Learning Management System Trends

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February 22, 2017

3 Ways To Make Your LMS More Relevant With External Content

You’ve invested a lot in your Learning Management System. It looks great. But is it really helping to keep people up to date on the latest developments, or just a list of courses? We share 3 ways in which you can make your Learning Management System more relevant and help learners stay smart with recent, relevant curated content from anywhere.
by Stephen Walsh
December 5, 2016

Learning Management System Trends: What Do The Stakeholders And Users Say?

For the last decade or so, technology and training is going hand-in-hand in the corporate circles. More and more organizations are making vested investments in corporate training and implementing Learning Management Systems (LMSs) to automate training as well as reap other benefits of technology-aided learning. In this article, we will discuss what organization decision makers and users say about the latest Learning Management System trends.
by Arunima Majumdar