10 Awesome Infographics About eLearning

10 Awesome Infographics About eLearning
Summary: What is eLearning? What it takes to create effective eLearning? How to develop an eLearning Roadmap or what are the milestone in elearning and much more will be covered by the following 10 awesome infographics about eLearning.

A few days ago I created a list of Free Tools to Create Infographics for your Learners. At this post I will present you 10 awesome eLearning Infographics about eLearning!

  1. eLearning ROADMAP
    eLearning can be an additional learning strategy for an organization to achieve, accelerate, and improve business results. The development of an eLearning Strategy is critical for the success of the program. This graphic illustrates the process of designing and developing a strategy to leverage existing infrastructure, custom content, and the industry's investment and experience with eLearning and mobile devices.
  2. What is eLearning?
    Not everything can be taught with eLearning. Use eLearning when....
  3. What Does It Take to Create Effective eLearning?
    The following graphic highlights the five key skill sets required to develop effective elearning as well as the primary contributions of each team member.
  4. Roles in an eLearning projectWould you like to know the roles in an eLearning project?
  5. eLearning Course Development
    First we must scope the course. Then to organize the content of the course. Would you like to know the following steps?
  6. the ADDIE model
    What is ADDIE Model?
  7. the principles of Adult Learning
    Despite the enormous amount of books, essays and journals that cover the topic, we are far from a universal acceptance of the principles of adult learning. Adult learner are....
  8. eLearning vs Classroom Learning
    Battle of the Century! Who is going to win?
  9. Milestone in eLearning
    How the Internet is revolutionizing education!
  10. Are We Wired For Mobile Learning?
    Mobile technology in particular is giving us the ability to learn on-the-go. See the infographic below to learn why we are wired for mobile learning, and how we can use mobile technologies to educate ourselves.