Find The Right Voice Actor For Your eLearning Video

 Learn Why You Should Vet Your Voice Actor

The popularity and effectiveness of eLearning courses among learners are phenomenal. The on-point subject matter, interactive active elements, such as polls, quizzes, assignments, numerous visual aids, and long-term value of these videos, have made them crucial elements in the modern educational space. While several key factors are taken into account when creating effective eLearning videos, the choice of a voice actor is by far the most important. The voice actor is the voice of your eLearning video, if not the face. They become your brand’s identity with which your learners and other customers interact and identify you. Other than this, the right voice actor will also help you boost engagement.

The style and delivery associated with their voice acting skills can make or break your project. It’s only wise to carefully and critically examine the voice actor before you hire them. Let’s get into the details of why vetting the voice you choose for your eLearning course is so important.

1. The Right Voice Actor Can Help Break Habituation

When talking about eLearning videos, we mostly associate the notion with a boring professor droning on about the fundamentals of physics using a slide deck on the screen. We are habituated by this image of eLearning videos and believe that no matter the brand or the subject, eLearning videos are boring, monotonous, and dry. This causes learners (your customers, after all) to abandon online learning and look for something more interactive and engaging.

However, vetting and hiring the right voice actor can help break this habituation. They bring the right flair of tone, delivery, accent, and style using voice acting. This allows learners to find the video engaging and fun to watch. Moreover, the face of a voice actor rather than a professor explaining a tough topic in simple language allows learners to gain a fresh perspective on the subject matter.

2. The Right Voice Actor Can Help You Stay Consistent

An audience will like and trust a brand that is consistent in its efforts. Your commitment to consistency allows you to build a market image where your content, product, and services are highly trusted and valued. In eLearning videos, this consistency is brought to learners by voice actors.

When vetting your potential choice, make it a point to analyze how consistent the voice actor is in his or her style of presentation. Is the delivery consistent and engaging throughout, or do you notice drops in engagement and enthusiasm? Understand that maintaining consistency doesn’t mean maintaining monotony—either vocally or visually. Like the voice, whatever you do in terms of visual effects and imagery must be consistent with your brand tone, voice, and image.

3. The Right Voice Actor Uses Storytelling To Create An Impact

A crucial part of both effective learning and the psychology of sale is in storytelling. Creating stories helps learners understand a complicated and dry topic in a simple and interesting manner. They no longer find the topic tough to grasp since a story has been woven to make things palpable. To add the cherry on top, the right voice actor can help bring such stories to life.

Numerous vocal characteristics, such as the tone of delivery or the style of reading, are crucial elements of voice acting. Creating highs and lows in volume, stressing certain words or phrases, and delivering the content in a captivating manner are all qualities of a professional and versatile voice actor. Listen carefully to ensure they have the ability to deliver powerful stories even when the subject of the video is highly academic.

4. The Right Voice Actor Has Knowledge

Amateur and newbie voice actors are notorious for using low-grade recording equipment. They’re also unlikely to be well-versed in popular narration techniques. A seasoned professional will be able to make suggestions that will improve your eLearning product by making a great script even better—not only by suggesting certain copy changes but also by suggesting the best-suited vocal interpretation.

Choose a voice actor who understands the various styles of presentation as well as performance and will be able to offer you the one that works with your material.

5. The Right Voice Actor Will Bring Training, Experience, And Versatility

You don’t want to waste time trying to coach the voice actor on technique or the technical aspects of recording. A pro will bring training and versatility to the project. They would instinctively know which areas of the text need tonal changes and how they should adapt their delivery to the chosen audience.


As the saying goes: You only get once chance to make a favorable first impression. The long-term success of your eLearning course particularly depends on the voice you choose to give it. A great eLearning video can be ruined by the wrong narrator. Do your research and choose wisely!