5 Advantages Of Microlearning And An Inspirational Quote Behind eLearning’s Fastest Process!

5 Advantages Of Microlearning And An Inspirational Quote Behind eLearning’s Fastest Process!
Summary: Winston Churchill once said “Personally, I am always ready to learn; although I don’t always like being taught”. And with that, he said it all. In a business world that moves at high speed and requires fast reactions, the learning options should adjust to reflect exactly this. Here are some of the most important advantages of microlearning, eLearning’s fastest process that lays the foundation for effortless, yet effective learning.

Advantages Of Microlearning For Employee Engagement To Corporate Culture

According to a 2015 survey on employee engagement, which was held amongst employees of America’s top employers, engagement remains a constant challenge for large enterprises. Actually, the gap widens in big size organizations: Engagement levels tend to decline as company size increases. Engagement to corporate culture and ethos tends to remain flat, year over year. Key cultural elements keep declining, too; with Manager Effectiveness and Feeling Valued showing the biggest decline.

Other surveys and reports, both local and global, have produced similar results regarding engagement to corporate culture. In addition, in several cases, employees fail to maintain interest in the talent development programs that are already on offer by their employers.

When it comes to personal development, most people are eager to progress. In fact, the majority of your workforce will probably grab any decent opportunity to enhance their profile and reach their fullest potential. Who wouldn’t want to learn new skills, extend their abilities, and advance their career? Why are the engagement levels well below the expected, then, even for some of the top organizations?

Like Winston Churchill, most people, while open to learning and willing to improve their potential, it is teaching that puts them down. Traditional training methods, long lasting courses, dated content, and lack of interaction, come in conflict with the workers’ needs for flexibility, work/life balance, personalized learning – and the option to choose what they need to learn and when they want to do it, in order to enrich their skills with useful, on the job knowledge. In a business world that moves at high speed and requires fast reactions, the learning options should adjust to reflect exactly this.

5 Key Advantages Of Microlearning

This is where microlearning gets in place. This brief and digestible way of learning is ideal for big, complex organizations, where information tends to change rapidly and people are in constant need of regular updates to keep up. By providing small, easy to absorb chunks of valuable knowledge, microlearning lays the foundation for effortless, yet effective learning; and is proven to provide immediate results.

So, what makes microlearning a unique technique in eLearning? Here’s a list of 5 key advantages of microlearning:

1. It Is Time effective.

By offering small and easy to understand drops of knowledge, your employees can put it in use anytime: while commuting to work, waiting for their flight at the airport or waiting at the dentist’s, without compromising their work / life balance. Any specific information can be easily located, so the learners won’t have to waste time on search.

2. It Is Flexible.

Your people can choose to focus on particular areas and work on fields they need it the most, acquiring knowledge that they will really put in use at work. When information updates are necessary, these can be offered to the learners instantly.

3. It Can Still Be Interactive.

And fun. By using advanced social mechanisms, it offers an interactive environment for sharing, acknowledging and recognizing people’s on the job expertise. Video, sound, games and activities can still be used to enrich the learning content.

4. It Promotes Employee Productivity.

Microlearning requires minimum involvement from your people, whether learners or contributors or both. Your employees can choose to invest minimum or maximum time on training, depending on their availability and work load. They can be autonomous at their own learning, while remaining social and interactive as members of a team. They have the power to adjust their training to fit around their job engagements.

5. It Requires Minimum Effort.

With the learning content structured and offered in easily memorable ways, and by employing some of the Cognitive Theory principles for effortless absorption and retainment of acquired knowledge, microlearning is a learner’s paradise!

The above advantages of microlearning show clearly that it has its way of simplifying complex learning and transforming it into a fast-pace, productive, and effective process. Created to connect eLearning with the Mobility era, it is ideal for large organizations with loads of information – and for employees with much thirst to thrive, but so little time to train.