The 10 Best Microlearning Platforms

10 Top Microlearning Solutions

When historians look back at this moment in the 21st century, they won’t be too far off if they proclaim, “They wanted everything to be available at their fingertips”.

With the rise of handheld devices, lightning fast Internet speeds, and the invention of the acronym TLDR (Too long, didn’t read), it’s no surprise that microlearning and microlearning platforms have exploded onto the eLearning scene.

And the approach works! The benefits of microlearning are already proving to be a lifesaver for trainers. Taking a microlearning approach to training is both cost and time-efficient. And microlearning has also been found to boost learner engagement and retention.

In fact, smartphone users finish courses on average 45% faster [1] while being dispersed in a variety of non-office locations. The use of self-directed, bite-sized training is a huge convenience for the modern workforce, and this is something that 8 out of 10 L&D professionals support [2].

Although this new approach to training has not yet been fully adopted by the training and development community, there are already a fair share of microlearning solutions available.

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And here’s where we come in! We’ve collected a comprehensive list of the best microlearning platforms out there. This list will help you discover and narrow down your choices for microlearning software that best suits your exact training needs.

1. TalentCards

TalentCards is a microlearning platform that delivers fast, efficient and engaging learning on the go. TalentCards, as the name reveals, uses the science-backed idea of “flash cards” and further unleashes their power with the best features of traditional online learning platforms.

A freemium account is available for up to 5 users, unlimited storage, and support.

  • Gamification
    With TalentCards, you can engage and assess your learners through quizzes and encourage healthy competition between them by enabling the leaderboard option. To spice things up, you can enable game mode, and a regular quiz becomes a score-based game, where to win, a user has to earn X points before time runs out.
  • Easy User Management
    TalentCards gives you several ways to manage your users. These options cover the gamut of every scenario. You can add learners individually, import them en masse, or choose to invite them by email or SMS. You can also share unique 12 digit codes with your users or groups and let them quickly access your training without the need for additional credentials.
  • Endless Integrations
    The TalentCards API allows you to seamlessly integrate the platform with any other system or third-party software you already use. This feature saves you valuable time by automating your processes without any extra administrative effort needed.

Plans And Pricing

Various premium plans available. A forever free version is available for up to 5 users. Paid plans start at $49 per month which facilitates up to 50 users. As your user capacity demands grow, there are 3 more paid plans available.

2. mLevel

mLevel is a microlearning and gamification solution that aims to boost corporate training efforts and offer employees a gamified, engaging and rewarding way of training.

  • Game-Based Micro-Activities
    mLevel has developed 17 different game-based micro-activities within the platform. The platform also utilizes badges, stars, and leaderboards creating an all-around gamified learning experience.
  • Analytics Suite
    The platform offers a data-driven approach to training through its analytics engine. By gathering insights, the trainer can identify any flawed areas, recreate content, and allow learners to revisit the material they need.
  • Ready-Made Training Courses
    Apart from the ability to build your custom training material, mLevel offers ready courses available for purchase. These cover topics like, cybersecurity, leadership, sales, onboarding, and compliance.

mLevel offers a 30-day free trial for up to 10 users.

Plans And Pricing

Various premium plans available. Paid plans start at $497 per month or $447 per month (billed annually) for up to 100 users and unlimited courses. Custom plans are also available if users exceed 1,000. An extra one-time mandatory onboarding fee of $2,500 is also a prerequisite for any subscription plan.

3. HandyTrain

HandyTrain is a SaaS mobile learning platform that focuses on increasing corporate training effectiveness. Organizations can quickly deploy, manage, and monitor training content, as well as train, assess and evaluate their dispersed workforce.

HandyTrain offers a 14-day free trial for up to 10 users.

  • Authoring Tool Capabilities
    A simple-to-use authoring tool allows an admin to create training programs either through a hired 3rd party content provider or by fetching stock content from a content library.
  • Visual Dashboard
    The trainer can track user performance through a comprehensive visual dashboard of metrics.
  • Online & Offline Support
    Learners have full flexibility in their training as they can access their learning resources at all times with both online and offline mobile access.

Plans And Pricing

Direct contact required. For specific information on premium subscription plans and pricing options contact them directly through their website.

4. Skill Pill

Skill Pill specializes in producing and delivering short and concise training courses on a multi-platform level, including mobile devices.

  • Microlearning Library
    Skill Pill’s digital learning library contains over 1000 learning resources, and specializes in behavioral soft skills, business management, and strategy models.
  • Bulb Learning App
    Skill Pill has created an app that enables social, personalized, and gamified enterprise learning. ‘Bulb’ is available for both iOS and Android.
  • Adaptive Algorithm
    Skill Pill takes reporting and automation one step further with its in-built adaptive algorithm. Based on the learners’ habits, the system starts to understand behaviors and makes relevant recommendations according to the users’ preferences.

Plans And Pricing

Direct contact required. For specific information on premium subscription plans and pricing options contact them directly through their website.

5. Gnowbe

Gnowbe is a SaaS tool that leverages bite-sized, social learning and gamification to encourage active learning and engagement for corporations.

A free demo account is available.

