3 Things We Love About e-Learning

We Love These 3 Things About e-Learning

  1. It offers limitless opportunities to challenge yourself as a developer.
    So you got assigned another safety training course. You could go the boring route and reuse the graphics and course outline from the last one. Or you could come up with a completely new theme, new branching scenarios and new characters! You could even create a game. Gamification has been a hot buzzword for a while, but it’s not going anywhere, and it offers you additional ways to make your e-Learning fun and engaging. Every e-Learning course is an opportunity to try something new and use features of your authoring tool that you might not have ever touched before. And that’s exciting!
  2. The eLearning industry is growing.
    More and more companies are switching to e-Learning, and that means YOU are in high demand. Companies are searching for talented instructional designers and e-Learning developers to help improve their training courses as they move to an online format. Your expertise is invaluable for this process. As support for mobile learning increases, opportunities for skilled e-Learning developers will also increase. The sky is the limit for the e-Learning industry. Attend any e-Learning conference, like Learning Solutions, DevLearn or the Lectora® User Conference, and you’ll see just how exciting the e-Learning world is right now.
  3. It’s flexible.
    You have a lot of options for when and where you want to develop e-Learning. You could be the dedicated, in-house e-Learning expert for a company, or you could work at a vender that creates e-Learning for a ton of clients in different industries. Or you could take the freelance route. Check out this article by Christopher Pappas for some great tips on becoming an e-Learning freelancer. In addition, new e-Learning tools are giving you the ability to develop in the cloud! For example, with Lectora® Online, you can develop e-Learning using a web browser on any computer. This means you can use your work desktop PC, your home MacBook or the computer at the library. You can work from your couch, from your favorite coffee shop or an airport terminal. Where there is Wi-Fi, there is a way!

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