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Is TalentLMS A Solution For Online Training?


Would you like to minimize the time to create an online course? Would you like a mobile-friendly design?

Several professionals at the eLearning Industry ask me

"Why to use TalentLMS"?

Here are my thoughts!

  1. Reuse minimizes the time to create an online course
    Re-use your presentations, docs and videos or consume data from services like Youtube, Slideshare, Scribd and Wikipedia. Create courses in a few minutes rather than days.
  2. Aesthetic integrity improves retention
    These guys took the aesthetic integrity as priority. Aesthetic integrity is not a measure of how beautifully your application is decorated. It's a measure of how well the appearance of your application integrates with its function.
  3. Lean design improves the learner experience
    Lean design means a lot of good things for the learner. For example there is no need for manuals; minimal time to be productive; important functionality is at the rich of your hand; faster performance; less bugs; less complaints from end-users
  4. Cloud frees you from technical headaches
    You can start, stop, upgrade, downgrade immediately. They handle all backups, updates and upgrades.
  5. Features mix makes it a perfect fit for small but dynamic teams
    From the selection of characteristics to its cost this is an optimal learning solution for small but dynamic teams and organizations.
  6. A mobile-friendly design increases learning on-the-go
    From design to content presentation they build something optimized for your iPad and iPhone (or any other modern mobile device)
  7. Shared online courses offer opportunities for ad-hoc training
    Share courses even with non-registered users. This is a perfect solution for ad-hoc training without the need to register first. Users can register at the end of the course and get their certification.

Least but not last, what if I tell you than you can create your Free eLearning portal in 30'' Nope I am not joking! It is true!

Would you like to know how to get started with TalentLMS?

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