights, so your learners enjoy the most engaging and effective experiences, and you realize better business outcomes.


They have experience with over 100 global brands, using their teams to support your people with: 

  • Instructional design 
  • Bespoke learning content 
  • Graphics and interactive games and video 
  • Animation, podcasts, video, and more 
  • Train-the-trainer programs 
  • eLearning authoring tools 
  • LMS and platforms to deliver effectively, using multiple devices 
  • Internal marketing and comms support 

Collaborate with Kineo experts or hand projects over in their entirety to get things up and running quickly, with minimal risk and maximum impact.

8. eWyse
4.9/5 (27 reviews)
Engage Your Teams With Top-Notch Virtual Training Courses By eWyse

eWyse is an Adobe-awarded eLearning agency that uses modern technology to deliver high-quality Virtual Reality courses. They can help your learners dive into the content with the latest VR techniques.

If you are not sure how knowledge can be transferred with Virtual Reality and  360 experiences, check out their awarded Revival project.

Visit our directory to read reviews for eWyse.


  • Increased Engagement
  • 360-Degree Technology
  • Capturing Images With A Special Camera


  • Increased Engagement

Virtual Reality helps learners to dig deeper into the topic and feel physically involved in the training.

  • 360-Degree Technology

A kind of Virtual Reality solution that simulates the experience of the real world.

  • Capturing Images With A Special Camera

A way to maximize the effect of a learning session via clickable hotspots on the images.


eWyse has made a name for itself locally but has also made an impact globally, and their Adobe-awarded Virtual Reality courses prove it. They can increase the level of engagement by reviving any possible topic from historical sites, IT, pharma, or even the hospitality industry.

Find The Ideal Content Provider To Kickstart Your Virtual Training Program
Save time and money. Compare top virtual training content providers by topic expertise, reviews, and rating!

What Were The Criteria That Determined Which Companies Made The List?

Companies around the world are facing a major challenge. We need to answer two questions: a) how do you train teams when working remotely? and b) what do organizations need to do when building a strategy for their virtual training programs? This list is a thorough guide that includes our top-selected companies for top-quality virtual training content—all in one place.

Globally recognized LMS experts, including C. Pappas, and our editorial team did a thorough review of each vendor's eligibility. By checking each eLearning company's website and relevant published content—articles, eBooks, webinars—we've reached a final conclusion. Our committee ranked the best content providers for virtual training programs based on the following 8 criteria:

  • Company's economic growth potential
  • Company's social responsibility
  • Customer retention
  • Customer reviews
  • Employee turnover
  • Learning industry innovation
  • Content development quality
  • Learning solution expertise

Reading our top list is all you'll need to kickstart your virtual training content development project. Please note here that this list is curated for those who are in search of creating virtual training programs for their remote teams. You may also check out our full eLearning content providers' directory for other types of content development regarding other corporate training use cases.

Also, make sure to read our tips on what you need to consider when opting to team up with a content provider for your virtual training strategy.

The Importance Of Virtual Training Content For Your Business

Maybe some of you are looking to increase customer satisfaction and retention, enhance team-building, or focus on product knowledge and sales training. We've got you covered on all these eLearning topics. Virtual training programs can bring evolution and business growth for organizations in any industry. Whether you need to increase employee engagement or boost your workforce's performance and productivity, this is an insightful guide. Focus on what you want to improve and go for it!

Which Organizations Can Benefit From A Virtual Training Process?

Frankly, I cannot think of a single organization that wouldn't benefit from a virtual training program. Times change, as a result, companies worldwide need to go forward and embrace the transition to online training and working remotely. The more technology-savvy your workforce is, the better.

Remote working is getting more and more advocates every day. By leveraging a virtual training process led by experts, as a reliable content provider, you'll be able to effectively establish new online training procedures for your business. This guide is meant to help you understand how collaborating with top-notch eLearning content providers can make your online training bring the results you need.

So, who can reap the fruits of a virtual training process?

  • Companies that need to rely on virtual training environments
  • L&D leaders who are looking to rapidly shift to remote learning (ILT to VILT)
  • Businesses that aim to bring business growth through employee development
  • Training managers who want to substitute a webinar with a virtual class
  • Companies that want their instructors to enhance their online presentations
  • Business leaders who want to create effective mobile learning experiences
  • Forward-thinking organizations that are eager to include gamification in their training
  • L&D professionals who have an interest in blended learning, microlearning, or video-based learning
  • Training managers who want to implement immersive learning, but don't have the means to do so

What Makes Virtual Training Content Effective?

Content is king, not only for content writers and marketers but also for deploying a successful virtual training program. What would your corporate training be without good eLearning content? Simple answer: not good.

Having the ideal LMS for your virtual training process is only the tip of the iceberg. You need to fill your LMS with quality virtual training content. Otherwise, you won't meet the outcomes you so much desire—no matter how amazing your LMS platform is.

Or maybe you rely mostly on mobile learning, and you need the right content to keep your employees and customers engaged. Still, you have to focus on providing quality eLearning content in your apps.

eLearning Content Development Best Practices

Your eLearning Content Should Be Consistent With Your Online Training Goals

You've set your business goals and online training objectives. Kudos to you! Sure, you can leverage a course authoring tool to create your online training program. But do you have the resources or the expertise to do it? Does your team include SMEs on a specific subject? In case your organization lacks the time or resources to build your own online courses, worry not.

There are several solutions when it comes to eLearning content creation. For example, one step you can take is to purchase online courses from a course library. Or for a more effective approach, you can request insights from a custom eLearning content development company. This can lead to creating custom eLearning content tailored to your online training needs.

