Why Discussion Forums Are Helpful In Training

Benefits Of Discussion Forums In Training
Summary: One of the most important social elements added to an eLearning training course is the discussion forum. A discussion forum enables instructor-to-student and student-to-student interaction.

Benefits Of Discussion Forums In Training

The discussion forum is the heart of online training because learners from different locations can easily interact and learn from each other. Furthermore, discussion forums create collaborative learning that adds more uniqueness to your eLearning course. It is even easier nowadays for eLearning professionals to create discussion forums through a Learning Management System (LMS). In this article, we will discuss why the discussion forum is a vital feature of eLearning training.

1. Peer-To-Peer Review

A discussion forum is a platform where learners can give their thoughts about a topic. However, another learner can add feedback to another learner's reply in the discussion forum. Peer-to-peer review enables discussion between learners and allows them to learn from each other, so learners do not need to wait for the instructor because other learners are eager to give constructive feedback.

The peer-to-peer forum also motivates learners to do more, especially when an individual realizes they are far behind the rest in the course. For example, if the learner finds out that they have little or no knowledge about the topics discussed in the forum. The individual will try to meet up with the rest in the discussion forum.

2. Improves Work Quality

Discussion forums are a good way to improve learners and their work quality. Ideas shared among learners are used to improve their work. Furthermore, many times, individuals share their work with the instructors and other learners in the discussion forum. When they do this, they put in their best to create quality work they are proud of. Hence, the learner reviews for errors before posting such paperwork.

3. Helps Learners Prepare Better

In a discussion forum, a tutor or other learners can throw questions to a learner. The learner prepares very well to be able to participate fully. For example, if the learner has not prepared beforehand, it will be difficult to answer questions during the discussion. Hence, they put in their best to learn all relevant material before contributing to the discussion forum. However, if a learner fails to answer questions in the discussion group, it will motivate the learner to prepare better for the next round.

4. Role-Playing

One of the beauties of the discussion forum is that it brings learners from around the world together. People can come together to partake in role-playing irrespective of their location. Role-playing is considered a great team activity where everybody participates to accomplish a common goal.

5. Different Perspectives

The discussion forum allows instructors to see things from the learner's perspective. More so, learners can also see the eLearning course and learning from other's perspectives and help them to grow together. Because of location, gender, age group, or upbringing, learners can have different opinions about a topic. Their ideologies are shared in the discussion forum and this could be helpful for other learners. Furthermore, when learners interact, they can learn about other people's cultures and beliefs. For example, teenage learners can learn from the experience or opinion of adult learners about life. Meanwhile, a teenage learner's opinion about technology can be a great help for adult learners.

6. Fun-Filled Learning

Discussion forums create a fun-filled learning environment. Learners challenge other learners in quizzes or games in the discussion forum. Games and quizzes encourage the participant to challenge others and get to the top of the leaderboard. The fun-filled activity can lead to an improvement in learners' knowledge retention and engagement. Some learners may play games for fun but the majority are motivated to play and win,  giving them a feeling of success.

7. Leads To Future Courses

The discussion forum is a vital tool for eLearning professionals to discover the latest trends in learning between learners. Professionals access learners' knowledge through the discussion forum and use it to improve the quality of content. Furthermore, professionals can discover a new course for the Learning and Development of learners. New methods and approaches are also discovered and implemented in future courses.


A discussion forum is a fun-filled tool that can be added to eLearning courses. However, the topics must be connected to eLearning course objectives if they are to motivate, impact, and engage learners.

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