What You Need To Know About HTML5 - Upcoming FREE Webinar

What You Need To Know About HTML5 - Upcoming FREE Webinar

On April 25th, 2013 at 10 A.M. CST, Kineo’s senior art director, Brian Beverly and senior e-learning developer, Serge Abellard will host a free webinar breaking down HTML5 and discussing why it is the next best thing in the e-learning industry.

Besides solely discussing HTML5 and its fundamental features, Beverly and Abellard plan to give in depth reasons as to WHY your organization needs to begin an implementation strategy for HTML5. Current information on the HTML5 timeline showing you how it has progressed through the years and where it is headed in the short run will also be discussed.

Wondering if your current browser and authoring tools will support HTML5? The webinar will cover concrete information on the proper specifications needed for your organization to make the transition as well. But that won’t be all. Converting your content legacy will be an arduous task. The webinar will feature new tips and tricks on how to convert your legacy content as easily as possible.

How about making it even simpler for the e-learning implementation process? New advances, allowed through the birth of HTML5, are giving companies the opportunity to create responsive frameworks. With a responsive framework, organizations can design their e-learning using one code, and have it work on multiple devices. One word: Adapt.

Moreover, with the advent of HTML5 promising a richer Web experience for site visitors, more focused information for robots, and more tools to enable web authors to collaborate and share, it will soon take over as the new Flash. Managed by the World Wide Web Consortium, HTML5 was first introduced 5 years ago and has been gaining quite a positive reputation since then.

Currently, 74% of browsers on the market that support HTML5 video and the number will continue to grow. YouTube was solely Flash until adding HTML5 video playback in 2011. And as you might know most of the mobile devices on the market right now do not play Flash- the iPhone and iPad are included.  There’s a lot to learn and gain from understanding more about HTML5. Register for Kineo’s webinar and don’t miss your chance to finally grapple what HTML5 can do for you and your organization.

Register for the FREE webinar here.