The Impact Of Real Behaviour Change In The Workplace

The Impact Of Real Behaviour Change In The Workplace
Summary: There’s no getting away from it, business impact is the essential measure by which you can understand the success of your training campaign. Changing learner behaviour will have immense consequences on your organisation and help it reach its business goals.

How Does Behaviour Change Impact The Workplace

Here are 3 ways that real behaviour change can impact your organisation.

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Behaviour Change In The Workplace Using A Microlearning App
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1. Behaviour Change Improves Workplace Harmony

Workplace harmony creates a comfortable working atmosphere. It’s essential for creativity, collaboration and staff retention. In fact, employees with a best friend at work are seven times more likely to engage fully in their work performance.1 It’s not always easy to achieve. In fact, workplace stress such as colleague friction costs US businesses up to $200 billion dollars per year (so be nice to each other!).2 This is because every company is packed with different personalities. It’s important to remember that this is a good thing! It’s the differences that cause individuals to bounce ideas off each other and drive the company forward. So, what can boost workplace harmony? Behaviour change, that’s what! Sharing the same principles, ideals and standards will increase organisational relationships, leading to less negativity amongst colleagues. Modern L&D solutions are designed to bring colleagues closer together by cultivating an environment of knowledge sharing, laudation, and virtual bonding.

2. Behaviour Change Encourages Positive Attitudes Toward L&D

Learning and Development can literally change people’s lives. It equips employees with the tools for career progression. Everyone in the organisation should love Learning and Development departments. After all, it exists to make everyone better at what they do. Yet, the slow burn effect of more than a decade of dull online learning has had major repercussions on the reputation of the Learning and Development departments. The disengagement crisis caused by dull online learning stripped training of its power to change behaviour. The very best learning tools will help you deliver training that combats disengagement and drives behaviour change. Once learner behaviour starts to change, attitudes will rapidly follow suit. And, you’ll be recognised as the hero you are!

3. Behaviour Change Can Increase Profits

Employees performing their tasks incorrectly can be costly to your company. It can take up precious time and lead to a plethora of avoidable mistakes. All of which damage company profits. In fact, the cost of a bad hire to a company is 30% of that individual’s annual income.3 A bad hire can be turned around with the intervention of behaviour change! Shifts in attitude, conduct, and performance can steer employees in the right direction. This can lead to reduced mistakes, improved quality, happier customers and overall greater profits. Shockingly, 70% of U.S employees are not engaged at work.4 Disengaged employees cost American businesses $450 - $550 billion dollars a year!5 This is just one of many reasons why changing behaviours in the workplace is so important. The impact of training, which results in changed behaviour, is in one sense immeasurable, but in another sense it’s essential that you measure it! Being able to prove that your training impacts your organisation in a meaningful way will help you get stakeholder buy-in across the organisation.

Final Word

It should be pretty clear that it's important your training changes the behaviour of your learners. You could even go as far as saying it's the single most important thing your training can do! If your training manages to drive behaviour change, you'll find that your organisation becomes a nicer place to work. The culture will be more harmonious! Add to that, learners who change their behaviour based on your training will see the practical benefits in their day-to-day life. The more their behaviour changes, the more value they'll see in their training! It's a virtuous circle that keeps on spinning. Perhaps, most importantly, training that drives behaviour change will result in increased profits. Whether it's increased efficiency, reduced errors or shortened sales cycles, training can dramatically improve the profitability of an organisation. Of course, the advantages of behaviour change aren't limited to these 3 points. There are hundreds of different ways that changed behaviour can positively impact your organisation! If you want to find out how your training can drive behaviour change then you'll love our eBook: Behaviour Change in the Workplace Using a Mobile Learning App.

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In it, you'll find all sorts of helpful tips, insights, and theories. It will give you the tools you need to make sure your training impacts your organisation!


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