Workplace By Facebook: An Awesome Video LMS Hack

Workplace By Facebook: An Awesome Video LMS Hack
Summary: Workplace by Facebook can be used as a learning platform to lead synchronous collaborative courses/training modules. The free and premium service has awesome features and a relatable User Experience that allows for a really cool virtual classroom.

Discussing Workplace By Facebook And Its Advantages

With a growing popularity among sites like YouTube and Netflix, video is undoubtedly the preferred method of consuming content! Using video for your learning strategy can be made twice as effective if you have the right platform in place!

Workplace by Facebook can be used as a learning platform to lead synchronous collaborative courses. As a collaboration tool with video familiar User Experience design and video streaming features, it can be a powerhouse tool for effectively guiding a learning journey.

As the CEO of eLearning video factory, I recently enrolled in a creation course, The Creative Syndicate, hosted by Russ Perry, the founder of Design Pickle. The course/coaching program had video-based lessons that covered everything from time management to meditation. From the program orientation, I noticed something that I have never seen before in an LMS; a Facebook-like intuitive video hosting platform that allowed for synchronous learning, seamless collaboration, social learning, and engaging experience.

What Is Facebook Workplace?

Workplace, a mobile and web app that aims to keep your team members connected as an internal collaboration tool, like HipChat or Slack.

Why Can It Be Used For An Awesome Video LMS?

The platform is designed for leading with video. We are accustomed to Facebook videos creating an authentic connection with the audience. Workplace allows for easy embedding of videos. You can plug in animations, live action or even live streaming videos seamlessly. Workplace and Facebook are great for microlearning. Social media has conditioned us to prefer short and quick videos and these have proven to be more effective for retaining information. They are also more accessible.

And lastly, the platform is designed to drive video engagement. Learners are able to share their knowledge by uploading their own videos and most of them already know how to do this! The familiar UX and social learning features will make it easier to spot and encourage motivated learners.

What Features Make Facebook Workplace An Excellent Learning Tool?

It is fair to say that Workplace includes the very best of Facebook’s addicting features, such as News Feed, the ability to create and share in Groups, features like Live, Reactions, Search, Trending posts and chat, so you can communicate with learning groups in real time. Facebook Workplace also has Multi-Company Groups, which allows employees from different organizations to work together.

Do you have a big team or an existing system? Workplace has a dashboard with analytics and integrations with SSO (Single Sign-On), in addition to identity providers that allows Workplace to integrate with current learning systems.

How can Facebook WorkPlace be used as a video LMS/platform for synchronous learning or courses? Follow these steps:

1. Create A Group

Creating a group allows you to organize the types of conversations, engagements, activities, and content that occur within Workplace. Imagine this group as your virtual classroom, and you will be the moderator that encourages class participation. The group functionality allows you to organize your course communication within Workplace. As a moderator or course leader, you will set permissions for access, as well as configure interaction and posting settings.

2. Create A Schedule-Based Curriculum

Synchronous eLearning involves online learning through a virtual classroom space that leverages chat, discussion boards, and video conferencing. Facebook Workplace has all of these with a User Experience (UX) that almost everyone is familiar with, which will allow for a faster/higher user adoption rate. To use this as a tool for synchronous learning, create a schedule-based curriculum that breaks down topics, assignments and learning activities per day.

3. Post Routine, Prerecorded Or Live Videos And Assignments

Scheduled live video can be used to broadcast a regular course module to your course/group learners. The presenter or moderator will also be able to engage with learners through live video comments as they ask the presenter questions. This is also ideal for course announcements as well as tutorial updates. Live video is helpful in connecting your team, and it can be an excellent tool with proper planning.

4. Encourage Comments And Interaction

Commenting allows your learners to join in and communicate their ideas, best practices, and opinions about important updates or announcements. It’s a wonderful feature for boosting learner engagement and social learning. Learners can be encouraged to post live videos or chat amongst themselves using Workplace chat features.

As you would suspect, there are some limitations in the testing space, but this is a powerful tool for guiding any learning journey. Adoption and engagement rates for Millennials would be significantly better. Keep in mind that Workplace by Facebook can offer you a synchronous learning journey that everyone is already familiar with.

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