5 Learning Design Courses Packed With Tips, Advice, And Demos From Experts (Free)

5 (Free) Learning Design Courses Packed With Tips, Advice, And Demos From Experts

Elucidat’s Masterclass HQ is a free training product that covers a variety of different eLearning disciplines. It is delivered online as a set of bite-sized inspirational modules (powered by Elucidat, of course). Let’s look at what you can learn inside our 5 most popular learning design courses:

1. Learn Best Practice Mobile Learning Design

Are your courses multi-device compatible? In this course, our expert learning designers share tips and examples to help you create courses that look beautiful on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Why take this course:

  • Learn why making your content mobile-friendly is important.
  • Find out how to control mobile layouts effortlessly with our mini tutorial.
  • Draw inspiration from three examples that showcase best practice mobile learning designs.

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2. Create Custom Page Layouts, Save As Templates For Team Members

Are you restricted by simple templates and page layouts? Learn how to create highly customized page layouts with multiple interaction types.

Why take this course:

  • Learn the benefits of using vertical scrolling pages (similar to modern web experiences) in your learning.
  • Learn how to add different interactions (video and knowledge checks) on the same page.
  • See how other organizations are using custom page layouts to create unique, high-quality learning.

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3. Control And Update Your Course Colors, Images, And Logos In Seconds

Can you easily change brand colors, images, and logos in your course?

In this course we'll teach you how to use Styles to seamlessly control and update your course colors, images and logos for different versions, clients, brands and departments.

Why take this course:

  • Learn how to keep a consistent look and feel across all your courses (maintain brand guidelines).
  • Learn how to create different versions of courses for different brands (and sub-brands), and customize them with different logos, colors, and images.
  • Draw inspiration from some of our simple demos that show how Styles can impact your eLearning.

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4. Learn How To Use Surveys To Ask Questions And Personalize Content

Tapping into learners’ behaviors and trends is a powerful thing, as we’ve written about before in our previous article on analytics and data. But did you know you can use surveys to dig even deeper into your audiences’ needs, wants and opinions?

Why take this course:

  • Learn how to use surveys to ask your audience questions, and then personalize content to meet their needs.
  • Find out how other organizations are using surveys to personalize learning content.

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5. Quality Assurance: How To Do It And What To Look For

A robust QA process means less work for your reviewers and stakeholders, quicker sign-off and more time to focus on enhancing the experience rather than fixing mistakes.

More importantly, the lack of good QA risks causing your audience to (at best) lose interest or (at worst) cast your content aside in frustration.

Why take this course:

  • High standards are important; learn how to check your content before release to eliminate any unexpected errors or bugs.
  • Learn how to focus on enhancing course content rather than simply fixing course errors.
  • Take a look at some practical examples that show how to correctly QA a project.

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About Our Learning Design Experts

Each of our learning design consultants offers tips, tricks, and insights based on their 10+ years experience in digital and blended learning design and production.

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