30 Facts About Gamification in eLearning

30 Facts About Gamification in eLearning
Summary: How Can Gamification Improve eLearning? What is the Future of Gamification in eLearning Industry? Judging by the following 30 Facts about Gamification in eLearning, the future of Gamification in eLearning is brighter than ever.

eLearning Industry in numbers

The eLearning market is now more than 16 years old (the word “e-learning” was coined in 1998).

  1. At Fortune 500 firms, 73.6 percent of technology-delivered training comes through networked, online methods. (1)
  2. Corporations can save up to 70% by replacing traditional training with eLearning (IOMA 2002).
  3. Over 18,000,000 college students are taking at least one of their classes online. By 2019 half of all classes will be done online. (2)
  4. eLearning is $56.2 billion industry. By 2015 this will grow into a $107 billion market . (3) It makes it the fastest growing market in education industry.
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How Can Gamification Improve eLearning?

Over 75% people are gamers (50% casually and 27% moderately to fairly often). (4)

Learners recall just 10% of what they read and 20% of what they hear. If there are visuals accompanying an oral presentation, the number rises to 30%, and if they observe someone carrying out an action while explaining it, 50%. But learners remember 90% "if they do the job themselves, even if only as a simulation. (5)

  1. Almost 80% of the learners say that they would be more productive if their university/institution or work was more game-like. (4)
  2. Over 60% of learners would be motivated by leader boards and increased competition between students. (4)
  3. 89% would be more engaged win an e-learning application if it had point system. (4)

Favorite Gamification Techniques (4)

  1. Progressing to different levels
  2. Scores
  3. Avatars
  4. Virtual Currencies

Less Favorite Gamification Techniques (4)

  1. Competition with friends
  2. Virtual Gifts
  3. Being Part of a narrative (so called “interactive fiction”)
  4. Real time performance feedback and activity feeds

The Most Effective Uses of Gamification in Learning (6)

  1. Illustrating progress
  2. Increase engagement
  3. Creating challenges
  4. Instilling a sense of accomplishment

The Future of Gamification in eLearning Industry

  1. By 2015 50% of organizations managing innovation processes will gamify aspects of their business. (7)
  2. Accordingly, by 2015, 40 percent of Global 1000 organizations will use gamification as the primary mechanism to transform business operations. (7)
  3. 53% of responders say that by 2020 gamification will be widely adopted by most of industries, communications scene and most of all education. (8)

6 Successful Examples of Training Gamification in Corporation

  1. The Deloitte Leadership Academy
    A virtual platform for executives training that generates content from Harvard, Stanford and other Ivy League universities. The platform was implemented by a company specializing in gamification
  2. IBM’s Innov8
    Business process management learned by playing a game? Why not! Main task for players is dealing with a fictional company to understand a connection between IT and Business processes.
  3. Wall Street Survivors
    Another gamification platform, this time for the financial market. Even basics of stock market and portfolio investments can be successfully taught through a game.
  4. Bluewolf
    Engaging employees into building the brand in this case was done by creating #GoingSocial program that offers points and rewards for collaboration, publishing on the company blog and some social activities. Employees are involved and company is actively present in media. Win-win situation.
  5. Keas
    Wellness platform for employees that helps keep the group health insurance costs lower for enterprises, reducing sick days and implement healthy habits. Personal dashboards with stats, tasks and achievements keep both employees and companies healthy.
  6. “Stepping Up to Management” by Xerox’s
    An engaging management-training program based on gamified application. Trainees go on quests, alone or in groups, and use their new skills in real work environment. Leaderboards show their progress making the training fun.


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