8 LMS Trends To Keep On Your eLearning Radar In 2019

8 LMS Trends To Keep On Your eLearning Radar In 2019
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Summary: Remember way back then, when people used to say, “eLearning is the future of education”? Well it’s 2019, and eLearning is the new norm. In this article, I’ll explore 8 LMS trends to help you stay on the cutting edge of eLearning design and development.

8 LMS Trends To Help You Stay On The Cutting Edge Of eLearning Design And Development In 2019

Whether you’re looking for a replacement system or simply want to boost the functionality of your current LMS tool, it’s always wise to stay on top of trends. They give you the ability to glimpse into the not-too-distant future and provide your online learners with latest and greatest technologies. So, buckle up and let’s take a ride through this year’s hot entries in the eLearning industry, focusing on LMS trends.

1. Grab The Popcorn, Videos Take Center Stage

The power of videos in eLearning has been proven and tested since 2017. In 2019, more LMS platforms will be exploring the integration of videos in the learning process, both streamed and uploaded, thanks to advancements in high-speed wireless networks, social media channels and live video streaming standards. Not only are videos entertaining and attention-sustaining, they can also give a new dimension to eLearning. We can now take notes, create new eLearning content, leave comments, add bookmarks, link to other related contents, answer polls, provide eLearning feedback, and share. All these make video-based learning one of the LMS trends that's more interactive than ever.

2. It’s All About Winning

We all know that humans are competitive by nature and that rule also applies in eLearning. This year more and more LMS vendors will incorporate gamification and serious game support into their platforms. For years, game-based learning has been taking the front seat in the dissemination of critical information. It has been proven to improve knowledge recall and retention among online learners due to its engaging and fun nature. Whether it’s about collecting badges and certificates, collaborating on group projects, getting on top of the leaderboards, racing against the clock, or finding hidden objects, gamification support is noted among LMS trends, for sparking friendly competition and motivating your audience.

3. No Need To Reinvent The eLearning Wheel

2019 will be the year for collaborating and establishing thriving eLearning ecosystems. Thanks to seamless integrations, you won’t have to reinvent the wheel. Making the transition from standalone entities, more LMS vendors will be integrated with each other through online training libraries or eLearning course marketplaces. They’ll expand their horizon and open its doors to wider online training resources/repositories, which can be freely edited and personalized depending on your needs. They will also pair up with other software industries, such as CRM, to enrich the online training experience.

4. Stretching The Social Learning Limits

Humans are social animals. In the eLearning sphere, it has been proven time and again that we always learn better when we’re together. In 2019, LMS solutions will capitalize on social learning to create deeper learning. With social learning, online learners don’t just consume information, they share information and collaborate with others, thereby generating more knowledge and experience. Thanks to forums, blogs, PM platforms and live events, online learners can gather online to discuss ideas, opinions, and give feedback.

5. Experience Is Still The Best Teacher

Learning within the four walls of the classroom is one thing; learning from the four corners of your computer screen is another. But learning from experience is an entirely different beast. One that’s more powerful and realistic. In 2019, one of the LMS trends will be to support more eLearning activities that capitalize on experiential knowledge. eLearning simulations, branching scenarios and case studies are just some of the ways where online learners can put their knowledge to the test and apply their skills. Adding these eLearning activities can help online learners better prepare and equip themselves in overcoming problems that arise throughout the work day. This not only helps produce more competent workers, but also workers who can easily handle stressful situations.

6. Online Learners Are Like Snowflakes

To make learning more effective, we must recognize the fact that online learners have different learning preferences. Which often depends on their current situation and mindset. Hinged on the premise that all humans have their own ‘learning paths’, the LMS will continue to explore contextualizing learning processes to better serve online learners. This year, personalization for more meaningful learning is the name of the game. Tailor-fitting a learning experience based on the online learner’s interests, role, level of expertise and learning objectives will be the primary focus areas. It is when people can relate theories and models to their own life experiences that the true magic happens.

7. Break It Up Into Bite-Sized Resources

Microlearning is not new for LMS trends. However, in 2019, we’ll see a surge in LMS vendors who will use it as a standalone method of eLearning, rather than just a course supplement. Providing information in chunks caters to the needs of the different learning preferences of each online learner. Bite-sized information can be incorporated through videos, short games, quizzes or even interactive infographics. Online learners will be able to piece together a-la-carte online training resources to develop their own learning plans based on preferences and goals.

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8. More Robust Responsiveness

With faster wireless connections, comes great responsibility. Having information when, where, and how you need it will continue to be one of the major LMS trends. This means assimilating and not just accessing information at a moment’s notice. Regardless of your device or personal objectives. With a high-tech responsive design, LMS platforms are able to function across different devices and ensure consistency. Tied up with on/off sync apps, online learners can easily download eLearning content to their devices and participate at their earliest convenience. Then sync back up to track their progress.

These top LMS trends will impact the eLearning Industry this year and beyond. Which is why you should add them to your radar, and maybe even reevaluate your existing platform. Does it offer all the features you need to stay competitive, or is it time to look for a new tool that’s more future-proof? Download our free eBook How To Buy The Right LMS: The Complete Guide to discover the tell-tale signs that your organization is ready for a Learning Management System, the top criteria for choosing the best LMS for your organization having all possible LMS hidden fees in mind, as well as the LMS reports you should look for in a new LMS.