We've Got Game: Gamification Update On eLearning Industry About To Go Live

eLearning Industry Does Gamification
Summary: The latest upgrade on our website brings to the table amazing new ways to interact with our content. Our gamification update is going to bring many new and exciting additions to our platform.

The Biggest Update In eLearning Industry Yet

It's official, eLearning Industry is just about to introduce gamification elements to the author experience. Those of you who have been following us for some time are aware of the changes that have been happening lately to our publishing platform. eLearning Industry has entered a new era by rebranding, expanding its niche and authors base, and adding new functionalities to the website. Our new editor makes the creation of new content an intuitive and exciting process, and our new design embraces our philosophy of adapting to the needs of the modern-day professional. These changes are the first of a series of steps we are taking in order to continue to offer the highest quality of experience to both our authors and our readers.

To this end, eLearning Industry is about to launch a major gamification update, bringing new elements to the User Experience. This new update will enable all of our users to earn badges and other virtual rewards by participating in various activities available on our platform. You can earn badges by creating content, interacting with it, and even by being a little bit keener on exploration than the average user.

eLearning Industry: Serious About Gamification

Our authors are extremely important to our community. They are the lifeblood that keeps us going. We decided to implement our gamification scheme in eLearning Industry with our authors being our first priority. We want to show them our appreciation for all the hard work they put in our publishing platform in yet another way, and make sure that they understand that even their daily interactions have meaning.

The gamification features are very easy to use. When you do any task that awards a badge, that badge is automatically added to your account. In the following weeks, we will cover the matter of badges extensively, explaining their respective categories and how you can earn them. There will also be other updates in the future that will bring even more functionality and depth to the entire experience.

Time To Level Up

There are dozens of different badges waiting for you to earn them. We will go into greater detail about them in a future article, but we tried to cover the entire spectrum of our users and authors. Are you an expert on a very specific subject? There is a badge for that. Are you one of our oldest members, that has been steadily providing quality content? There's a badge for that. Have you found some of the secret corners of our website that most users never get to see? You guessed it, there's even a badge for that. There are tons of other badges for you to earn as well, but I don't want to spoil the surprise!

Let me just highlight one important thing. The badges aren't there to make our users compete with each other. It's our way of saying "thank you" to the people who support our platform. Even a single article has a strong, permanent effect on our community.

When someone visits your profile, they will be able to see all the badges you have earned so far and the full description of what achievements they represent. This way, even a reader that reads one of your articles for the first time will be able to have a well-rounded idea about the things you usually write about.

Join Us In The Next Stage

eLearning Industry has always been about democratizing our niche. We are firm believers in giving everyone a voice, in a way that benefits the entire community. If you are an L&D professional, your voice needs to be heard. Your work, your views about the current development, your vision about the future of our industry, they are all valuable to us and our community. You can sign up on our website with your LinkedIn account and share with us your first article. All articles are proofread and SEO-edited manually by our team to ensure the best experience possible, both for you and our audience. Tune in next week for a more in-depth analysis of what to expect!