10 eLearning Websites For Educators To Use In The New Semester

10 eLearning Websites For Educators To Use In The New Semester
Summary: In this article I will present 10 eLearning websites for educators that will make you a better teacher while inspiring your students to learn, write, and research.

10 eLearning Websites For Educators

When the new term begins, you need to intrigue your students with a fresh approach and new tools that will motivate them to learn more. The way they start the school year will determine their interest in the overall curriculum. You don’t have to test several tools in the classroom or online environment to realize whether or not they work for your students. Just check these 10 eLearning websites for educators and choose the ones that fit into your plans!

  1. Online Learning Consortium.
    This organization is committed to advancing the quality of online learning. It offers professional development, practice, and guidance for educators who want to become successful in the eLearning industry. When you start attending the conferences, you’ll recognize the learning opportunities and tools that will make you a more successful educator. You can read the featured Online Learning Journal, survey reports, book series, and great infographics that will help you transform your teaching practices.
  2. Smart Builder.
    The trends in the educational industry are clear: everything is shifting towards eLearning. Traditional teachers are starting to infuse technology into the classroom, and many students are willing to take online courses. The concept of blended learning is becoming more popular than ever. SmartBuilder is an authoring tool that enables you to create online learning materials, which can include gaming elements, rich media, powerful assessments, and branching scenarios. You don’t need any programming background to create a course with this tool; you will get used to the drag-and-drop feature within minutes.
  3. Edudemic.
    Edudemic is a powerful resource for all modern teachers. The website features articles with practical advice on how to bring knowledge closer to your students. In addition, you will find tons of information on the trends and occurrences in education, but you’ll also get guidance on how to implement online learning into your classroom.
    The website is very useful for students as well, since it offers great tools and articles that help them learn more effectively.
  4. Essay Mama.
    You decided to create eLearning materials? You’ll need great content for them and you can rely on the writers' and editors' consultations at this website. Since the company has writers from several disciplines in its team, you will be paired with an expert who can help you create great textbooks and online courses. This website is a great source of free tips and guides on academic writing. You can use the glossary of essay writing terms and the free essay writing guide to inspire your students to write better papers.
  5. Classroom 2.0.
    This is a social network for teachers interested in implementing social media and participative technologies in the classroom. The network is supported by a great community of educators who are willing to share their experience on reinventing the classroom environment. You can follow webinars that will help you kick off the new school year and establish yourself as an authoritative, but likeable teacher.
  6. Digital Learning Now.
    This initiative was founded with a goal to advance the state policies that create high-quality digital learning resources. The concept of data privacy, as an integral component of online education, is thoroughly elaborated at the website. The EdPolicy Leaders Online Series feature online education reform courses that you can start taking for free. The other initiatives include E-Rate Modernization & Reform, and Course Access. Every teacher should start exploring this website, which sets the foundations of the eLearning industry.
  7. Prezi.
    Presentations are a crucial part of your efforts to bring the concepts closer to your students’ understanding. When you use the plain old PowerPoint, you will hardly create an intriguing presentation that will stick in their memory. Prezi, on the other hand, is much more effective presentation software that enables you to create bolder, cooler, and more detailed projects. You can zoom through the slides and visually explain how the ideas relate to each other. You can add videos, images, and text that will enhance the quality and design of the project. It would be great to use these presentations in the classroom, but you can also infuse them in your eLearning modules.
  8. Curriculum Bits.
    This website offers free online teaching resources that include educational videos, quizzes, games, and animations in a vast area of subjects. Most of the resources have been created by experienced eLearning multimedia specialists in collaboration with teachers. There is no need to register to start accessing or downloading the free resources. You can add them to your online curriculum and virtual learning environment, but don’t forget to read the terms and conditions of the project before including its materials into your teaching program.
  9. Learning Tools.
    At this website, you’ll find a great number of eLearning tools that are publicly available for academic use. The tools are not mobile compatible, but you can easily use them in a classroom equipped with computers. The Multimedia Learning Object Authoring Tool enables you to combine text, images, audio, and video into a synchronized learning object. The other tools include: Timeline Tool, Vocabulary Memorization Platform, Handwriting Tool, Interactive Video/Transcript Viewer, Image Annotation, and more.
  10. OpenStax CNX.
    This online tool enables you to share and view free educational resources in small modules. You can organize these materials as books, reports, courses, and other academic forms. Teachers have finally realized that the traditional courses and textbooks are very limited, so they need to approach the overall teaching process from a fresh angle. At this website, you will locate open resources that can be easily adapted for your coursework material. The learning objects, called pages, are organized in a great number of disciplines. You can easily access them from any device.

These eLearning websites for educators will modernize your teaching methods; now you have access to them, you can start exploring them before the new semester begins. Your students will surely appreciate your efforts to infuse modern technology into the classroom!