8 Ways To Use Content Marketing To Attract New Online Learners

How To Use Content Marketing To Attract New Online Learners

Online learners are more likely to sign up for your eLearning course when they trust your brand. When they know that you are personally invested in their professional growth. One of the best ways to achieve this is by offering free tips, tricks, and expert advice. In other words, create a winning content marketing strategy that builds your online presence and brings new online learners into the fold. Here are 8 content marketing techniques to attract online learners and maximize your resources.

1. Social Media Tips

You’re probably already using Facebook or Twitter to keep in touch with your current online learners. However, you can also offer potential online learners quick tips and tricks to generate interest. For example, brief pointers on how to negotiate a deal to attract new online learners for your sales online training course. The key is to offer valuable advice that puts you on their radar and establishes trust.

2. How-To Articles

How-to articles give readers helpful information that they need to complete a task or solve a common problem. For example, how to troubleshoot a software issue or complete a sales transaction. You can even include step-by-step bullet lists to simplify complex procedures. At the end, be sure to include a brief call to action, such as an invitation to visit your eLearning course or website to get more info on the topic. Then, prospects can learn more about your eLearning course and what it can offer them.

3. SEO To Increase Site Traffic

All of the eLearning content on your site, blog, or other online platforms should contain keywords. This helps to improve your SEO, so that you rise in the ranks. It’s also wise to include keywords in your how-to articles and social media posts as these are also featured in search engine indexes. Just be sure to avoid oversaturation. For example, it’s not necessary to include the keyword 20 times in a 300-word post. Integrate the words and phrases organically to make it an easy read.

4. Webinars And Video Demos

If you’re looking for something a bit more interactive and entertaining, a webinar may be the ideal content marketing strategy. Post an invite on your blog, site, or social media page. And send personal invitations to online learners who’ve enjoyed your eLearning courses in the past via email. Video demos are another great way to boost the immersion factor. Choose a specific topic or task, then walk online learners through the essential steps or ideas. You can post the demo on your site or a video sharing platform, such as YouTube. Remember to include SEO keywords in the description, so that prospective online learners can find the valuable information. Then, sign up for your eLearning course after the fact.

5. Weekly Podcasts

Podcasts are ideal for on-the-go online learners looking for bite-sized information, such as tips to help them during their upcoming job interview, or ways to improve their customer service skills. Purchase an inexpensive microphone, download audio recording or editing software, and craft a compelling script. Those are the essential ingredients for a successful podcast series. You should also promote future episodes, so that online learners can look forward to them. Or invite guest speakers who can offer a different viewpoint.

6. Free eBooks

eBooks give online learners the power to explore a topic in depth, without having to access a variety of different resources. They can learn all there is to know about fixing faulty plumbing or marketing their new products and services. Free eBooks are even better, because they are risk-free. Readers get the information they need from a trusted source, which makes them more likely to sign up for your eLearning course, especially if the eBook is well-written and offers real-world value. You can even entice site visitors to add their email addresses to your list in exchange for a free download.

7. Branded Infographics

Infographics have become quite popular in recent years, thanks to their visual engagement and quick consumption. They offer online learners a general overview of a topic, task, or stat, complete with compelling graphics. One of the most effective ways to turn an infographic into a targeted content marketing tool is to include your branding. For example, add your logo, site link, and social media buttons at the bottom of the infographic. Online learners are able to see who created the informative content and visit your site for more facts and stats. Don’t forget to give credit, where credit is due, by citing supporting evidence, such as links to relevant articles or white papers.

8. Blog Series

Create a blogging schedule that features a new topic every week. Then, encourage online learners to come back by including a blurb at the end of each post. For example, invite them to return next week to learn additional tips on how to seal the deal and raise their sales figures. You should also include links to other eLearning articles, webinars, or online training tutorials that tie into the subject matter. For example, the video demo that you just posted to YouTube, or an eLearning course that will help them explore the topic at length. In addition, consider inviting guest bloggers who can offer their unique expertise, especially if they are well-known in your niche.

The secret to use content marketing to attract new online learners is to offer real value. Give online learners the information they need to accomplish their goals without asking for anything in return. However, you should always include a brief call to action and contact info just in case they do decide to sign up for your eLearning course. After all, you don’t want to make them scour the web for your site when they’re ready to enroll.

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