3 Tips And 14 eLearning Tools For Creative Students

3 Tips And 14 eLearning Tools For Creative Students
Summary: The eLearning industry is extremely popular nowadays. eLearning is useful for various types of audience and students use eLearning actively. Why? Because this is the way to develop and be more and more creative. Here are some useful tips and the best possible eLearning tools for creative students. Enjoy and use them wisely!

Effective Online Learning: Tips And eLearning Tools For Creative Students

Most students these days are starting to emancipate themselves from the old learning paradigm. As the world develops faster than any time before, the learning ways and processes must improve as well. Therefore, new and interesting ways of learning are starting to emerge. Our youth creativity is the one responsible for these incredible innovations.

We must preserve this free and unbound thought that stimulates our creativity so we might make use of it toevolve and create smart ways to gain a better understanding of this world. We as a society must encourage creativity and not suppress it like we did for such a long time. Creativity must become an unleashed force, in order to emerge ourselves into the world where perception knows no boundaries. Therefore, let’s help our youth turn this world around.

3 Tips For Quick And Effective Online Learning

Dear students, in case you are having problems remembering all those facts, let us offer you a few innovative methods that might help you learn more quickly and efficiently:

1. Turn Facts Into Songs

Do you remember how easy it was to remember all the words of your favorite songs? Turning facts into music helps your remember everything much easier. Adults may easily remember their favorite songs after decades. However, if you ask them to remember their coursework, they won’t even remember the name written on the book. So, every time you are stuck, remember that music is there to help you.

2. Transform Studying Into A Game

Who doesn’t like games? Instead of staring at a book for hours, try to create a game that will help you remember those facts easier. Let’s take Monopoly for example. While playing it with your friends, each time one of you lands on a property, he must answer a question that is related to the subject you are studying. This way everything becomes fun and easy. Give it a try!

3. Give Yourself Creative Breaks

Remember that short breaks between study sessions are extremely healthy. When you are taking a break, instead of scrolling on Facebook, you could do something creative like reading a chapter from your favorite book or take a walk outside and clear your thoughts.

You could even have some fun on the internet, even though that’s not really the best way to take a break. The point is to use your spare time in your best interest. While taking a break, you should set your imagination free to wander the world.

In our modern world, eLearning is slowly becoming the most popular way of learning new information. The eLearning process has no boundaries, it can be personalized for each and every individual, so everyone may learn and develop on their own terms. We have people that learn easier by visualizing, by listening, or even by doing physical exercises. eLearning can cope with all of them.

14 eLearning Tools For Creative Students

Let’s turn our attention at 15 of the most interesting eLearning tools:

1. Trello

Trello is an app that will help you and your team to become more organized and efficient. Trello’s system is based on the Kanban technique which makes everything run smoothly and gives you a nice interface to look at. Trello allows you to create cards, lists, and boards that will help you manage everything much easier.

2. Momentum

Momentum is smart agenda that can be used with Google Chrome browser. It’s extremely easy to use and it’s very efficient. As we said before, we are emerging into the era of eLearning, therefore each of us will need an online to-do list. Instead of writing everything down in your notebook, just open your browser and everything shows up in an instant. Your productivity will be increased while your time spent on planning will decrease.

3. Camtasia

You can use Camtasia to record everything you do on your pc and edit it after. It’s a great tool if you want to create educational videos. With the use of this amazing tool, you can transform a complicated subject into a child’s play by creating an interactive video. For example, if you are a design teacher, you can use it to teach your students how to use tools like Photoshop or Adobe Captivate. It’s an easy and efficient way of teaching and of being taught.

4. Articulate Storyline

This tool will help you turn your boring content into an interactive course. Articulate Storyline is an app which has an interface similar to PowerPoint. This makes it easier for you to import different presentations and make them interactive by adding to them triggers, pictures, and variables. It’s an efficient and an interactive way of learning and teaching.

5. YouTube

YouTube is the biggest platform that hosts video content. Its users can upload videos or create playlists on any topics. On YouTube, you can find information’s from all fields of knowledge. It’s a platform where everyone can exchange knowledge. For example, teachers can record their lessons and students that couldn’t make it to the lesson may watch it on YouTube. Cool, right?

6. Google Docs

Most eΛearning professionals use Google Docs as a substitute for Microsoft Office. It’s a better choice because everything from spreadsheets to slides and presentations are produced and stored online. Nevertheless, it’s a great tool that can be used when collaborating with teams around the world.

7. Reddit

Reddit is usually called the front page of the internet. And that is because most viral information’s emerge from it. It is one of the biggest forums out there, with unlimited resources on every subject. There are forums known as subreddits where professionals from all across the world share their knowledge and engage in niched discussions.

8. SurveyMonkey

Are you interested in collecting feedback on a certain topic or issue? SurveyMonkey is the most popular tool for collecting feedback. Creating and publishing an online survey can be done in just a few minutes and the results are incredibly easy to read and interpret. Gathering feedback is a great way to learn and develop different learning tools. Whenever you are confronted with big decisions, make sure to ask the people for their feedback.

9. Quora

Quora is a platform where you can ask questions regarding any topics. Your questions will be answered by people all around the world. Each answer can be up voted or down voted, so it’s easier to see the opinion of the majority. Whenever you have an answered question, don’t hesitate to use Quora.

10. Scoop.it

Scoop.it is a tool that helps you find and share relevant content regarding different subjects. There is an enormous amount of eLearning content on the internet that sometimes might be overwhelming. This is why Scoop.it is here – to save you from irrelevant information that only wastes your time.

11. Podcasts

Podcasts are one of the most popular tools for learning right now. Millions of people are listening to podcasts every day. You can listen to them when driving your car or when working in the garden. This gives you the opportunity to learn while doing other activities.

12. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the best social network for people who want to learn and develop. You can use linked in as a source of learning. A lot of smart people share their work on LinkedIn, so why not learn from them?

13. Slack

Slack is viewed as a substitute for long and boring email threads. With Slack, you can talk in real-time with your team on every device. Slack is a great tool that can connect more teams which work on the same project. Slack is a great way to stay in touch.

14. Twitter

Twitter is a social network built around tweets. It’s like a feedback platform. By following a hashtag you will get announced each time someone talks about that subject. Therefore, it is a social platform that helps to stay informed about your favorite topics.


As you can probably see, the world is evolving.eLearning becomes more and more popular among students. Therefore, make sure you get accustomed with all these tools, because believe me, they are the future.