eBook Release: What Is eLearning Gamification And Why Is It Vital For L&D Professionals?

eBook Release: What Is eLearning Gamification And Why Is It Vital For L&D Professionals
Summary: eLearning gamification is a truly promising concept that can fascinate your employees. It is a powerful framework that can change your entire L&D philosophy. In this article, discover all its perks and learn how to implement it correctly.

Understanding The Value Of eLearning Gamification

They say never grow up and it’s so true. This quote has been always in my mind, forever. People tend to lose their colors when they stop engaging in games and playing. We might grow in age, but our hearts and minds never stop asking for more fun! I’m sure you’ve all thought about gamification practices, but let’s dig in!

In the corporate world, training is essential. Learning, growing, implementing, and finding creative solutions to problems is part of the job. Any job. Otherwise, you’re dull, non-productive, way too still, flat… But you’re not a kid, right? Kids always explore, play, live their lives to the fullest—and look at how fast they learn, experiment, and have a more creative lookout on finding answers to anything. Let’s do the math. What do we want? Being full-on productive like kids, but also embrace the professionalism and life/work experience we have as adults.

eBook Release: What Is eLearning Gamification And Why Is It Vital For L&D Professionals?
eBook Release
What Is eLearning Gamification And Why Is It Vital For L&D Professionals?
Learn how to bring gamification into your learning with solid theory and great case studies.

Lately, the trend is around gamification! It’s impossible that you haven’t heard of the term at least once in such times that technology has emerged into our daily lives to such an extent. Even the name of the term warms up your heart! Games…gamification…why wouldn’t we want that? Besides the feeling it brings, though, it comes with tons of benefits when implemented in eLearning. Inno-Versity has all the information you need right now in this amazing eBook, What Is eLearning Gamification And Why Is It Vital For L&D Professionals?, they have put together.

Benefits Of eLearning Gamification

Delving into gamification, we come to see that it is essential to L&D professionals, as the title also suggests. Apart from gamification being a key tool that boosts the enjoyment of training, it can accelerate the learning process and how the learner applies the information digested. It encourages learners to engage more in the learning experience, and it gives back a feeling of accomplishment as well as immediate and straightforward feedback. For instance, when eLearning gamification is used in corporate training, the employee can practice their skills in a real-life scenario and instant feedback comes into play. When they have not managed to receive a badge or increase their score, it is a clear indication that there is more room for improvement in the said learning module.

While gamification strategies have emerged into the business environment and continue to develop and mature, they come along with a number of benefits for L&D professionals. With all their perks and sometimes customizable adaptations for specific learning needs, they offer a unique motivational opportunity for employees to build on their skills so that they are more effective to the organization. Employee training participation increases as the gamified solutions pinpoint learner motivation in an active way. As the employee engagement to learning is encouraged through eLearning gamification, better knowledge retention and changes in their behavioral patterns take place. On top of that, gamification promotes healthy competition among employees that concludes to skills improvement.

About The eBook

eLearning gamification is not something that should intimidate you. This resource will answer all your questions in a well-researched and detailed manner. More specifically in this eBook, you will discover:

  • What Is eLearning Gamification And Why Is It Vital?
  • Developing A Gamification Strategy
  • Gamification eLearning Techniques
  • Combining Learning Theory And Gamification
  • Q&A: Gamified Learning
  • Case Study: Gamification And Virtual Reality
  • Leveraging Gamification In Higher Ed
  • Case Study: Gamification And Cybersecurity

These chapters thoroughly explain and analyze all you need to know about eLearning gamification: its basic principles and structure for business learning, how to create a gamification strategy that works best for your organization’s needs, tips, techniques, and how-tos. Readers will get to gain further insights, as the eBook What Is eLearning Gamification And Why Is It Vital For L&D Professionals? delivers two case studies on gamification, Virtual Reality, and cybersecurity, which put the theory into action and provide actual examples of eLearning gamification implementation.


All in all, it is essential to understand that eLearning gamification is not just some kind of wishful thinking to ensure optimized learning experiences for your employees, but a necessary tool that will step up the learning game in your business model. Pursuing deep knowledge and boosting skills doesn’t have to be formal and flat anymore. By carefully implementing eLearning gamification strategies into your learning modules, you maintain a high level of motivation for your employees, keep their interest, and seal knowledge retention.

I strongly encourage you to delve into this amazing resource brought to you by Inno-Versity’s experts, What Is eLearning Gamification And Why Is It Vital For L&D Professionals?. After reading the A-Z of excellent eLearning gamification implementation, you can carefully examine, analyze, process, then adopt strategies. It’s time your business stepped into the game—literally!