Your Online Training Content Needs To Be Up-To-Date

In order to launch and maintain an effective virtual training program, you need to fill it up with engaging online training courses for your workforce. Your eLearning courses have to be up-to-date to deliver the results you need. If you have the team capacity to build your own online courses, that's great. If you don't, you should assign this demanding task to an expert content provider based on the topic that fits your needs.

Remember To Do Your Online Training Evaluation Regularly

If you want your online training content to be effective, you have to make it agile. The best way to accomplish this is by keeping evaluating and testing new procedures to ensure good results. Also, try different ways to assess if your learners meet your online training objectives. For example, when each training session finishes, you can use quizzes or tests to get valuable eLearning feedback. These responses will help you build knowledge checks. As a result, you'll have the opportunity to make your virtual courses even better. An expert content provider can help you with your training evaluation.

In conclusion, the virtual training content provider you'll choose to work with needs to have expertise in eLearning authoring tools, as well as deep topic knowledge. If you want to launch an eLearning mobile app or need to implement gamification, choose an eLearning company with expertise in these.

Evaluate And Compare eLearning Companies Before Kickstarting Your New Virtual Training Program

Training delivery is extremely important. The eLearning content experts that are going to bring your virtual training strategy to life have to identify any gaps within your teams. They should be able to make an accurate evaluation of the training needs of your learners. This will help ensure that your virtual training program brings the outcomes you desire.

For your eLearning content to have an impact and be relevant, the content provider you'll choose to work with needs to be top in training program design. There is a variety of online training delivery methods that you can choose. So choose wisely and always keep your goals in alignment with your desired learning outcomes. This is vital because each training type might have a different effect on your teams' performance.

eBook Release: Remote Work And Virtual Training In Aid Of Corporations Worldwide
eBook Release
Remote Work And Virtual Training In Aid Of Corporations Worldwide
Explore how launching a virtual training strategy will help you get your L&D program back on track when your workforce has to work from home.

Things To Consider Before Partnering Up With An eLearning Company

  • Their online training materials should be engaging
  • Research if they have expertise in the topic of your interest
  • You should ask for virtual training content samples
  • Consider exploring if they have case studies on successful projects
  • Check out if they've won any awards on their content delivery
  • Make sure to visit their website and ask for an online training strategy consultation

How To Define Objectives And Goals For Your Virtual Training Content Strategy

Virtual training programs give your learners the freedom to learn at their convenience. This is what makes this a great eLearning solution when you need to train your remote teams. Such training is accessible to all, from employees to external partners to vendors. Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) can provide equal content quality, learning experience, instruction expertise, training results, and an increase in productivity if done right.

When trying to define if your organization is ready for a virtual training program, there are certain areas you'll need to evaluate. At least, this is what most business leaders take into consideration until now. But have in mind that sometimes, certain events call for immediate action and transformation. This is when virtual training might become a go-to solution. So, what do you do then?

Shifting To A Virtual Training Environment

When you have to move your training to a Virtual Training Environment, there are several things you'll need to consider when creating your online training strategy. Before switching to online training, it is key to educate your key stakeholders.

You have to prepare them on how a Virtual Training Environment works. You'll need to demonstrate to the decision-makers of your organization the cost savings and value of a virtual training program. Ensure that your stakeholders realize how virtual training is different from webinars. Explain to them the importance of virtual training labs for a hands-on learning experience. Explore all the reasons why VILT is a good Return On Investment.

However, the most important of all is to design and implement a virtual training program that includes quality content. So, here's where a content provider can help you out. By leveraging SMEs and their expertise, you'll have the chance to create timely training that actually brings results.

Writing Down Learning Objectives And Goals For Your Remote Teams

Writing down the objectives of your virtual learning strategy is one of your main tasks when aiming for success. You'll need to decide which eLearning tools or web conferencing software you're going to use to make your courses comprehensive for your learners.

Learning objectives in virtual training or mobile learning are important for the effectiveness of your project. This will help you and the content provider that you choose to work with to create the best eLearning content for your needs.

Questions You Should Answer Before Deciding On A Virtual Training Strategy

  • How fast do you want to launch your virtual training program?
  • What's your online training budget?
  • What are the must-have elements of a successful virtual training program?
  • What kind of eLearning content development will you need?
  • Are you interested in mobile learning or gamification?
  • How many virtual classes are you planning to offer? To how many learners?
  • Are you and your team familiar with eLearning authoring tools, LMSs, or mobile apps?
  • Will multi-language virtual training courses be ideal for your case?
  • Are your learners going to need virtual training labs?

Describe your expectations and what kind of results you're looking for. Please, be objective and clear. Such objectives might focus, for example, on behavioral changes. Others could deal with skills development, customer training for retention and satisfaction, etc. So, these are actually the results you expect to have for your business growth after the end of the course.

Note that it is better to describe a single result for each online training objective. This is what makes an objective well-written and more effective. Be it a skill you need to develop or a sales boost, your goal should measure your employees' performance.

Next Steps After Checking Out eLearning Industry's Top Virtual Training Content Providers List

Take time to research each of these eLearning companies for your virtual training content development. The more thorough your research, the better chances you've got to find the ideal virtual training content provider. Decide on the one that meets your online training objectives without exceeding your budget. The above is essential in order to equip your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to get the job done. If you are interested to find, choose, and compare top eLearning vendors for specific types of training, simply check out eLearning Industry's directory.

Are you still unsure about which eLearning content provider is ideal for you? Read the 7 Tips To Accurately Calculate eLearning Content Development Costs. It will help you choose the best eLearning company to partner up based on your budget and online training expectations.

For an LMS consultation tailored to your needs, don't hesitate to contact us. Our LMS matching process is very simple. With only 5 steps, you can find the Learning Management System that works best for you.

Last but not least, if you are an eLearning content provider, you are more than welcome to create a free listing on eLearning Industry!