Employee Motivation

A successful online training course goes hand in hand with Employee Motivation. Read on to discover how to increase intrinsic or extrinsic motivation in your corporate learners, and offer them a meaningful online training experience.

March 17, 2022 | Sponsored

Build A Growth Mindset For Your Learning Culture

Building a growth mindset is the first step to creating a learning culture within your organization, and creating lifelong learners. Doing so will give you a competitive edge, allow your organization to adapt, grow and succeed, and your people to grow to their full potential.
by Andrew Barry
March 13, 2022

2 C Or Not To See

This article sets out to open readers' eyes to 2 key Cs, namely, context and community. Context will be positioned as the new quotient that leverages both IQ and EQ, while a sense of community will be the foundation for motivating us toward anything we wish to achieve as a group, big or small.
by Phil McInnes