10 Hot Topics In The eLearning World

10 Hot Topics In The eLearning World
Summary: Staying up to date on current hot topics in the eLearning world is important for your learners success. Take a look at these 10 topics to learn more.

The eLearning world is full of new trends, innovative ideas, and learning techniques to keep learners engaged and make training programs successful. If you’ve been involved in the eLearning industry for years, you know how important it is to stay up-to-date on all this information. And if you’re new, you may be noticing these recurring topics and trying to learn more about them.

I made a list of 10 of the hot topics that I’ve been reading and hearing about recently. I also included additional articles and resource about these topics—because in the eLearning world, you should never stop learning.

Take a look at these 10 hot topics in the eLearning world:

1. Scenarios
Scenarios are a learning technique that puts your student into the action. Studies show that this type of hands-on learning improves memory recall later on the job. To learn more, read this blog post: Engagement Made Easy with eLearning Scenarios and Characters.

2. Gamification
Whether it’s adding games to your course or gamifying your entire course for a true gamification experience, this trend has tons of benefits, including motivation and team building. Here’s a great article on finding balance in gamification: Balancing Difficulty in eLearning Games & Simulations.

3. Mobile learning
Mobile learning, or mLearning, is the trend that everyone is talking about because it allows organizations to deliver training materials to on-the-go employees. Mobile solutions like CourseMill® Mobile deliver that freedom of anywhere, anytime learning.

4. Knowledge sharing
The eLearning world was buzzing for a while about knowledge sharing in respect to informal learning within an organization. However, knowledge sharing also happens in a community of eLearning developers—from different organizations. Check out what members of the Trivantis Community are sharing, and become a member yourself!

5. Templates
Templates are a genius way to save time, create a uniform style, or get inspiration for a starting point. Learn how you could create your own templates in this blog post: Creating Custom Templates in Lectora.

6. Engagement
Sometimes engaging your learners requires extra creativity. See some cool examples of what Gray’s Harbor Community Hospital did with engaging and themed training here: How to Find the Fun in Mandatory Training and Engage Your Learners with a Zombie eLearning Scenario.

7. Cloud authoring
Cloud authoring is an affordable way for teams to create eLearning online. If you like the sound of no downloads and no waiting, then cloud authoring is definitely worth checking out. You can try Lectora® Online for free and see what you think.

8. Saving time
A few of these hot topics are also ways to save time, like templates and cloud authoring. Here’s a post that includes even more ideas for developing eLearning quickly and efficiently: 5 Ways to Win the e-Learning Race Against Time.

9. Collaboration
Efficient teamwork makes for better eLearning courses. Having the right tools can help you collaborate with team members, managers, and subject matter experts. I like ReviewLink™ because it’s easy to log in online and make comments or ask questions about the project.

10. Video
Using video in training has been discussed a lot lately. You can even create your own videos as a way to customize your course and engage learners at the same time. To learn more, check out this post: Recording Audio and Video with Lectora’s Built-in Tools.

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