yourClass Launches Marketplace For Live Online Classes

yourClass Launches Marketplace For Live Online Classes
Summary: yourClass is a marketplace for live education that empowers teachers, not institutions and beta invites will be going out in early Fall 2013. yourClass is backed by a passionate, multifunctional team that believes a quality education must come above all. yourClass is taking an innovative approach by offering a synchronous virtual classroom in a sea of asynchronous e-learning options.

Let’s face it: Education is broken. Institutions capture much of the value that teachers create in the classroom; the cost of education restricts access to those who need it most; and present e-learning solutions are mediocre at best. That’s about to change.

How yourClass Works

yourClass features a marketplace where anyone can teach a class on almost any subject. Live classes are free for both teachers and students. Live classes are also capped at 50 students per session. If you absolutely loved a class that you took live or you missed the live class and want the benefit of accessing a recorded version, yourClass offers forever-access for a fee that is set by and shared with the teacher. Teachers earn approximately 75% of revenue from class sales.

yourClass Features

At its core, yourClass is a virtual classroom that offers synchronous one-to-many and many-to-many live video. It has the standard virtual whiteboard, screensharing, notes, and raise-your-hand features that you’d expect to find in a virtual classroom, but it goes further. For instance, to help students build relationships with their classmates, student profiles incorporate information from social media profiles. When you click on a student’s profile, you’ll see their latest tweet, Facebook post, interests, and classes they’re teaching or they’re taking. It’s a wonderful way to create relationships in a virtual classroom.

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About the team behind yourClass

yourClass is based in Reston, Virginia, United States. yourClass is led by Jacob Ruytenbeek, Matt Stock, and Paul Flynn. Learn more about the yourClass team. For more information contact [email protected]