  • Social Learning
    Gnowbe encourages active participation by promoting peer-to-peer learning, as well social interaction through sharing, commenting and liking on videos and images.
  • Analytics
    With Gnowbe’s real-time analytics you get to know what each of your learners has learned, track their performance and measure KPIs.
  • Gamification
    Gnowbe offers various gamification elements such as rewards, notifications, and leaderboards so that learners can better engage in their training.

Plans And Pricing

Direct contact required. For specific information on premium subscription plans and pricing options contact them directly through their website.

6. SmartUp

SmartUp is a microlearning tool dedicated to peer-to-peer knowledge creation, sharing and exchange. Its intuitive learning system provides communities with engaging and fun ways to contribute and consume bite-sized pieces of information.

  • Content Management
    With SmartUp, you can create your custom content by utilizing the interactive media tools that are supported by the platform, text, images, infographics, and videos. Team collaboration is also encouraged, as colleagues and managers can contribute to content creation according to the training needs of the organization.
  • Incentives And Rewards
    Gamification is a key feature of SmartUp. Learners earn points with quizzes and polls, for reading and creating content. Dynamic leaderboards show top performers, and certificates reward their best achievements.
  • Analytics
    By accessing SmartUp’s analytics suite, you can gather insight on completion rates, quiz and poll results, individual learner profiles and more. This is a great way to track your learners progress, pinpoint their skills and interests, harness their strengths and improve their weaknesses.

Plans And Pricing

Per registered user pricing model. The lowest price per registered user starts from $2.50 per month. With an additional $2 per user monthly, you can take advantage of the full feature-package that includes single sign-on and SmartUp content feed access.

7. Grovo

Grovo is a corporate training app with a focus on microlearning, either through custom built content or access to a rich in-built library.

  • Library
    Grovo’s training library offers 5,000 video lessons on various topics including leadership, soft skills, digital literacy, customer service, compliance and more.
  • Content Management
    The do-it-yourself lesson creator with card-based structure allows you to create a lesson from scratch or customize those from the library. You can pick from several media formats, including videos, GIFs, audio, text, and quizzes.
  • Integrations
    The Grovo API lets you export employee data and import them into your HRIS and other systems you use.
  • Multi-Device Environment
    Grovo is compliant with any device and browser, allowing learners to take their training anywhere and anytime it suits them.

Plans And Pricing

Direct contact required. For specific information on premium subscription plans and pricing options contact them directly through their website.

8. Ottolearn

Ottolearn is a microlearning platform that delivers personalized training, course-authoring and analytics across web, Android and iOS devices.

  • Mastery Profiles
    You can automate your training by creating mastery profiles for your learners. You can set up what your learners need to know and for how long they should retain it; Ottolearn will personalize the experience for you and your learners, without any course enrollments required.
  • Multi-Device Learning Environment
    Ottolearn is a mobile-first learning platform but is uniquely designed to deliver equally effective learning experiences on the web too, both online and offline.
  • Analytics
    Analytics and dashboards are built into the platform to give trainers all the insight they need on how learners’ mastery profiles perform as well as learners’ knowledge and retention.

Plans And Pricing

Various premium plans available. Ottolearn offers 2 types of pricing plans; the first one is based on a maximum number of learners and the second one on maximum credit use, calculated based on activities per learner per day. Both plan types are available on monthly and annual subscriptions, with the lowest starting at $50 per month, facilitating up to 25 users and unlimited usage credits or unlimited user usage and up to 5,000 usage credits.

9. SwissVBS

SwissVBS is the parent of the microlearning platform ECHO. This microlearning tool aims to improve learning and retention through daily practices, bite-sized content, and learning games.

  • Learning Paths
    ECHO’s retrieval practice engine helps you build dynamic learning paths by tracking and retrieving information like retention rates and competencies.
  • Actionable Data
    ECHO’S business intelligence and analytics tool allow trainers to access interactive visual reports that will help management track and measure performance.
  • Microlearning Modules
    ECHO supports microlearning course creation enhanced with rich media content that can be consumed both online and offline, engaging your learners at all times.

Plans And Pricing

Direct contact required. For specific information on premium subscription plans and pricing options contact them directly through their website.

10. Speachme

Speachme is a microlearning and peer-to-peer skills and knowledge transfer platform that uses short bursts of visual content, “knowledge capsules” as they call them, to allow quick technical skill transfer among teams.

A free demonstration and/or trial is available upon request.

  • Content Creation
    Each tutorial, or “speach”, has a maximum duration of 10 minutes and breaks down into smaller steps, from 20 seconds to 2 minutes each, for better comprehension and knowledge retention.
  • Integrations
    You can seamlessly integrate your “speaches” within your existing tools and environment, such as social networks, corporate website, apps, and LMS, to avoid extra platform switching.
  • Media Types
    Speachme’s most showcased media type is video. You can upload video from any device, record from your webcam or screen. It also supports several other media formats including PDFs, presentations, slides, screencast, quizzes and so on.

Plans And Pricing

Direct contact required. For specific information on premium subscription plans and pricing options contact them directly through their website.

Those are just 10 microlearning platforms in the market today that stand out. Yet, this list is not exhaustive. If you have seen or used a specific microlearning tool that you like, make sure to submit a review on our directory.


[1] White Paper: Benefits of Mobile Learning

[2] Numbers Don’t Lie: Why Microlearning is Better for Your Learners (and You too)

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