3 Functional LMS WordPress Themes To Take Your Language School To The Next Level

Taking Your Language School To The Next Level With These LMS WordPress Themes 

Namely, people that have extremely busy schedules often find it impossible to take the time to travel to and from schools. Therefore, many tend to opt for much more productive ways of learning that could be suited to their needs and time available. Online courses provide them with a unique way of staying on track with their learning, yet managing their time more efficiently. That being said, it seems that there is less room in the market for a regular, ordinary language school. Fortunately, this does not have to be the scenario for yours. With a little help from an uprising category of LMS WordPress themes and plugins, you can stay on top of the teaching game and create a fully functioning online learning website. The best part is that it is rather affordable and really easy to install since it requires basic skills; plus there is an excellent system of customer support always available for any questions.

WordPress As A Learning Management System (LMS)

One of the most obvious improvements WordPress can make to your business is taking it to a worldwide market, so that you can offer your courses to a much bigger audience. Specially designed to suit the needs of any type of online learning system, school, or tutoring platform, LMS WordPress themes comprise many useful features helping your language school stand out from others in the market and provide the most efficient ways of learning. You can create your own courses, provide your students with information about the teachers via teacher profile features, create quizzes and questions, make user profiles, create timetables, collect payments via payment systems incorporated into the themes, and much more.

The following list shows three top LMS WordPress themes best suited for a language school website that incorporate a complete set of features and plugins needed for such a platform.

1. Skilled by Aislin Themes. 

Specifically designed to create and sell courses, Skilled is a highly responsive WordPress theme with high resolution quality that provides a plethora of features needed for a neat, and highly professional language school website or online tutoring platform. With four demo layouts you can try before purchasing and six different color skins ready to install, Skilled has the design that will most certainly appeal to many possible future clients of yours. As far as custom features are concerned, it comprises anything from plugins for timetable, pricing box, countdown banners, and category widget which provides you with means of showcasing your learning material and course quality to the visitors on your website. Since the theme effectively uses WooCommerce online store builder plugin, you can experience more effective payment system. By adding a Sensei plugin this theme is optimized for, you can cover any additional needs possible such as selling your courses online, displaying your progress within the current course, create courses, materials, tests and questions, and design quick user registration.

Skilled WordPress LMS Theme

2. Language School by CMS Masters.

Another highly appropriate and user friendly LMS WordPress theme is Language School. Fully responsive and compatible with the latest WordPress version, this theme satisfies the needs of any educational website. With Layer Slider and Revolution Slider built in, you can provide an impressive content display to the visitors on your website. By choosing between unlimited color options for anything, you can create either one page or multipage website. Drag-n-Drop editor makes rearranging of your website content much easier. Language School theme saves you a considerable amount of time by enabling you to save your content as templates to use on other pages. It also provides you with easy to use options of grouping your content into different sections and many custom options for blog layouts. Another set of rather important features for a school website are most certainly perfectly responsive portfolio layouts designed for this theme that help you create different student or content portfolios. Additionally, you can add and customize teacher profiles to display on your website. LearnPress plugin is designed to post quizzes and provide information on your courses. With the addition of Events Calendar Pro plugin and Timetable plugin, you can run a solid language school website with Language School WordPress theme.

Language school

3. LMS by Designthemes.

Simply named LMS, an amazing and quite popular WordPress theme designed for schools and online teaching platforms combines great design and comprehensive list of features needed to create fully functioning and beautiful website. Their amazing Visual Page Builder makes it much easier for anyone to easily create website pages with one page design being also available. LMS supports the aforementioned Sensei and WooCommerce plugins that are essential parts in creating teaching coursework and online shop. An extensive list of features for this theme helps you to list, sort and display your courses or courses analysis in numerous ways, as well as to choose from a list of course certificates and badges. Being compatible with WPML, LMS makes it possible for you to easily create your website in multiple languages which is a feature of utmost importance for a language school website. Events calendar includes free and pro version with later offering features such as recurring events, custom event attributes, saved venues and organizers. With BuddyPress plugin you can create social network community of your own.


Whether you want to expand your business, sell your courses online, and/or create a more professional and detailed look of your school website, LMS WordPress themes provide a complete set of tools to meet all your needs.